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Found this on discord. Prove the poster wrong
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If you agree, why did you make this thread? It's literal trash and should not have been made. That's not to say I disagree but if no one makes goodbthreads, then bad ones will reign supreme
They made it in an attempt to make the retard "robots" aware of why they're suffering and attempt to improve instead of complaining all day.
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Inb4, hehehe.

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35 names it
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Name itt "Pet"
is that a fucking squirrel? Name it Nutfag

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I'm sleepy and horny would anyone like to fap together
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What are you into specifically, robit?
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I like cocks and butts a lot

What is it called when you're always tired, despite how much sleep you get? I have no trouble at all falling asleep, but it's like I cant function unless I take a nap every 3 hours.
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Called the sonic sound weapons testing
I'm always tired, no matter how much sleep I get and how many naps I take.
It is called lethargy. I would guess you drink alot of sugary drinks and have a sedentary way of life.

If you are a fit male who will fight along with me in the upcoming race war, sure I have no problem in forming a relationship with you.
If you are a neet faggot like 99%% of the mentally ill traps, kill your self.
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The absolute, original state of this board.
if there wasn't already a race war there won't be any time soon.

>le killurself
>race war

go be an edgy social reject somewhere else, you're probably a larping failed normie trying to save face for his shitty existence with talk of a mythical race war that he will participate in.

you're a loser, you kill yourself.
>fit male who will fight along with me in the upcoming race war
>neet faggot
What if I'm both?

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People You Instantly Lose Respect For:
>people who harass or bully others without justification
>people who like "gamer culture"
>Overwatch fags
>sexual deviants
>people who use emojis and ebonics in a serious manner
>anti-fa, black lives matter, or alt-right
>people who can't live without their technology for an hour
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define deviant
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>everyone who is not myself
Hookup culture fags.
Chronic masturbators.

Do you guys think Randy Stair was jamming to this song when he shot up that super market?

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Ah, but he too felt the sonic boom.

But he didn't know who was doing it
Wrong song. He was the first one to find an HD copy of this song and upload it to YouTube. This is actually his account and I saw this well before he shot up his coworkers to get some of that sweet ghost pussy.
>You will remember my name
People are still talking about this fucking loser?

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>I heard it was your birthday today Anon! Here, I've got a huge present for you!
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I like the artstyle but I hate that she has the bodytype of a fucking chicken
Why are you allowed to keep posting this? Do you just add more As to the Brap?
BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP-posting is proof of God's existence.

Prove me wrong.

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>got bullied out of my social anxiety support group
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That's what happens when a group of irrational thinkers try to start a rational support group, or any group in general. Hierarchies form, the relatively strong weed out the relatively weak and hurt them.
Wut. Are you sure it wasn't your paranoia talking?
This is the funniest thing I've read aII day.

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how do I hookup with an autistic girl?

Ive tried conversation and she only blabs on and on
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there's no way she could be autistic then
>Socially retarded
>Repetitive behaviors

its pretty autistic
blabbing on and on is something pretty much all girls do anon despite having autism or another condition. Autismo girls just seem robot tier on the outside, once you break the shell their normie side comes out a bit.

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shitposter queen.jpg
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>get into argument with mom
>my never having a gf gets brought up for whatever reason
>blame it on her

Even though she denies it vehemently I hope that it does stick in her head as one of those lying in bed thoughts you mull over. It is true that your genetics and upbringing are pretty much everything in this world so she should realize this and do the right thing by committing seppuku.

A roastie is a roastie after all.
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I had a similar discussion with my parents.
I apologised that I'd never be able to give them grandchildren and offered to kill myself if they'd like.
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it's the best move to make in that situation, I would have done the same. Taking any personal responsibility basically makes you a slave to the accuser especially a mother.

You did the right thing now continue to be awesome.
this is honorable
i wonder if their faces said please do even though please don't came out of their mouths

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Do any of you keep a journal? What do you think people would think about you if they read it after you died.
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Woah you have very pretty handwriting anon. You shouldn't spoiler image it. Be proud.
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Thanks. I write alot and it really does show,doesn't it?
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I used to delete and destroy everything I would create and do so as not to leave a trail after I died.

Now I regret it, because I'm alive obviously.

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>Did 8 pushups today
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you forgot two zeros at the end of it
nice dude, make it 10 next time. then 15.
Get in your big mack after workout meal.
For extra fat gains

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I punched a hole in my wall again.
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and you can have it all

my empire of walls
federal case dumbass Look at mine. I have a hole in my door too.
A little bitch hole made by a little bitch hand.

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How can whitebois resist the power of the fertile black vagina?
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I don't know, her pussy looks so inviting. I couldn't help myself.
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>black girl soles
>Pierced nipples
You usually post attractive blacks, what happened today anon?

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