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How does /r9k/ feel about lolis?
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disgusting. here is the superior alternative.
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fags not allowed

>On way to meet qt
>Have planned since early 2014
>Think you are in love with her
>Sit on train to airport
>Can't reach her on whatsapp
>lolwut, don't care since I'll see her soon anyway
>get on flight
>no qt to pick you up at the airport
>message qt
>wait for 12 hours
>finally toughen up and call her
>waste a week of your vacation alone
>Get home mad af
>She messages you and tells you how sorry she was
>Admits she lied and that she was uncertain wether she liked you better or another dude
>Admits she was in town with the other dude when you talked to her
>Admits she didn't mixed up the weeks, she just thought the other guy was a better match with her
>Turns out he was a douche
>Fuck women
>Fuck being a beta
>Fuck lyf
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>Think you are in love with her
This is the modern world and the reality of this society. Love is lost beyond your control
a pale shadow of lust can not enlight their soul
Entitled, individualistic, the only person they love is themselves. Ascend and prepare for the beta uprising
>in the end I chose you
Your reply is: I also choose me
And then you do an elaborate fedora twirl and fly off into the sunset, never to be seen by her again
Kek, that was a good one

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"Are you kidding me, Champ? You'll have a blast out there in Guangzhou, so turn that frown upside down. You'll meet a lot of people and learn to live a little. You can buy a computer there after you've settled in. Remember to greet your grandparents by bowing to them and shaking their hands. It's for your own good, Champ."
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based champ poster
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you got me

originalino commentino
but pa pa i only want to live with white people and fuck girls with yellow hair


1. You personality type
2. Your major
3. Your IQ
4. Boobs or Butts?

>Boobs to fap to, butts irl
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in b4 engineering and cocks/ man butts
>My waifu's big titties
Neither. Prefer Bogdanoffian jawlines

A woman at work called me cute today. Not to my face, I don't think she knew I could hear her.

Feels good breh, you don't know how long it's been.
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Ask her what is she doing this weekend. Get her phone number.

>stupid frog posters
I'm happy for you anon. What's your job?
is this the annual /r9k migration to /fit happening or what?

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>At hotel vacationing with my family
>Decide to leave breakfast and head up back to the room
>Put my headphones in and blare my music while walking to the elevator
>Take one ear bud out
>press button to get onto the elevator
>hear footsteps behind me
>9/10 Stacey going onto the elevator also
>put earbuds back in hoping to avoid any sort of interaction
>inside the elevator
>Lower the music a little bit because I don't want to be rude
>she turns to me and says "You didn't have to lower the music, I like that kind of music too!"
>I just laugh and say "Huh, that's cool."
>she approaches her floor and leaves

Literally what the fuck did she mean by this? She could've just ignored me, guys. Why didn't she?
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Some stacies occasionally take a few minutes out of their day to converse with random strangers. Usually when they do this they don't see said stranger in a sexual way at all, but more as a 'potential friend'. To her you were nothing more than just some guy, move on.
Ok got it, glad I'm no longer overthinking it.
Wrong, stacies on vacation are always looking for a fuck and a bit of small talk would've put him in there.

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I want a ukrainian girlfriend. Im asian but im not pic related
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Well go on one of those matchmaking tours. Here's hoping the woman you pick has no mafia connections and won't kill you in your sleep.

Those kind of things actually happen you know.
Tell me more specifically pls
In fairness, Keith. Guangzhou is a little bit closer to Ukraine than you're used to.

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>tfw no judaizer bf
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luv you senpai keep up the good work <3
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>tfw no dual iczer gfs
I haven't been here in a while, but it's nice to know you're still out there trying.

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Why do black women enjoy dat white dick so much?
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Bitch I beat my meat I take my dick out on a date
it's because people want to have sex with who they find beautiful
black people prefer white people
simple as that
some fetishists would want to fuck fatties or blacks but the % is too low
because it's a porno and she's getting paid bucko bucks for it.

a black queen in the wild would never go for a pathetic white boy

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l love you robots, l'd take a bullet for you guys
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I love you too anon <3
now stay in front of me, the SWAT is making their push
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That's a nice sentiment, Champ, but it doesn't matter if you haven't got a firm handshake.
You'd take a bullet for a bunch of unemployed paedophilic strangers you've never met?

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If you use snapchat or facebook please consider leaving this website.
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when did snapchat become a normalfag thing? it's a fucking texting app

i only have it for the 1 in a million chance I meet someone and get nudes
Please, robots, for your own good don't use
Anything owned by Google
Anything owned by Microsoft
Anything owned by Apple
Facebook is ingrained into society
I don't want to attract any attemtion so I just have an account I never update
sorry :(

What's the best secure instant messenger?

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Women keep denying me the pleasures that I deserve.
This is an injustice that must be corrected.
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go out a rape a woman OP
live the life without regrets
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>pleasures I deserve
No, they must recognize my magnificence.

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An untouchable just like the rest of them.
I don't know but what country is this? Kazakhstan?

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Im so fucking horny right now
i wish my gf turned into an onahole but she's asleep
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wake her up with dick and fuck her
this is how alphas do it
>having a girlfriend

you don't belong here senpai
Wake her up, as long as you fuck her hard enough she'll love it.

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girls dont care about the size of your dick if you are average

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True. Women don't really care much about your size as long as its not ridicously small, If your in the average range you're probably good.

Gay men on the other hand are total size queens

Don't let shitty unsourced infographics on R9K fool you.
It's Virgin insecurity. No one wants a 10 inch dick that can even got halfway trough(only whores).

I have a 16 cm one and no one complained. The fact that I can go all in and ram the balls on her is cool.

Girth is important tho. If you are to small she won't feel much. Expecially if she had her vaginally stretched by huge cocks.
penis size is just a porn meme
khvs like me and you subconsciously think that porn is how sex is irl
unless you are too small you can have a very healthy sex life if you focus on pleasuring her

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