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You're really dedicated to this shitty meme aren't you
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Party autists in the house tonight
Everybody just have a suicide time.
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>wake up
>life hasnt magicaly changed to better
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I should learn from this. Elliot is always so wise.
It MIGHT get better in 20 years between solid hologram porn and sex robots.

But that is a LONG 20 years away. And, odds are it will be criminalized before it happens.

2020's will be the same as now with slightly better shit, 2030's will start turning into star trek. 2040's are when it will stop looking like the 20th century.
Lel i love the robot logic i will do nothing and life will change. If you want shit to change, then get up and do something about it. Work towards something and dont give in when it become hard.

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>*anime noises in the background*
>Sadly, this quite unusual paradox of nature will not find a mate and thus will not pass on it's genetics to the next generation. Perhaps for the best.
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Tengen Toppa really was a gem. I should really re-watch it sometime.
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nice ssssnake

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>For many years biologists and philosophers debated what constitutes life, and the definition often involved the ability to self-replicate or have genetic machinery for some fundamental processes. Viruses were often excluded from that definition of life, partly because they use the genetic machinery of their hosts for replication and other essential functions. But most species have to use some aspects of the genetic machinery of other species at some point in their life cycle. In fact, some viruses are more complicated than some other forms of life, because they often have a complex life history that involves a parasitic stage and a free-living stage used to find new hosts.
>It is, then, no clear place to draw the line. Viruses are in many ways the most successful lifestyle on earth. They have outsourced to other species almost everything needed to sustain them, and in doing so they have become the most numerous form of life. Some obligate bacterial parasites and mutualists have genomes so small and lifestyles so dependent on a host that they are at the interface between organisms and organelles.
Woah, so NEETs are actually evolutionary succesful? Who could have thought...
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>Woah, so NEETs are actually evolutionary succesful?

>know a future autist NEET in HS
>completes uni entrance exams at 13 (normally 18) with highest possible score
>gets in the top 100 in worldwide science competitions
>doesn't bother going to uni and leeches of autismbux
>he's now 22
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>Citation needed
Please give a source to back up such claims

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>ywn live in a huge neon lit city
>ywn have cyber augs
>ywn hack into a megacorp
>ywn have an android waifu
>ywn have life like vr
>ywn hang out with your cyborg bros cruising through the city and taking cyber drugs
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I wish cyberpunk would come back. Vaporwave hits close to the feels it gives me.
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It won't unfortunately. It was ruined by normies. Anytime they find out about anything they push it everywhere and ruin it, then when it's old and dried up they throw it away like a used cum sock.

They did it with Pepe, they did it with Synthwave, they did it with Cyberpunk, they did it with Vaporwave, they did it with Lo-Fi Hip hop.

Nothing good will be safe from normies.
Relevant video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFGqhEVr7lk

Why is there two opposite types of reaction in face of a painfull childhood?

1) I've known the hardships. I'm used to working hard to get little. My friends want a college degree. I'll be a chef, I don't care about long hours. I'll prove I'm good. (...) I'm so happy to discover the world outside my family : everyone is so much nicer than my family!

2) I'm used to rejection. Everybody always rejected me. Never managed to fit in. I'll prove them I don't need them. I'll grow my own style. People want finance or engineering degrees? I'll get a philosophy degree. (...) Fuck, how long can I stay in that fucking call center? Haven't had a gf in 5 years. I don't care about them. My vengeance will be terrifying.

(I won't reply to insults or memes)
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>image macro

thnks for the bump
I saged it nigger

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>walk into club
>see this
what do?
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"What, you hoes like what you see?"
Leave because I have no business being in a club in the first place.
Break out tec-9 and go to town

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So I just found out my dad is cheating on my mom after being married for 25 years. I actually don't know what to think about this or what to do.
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Kill him and fuck your mom.

Oedipus style.
>I actually don't know what to think about this or what to do.
Call him a faggot.
Talk to your dad first, but don't expose him to your mom. Hear out his side of the story before acting.

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Why do Russians squat?
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What else is there to do in Russia?
It's the eastern version of criss-cross applesauce but more comfy
It's, because they have nowhere to sit. In Russia they do not have chairs. In Russia, you cannot sit on the ground, or it will swallow you. The next best thing to sitting is squatting.

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>you will never be at a concert with a circle of friends
>you will never be muscular 6'3" dude
>you will never have giggly qts begging to sit on your shoulders to get a better view
>you will never feel her smooth, soft thighs against your neck
>You will never have the knowledge that her vagina is just a few inches away from your face
>you will never have her idly running her fingers through you hair as she watches the show

i just want to fucking end it all, girls in my university can't even make eye contact with me.

My adult life is over before it even started.
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I will never attend a shitty Of Monsters and Men concert with ugly fake hipster roasties?
The music genre of the concert doesn't really matter to me, it's just that human beings with XX chromosomes congregate there.
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>be loner
>attempt a hobby group for every interest i have
>best ratio is 4M:1F
>girls range from below average to ugly and are constantly being hit on so i rather not bother them and contribute to the problem
>look into hobby groups that actually have girls in them
>every hobby majority female either costs a bit of money or may as well be torture

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Now with less titcows!
Hug someone in your family and post results, simple deal.
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hello thread
Where's everyone?
Hey Happy, dunno where everyone's at
Hugged my cat and held him like a baby
He seemed to enjoy it

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How do I deal with the fact that I'll never marry my celebrity crush?
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Stop having shit tier taste. Her face and body are so boyish anon, and not even in a good way.
why would you want to marry a hypocrite pandering sjw who was in a dumb childrens movie
tfw you will never slytherin her chamber of secrets.

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It is a law of nature within almost any animal on this planet that the female choses while the male has to do its best to convince the female.

This also applies to humans.

It is not the womans fault that she chooses a Handsome Chad with a nice and caring personality over some beta male who sits in his basement all day masturbating to anime.

If you are ugly, try to convince with other personality traits or lower your standarts.

And for God's sake, stop blaming women for being single. Its entirely your fault.
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Yeah Its my fault because I'm too picky but I'd rather be miserable than be stuck with a woman whose only redeeming quality is that they have a vagina.

Tru. Penisu

nothing wrong with being picky, you just shouldn't complain then.

I'm going insane. Why have whites allowed Jews to fuck them so hard. They're literally milking white men of all their damn semen and turning them into weak fucks and everybody's a nigger worshipping cuck. Wake the fuck up.
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White people are born to be cucks
this belongs on /pol/ friendo
We conquered ever continent you nigger. Whites are born to kill everyone who isn't white. Niggers are 20% white because we raped them so much.

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Anti no fap shills are liars and people who have never been able to pull it off.
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How long should I nofap?
A week max, my dude.
I have never fapped, am i doing alright ?

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