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would you rather date; a 10/10 who only fucks you when she wants to or a 5/10 who basically lets you do whatever you want to her?
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both simultaneously, obv

Why would you let a stacy cuck you?
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>because rape

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Anyone /musician/ here?
>Been playing guitar/doing standup for the past few months at bars and stuff
>All I want is a real band to play with and write songs but I have no friends
>tfw you will forever be the lonely bar singer
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I play with my dick and It makes funny noises, does that count?
>can't transcribe patterns into my head into guitar playing
help anon how do I unlock autismo guitar

i'll never do the normie band thing probably - I only practice my real chords a little and play mostly power chord shit lol
that actually sounds like you might have perfect pitch, anon. when you think of a series of chords in your head, can you only hear it in one key? because that would explain why you have trouble getting it out into your instrument.
I guess I don't even really want a band, just someone to play with and write with.

"fembots" do not, have not, and will never exist. This is an indisputable fact in 2017. Every single post by a "woman" on this board is for the SOLE purpose of garnering attention with low effort.

Prove me wrong, white knights and role playing faggots.
you can't
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Girls are robot hunters . Not for sex, but material things.
I agree. It's disappointing to see this board in such a state of blind consumption of bait.
You're right, for the most part.

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>"anon, why are you so shy? It wouldn't happen to be because you have a SMALL PENIS, would it ? hahaha I bet your dick is so lacking in girth it would fit through this hole without even making contact with the edges!! hahahaha!"
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If she said that to me in real life I would immediately push her down in the chair, and then after she gets her head smacked on the floor from falling in the chair, I'd then apply a brutal chokehold on her that would fucking knock her out. She shouldn't say anything rude to me like that.
I'd just whip my cock out and walk away.
>I would immediately push her down in the chair, and then after she gets her head smacked on the floor from falling in the chair, I'd then apply a brutal chokehold on her that would fucking knock her out.
no you wouldn't

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>be me today at school
>weather is getting warmer
> notice a girl doesn't have a bra
>oh shit waddap look there are some nipples
>let it go
>2 hours later I remember about this
>go to talk to that braless girl
>30seconds later she has to leave
>notice right after her nipples are sticking out
>mfw I could actually be attractive
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Dont get your hopes up anon
She just had a nervous response since you probably gave off a creepy school shooter vibe, which also explains why she left 30 seconds later
>today at school
rprt hm

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That feel when you spend 4 months developing a relatio ship with a girl you really really like but in the end some weird normie dude steals her and you go back to self hate and emptyness.
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What you really meant to say was "I pretended to be her friend and instead of making my intentions to fuck her clear, I hoped she would eventually see what a 'nice guy' I was some normie who actually made an effort got her instead"
no one cares, mobilefag
You have to be clear from the very start, you can't do it 4 months later, it happens from the very first words to her whether your friend or your gonna bang her.

Day 2 of tinder. 7 matches. The only one i found attractive, so i took a page from sushi brah's book and it seemed to work. But after i said let me get your number and we'll talk tomorrow, no more replies.

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I need to get more matches. I hate having only one i want to meet only for it to not go anywhere.

I got a month of tinder plus, thinking about hitting the 'skip the line button' to see if i get some matches but will they see that i'm boosted?
is this a meme or why do they respond to this shit?

also whats with all the gimme 5 bucks and see what happens shit

I don't know, but i'm fucked now unless i get more matches

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>watching the local news
>they keep showing 17 year old kids talking about their full ride scholarships to various schools
>go to the gym
>teenagers lifting and having fun talking and shit
>bringing their gfs to the gym
>feel like i missed out on life
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Why are you comparing yourself to them? You're not them. They're different from you. Work with what you have, don't work with what you don't have.
If they're showing it in the news it is probably not that common of an occurrence OP
You missed out on full ride scholarships but so did millions of others
You're missing out the same amount as millions of others
that is one of the worst feels you can have I'm glad you survived it, you're stronger then you think anon
this is also a terrible feeling

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Are you comfy right now? It's raining hard here, and although I may have to walk to work in a few hours, it's still very nice. Also drinking coffee, eating a banana, and listening to 70's electronic music.

What's up with you all?
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>has to go to work soon
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You take what you can get. For what it's worth, the job is pretty relaxed and I can relax by the rain without being in it.

Nice quads by the way.
I'm at home casually getting ready for the day. My company is moving into a new office today, I'm very excited to see it. So I'm feeling pretty comfy here, yeh.

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Anyone here on the verge of a breakdown?

Post itt

>swamped with tests and papers while working a full-time job
>rejected by 3 women yesterday
>oneitis has a bf now
>in the process of moving while all this is going on
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>have oneitis
>ask out three girls
Pick one
please don't give up

be a boss and handle your skoo work while gaining exp with girls, it sucks being rejected, it's like your primordial ape brain is ready to kill you along with it if it can't mate but you need to realize being neet is hell and failures haunt you forever
unless she is supportive of you and your education/work/moving she can fuck off, you are supposed to benefit from a relationship

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Why do normie girls hate hairy guys?

Would it be any more tolerable if the guy was fit and in good shape?
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Normie girls most certainly do not hate hairy guys.

They hate hairy guys who are also fat, smelly, nose breathing basement dwellers.

I haven't met a chick that doesn't love to run their hands through a hairy chest.
Normie girls would hate your pic related for far more reasons than the hair, that would just be shit icing on the shit cake.

Ironically, hair may be his saving grace.
>Normie girls most certainly do not hate hairy guys.
They do. I have a hairy back and women find it disgusting, I'm not fat either.

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Come watch random videos with me in a comfy robot room with no normies

link in the picture
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pepe detector.jpg
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How do I know you're not a normie sent to trick me?
judging by your picture i'd say you're the normalfag here

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Why do you people who are virgins, NEETs, and never been in relationships try to dispense advice about women, careers, and life in general? Why does your opinion matter? It doesn't, not at all. The only opinion that matters is one that comes from experience.

I bet none of you have ever even talked to a black person.
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Why do normalfags like you try to come here and stir up shit without lurking first? Go fuck yourself.

>without lurking

Motherfucker I've been browsing /r9k/ since 2008.
Sure you have, you're totally not a feminist redditor or gaffer trying to stir up shit. I'm sure everyone believes you.

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I'm 24, she's 21. We've been together for a few months and have opened up about so many things.


she told me that when she was 20, a 37 year old man successfully got a restraining order against her, and after that she did not give any details.

She will not give any information. I know that the past is the past, but yikes.

She's my first girlfriend.
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>past is past
Dude, 1 year is nothing. She's still crazy.
One year ago a court said that she was so batshit insane that she was not allowed near a 37 year old man.

Fucking run.
I kek'd (o.original post)

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You men should be ashamed of yourseleves. You complain about for hard your life is but you don't even know how hard is to be a woman in the western world.
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>western world
Ayy lmao, my roastie friendo
desu if girls suffer body image issues that's pretty rough.

everything else is a meme
Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

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