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Has anyone managed to get a Chad or Stacy arrested? Heres my story.

>Be me in high school
>See that Chad is getting nudes from a couple of girls
>Realize that I sit next to him in French class
>Have a brilliant idea
>In our school when we go to the bathroom, we have to leave our phones on our desks.
>Chad goes to bathroom
>For whatever reason his phone does not have password
>Open up his photos and send take pictures of thd nudes
>Go home
>All the girls he got nudes from were underaged highschoolers
>This qualifies as child porn
>Send tip to FBI
>Next week Chad's house gets raided by the FBI, I get to see everything because I live close to his house
>Chad gets arrested for possesing child porn
>Roasties get arrested for distributing child porn
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good job my man
You did nothing wrong.
You showed them
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Good Job OP, chads need to taste the bad life at least once.
>Managed to take out two birds with one stone

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is now open
Come, order something, bitch about life and women
Jukebox is now playing:
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I don't drink
t. faggot extraordinaire
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Tomorrow morning I find out my exam results which will decide whether I get into a uni in a budgeted spot (not in burgerland) or I get fucked.

Time for absinthe.
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I will get my exam results friday afternoon
here you go
get out of my bar

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>Most people lost their virginity while being underage.

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Yup. We're behind the curve anon. Average age of losing virginity is about 17. If you finish uni and still haven't lost it it's over. That will be the easiest time to lose it and if you can't manage it then you never will.
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>If you finish uni and still haven't lost it it's over.
fuck me
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I lost at age 20, feels bad man

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I am currently listening to my roommate get plowed. I hear spanking and her moaning for it harder and for him to give it to her. I'm masturbating in the hallway. dubs decide what I dl
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[X] Suicide outside her room
she's getting louder I love this

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Or do you plan on terminating your bloodline?

Another question, are there robots in your family? Parents, grand-parents?
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Not really.

I'm not great with kids, and I'm a pretty selfish person who'd probably put myself before them.
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plan on donating as much sperm as possible
no anonymity but i'll be dead by the time they try and contact me and my shitty genes are already inside them
Not marrying, not having kids. There's enough of us already and the ride even at it's best isn't that great. Not to mention that you have no control over that childs life, maybe he will grow to wish he wasn't born at all (like many of us) I'm granting him that wish.

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>He doesn't believe in God
>He doesn't pray everyday
>He doesn't meditate everyday
>He is not a vegetarian
>He does not have a cause to fight for or anything to believe in, therefore his life becomes meaningless.

Tell me, robots. At what moment did you realize that all suffering comes from wanting things and being attached to things instead of fighting for a cause and believing in something higher than yourselves?
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What's wrong with sticking to a diet you ancestors survived on? Legumes and vegetarianism is a meme
Because it is cruel to animals, and therefore unethical.
What God do you worship

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It's a chart thread. If you want to you can post a chart here

Use this thread if you want to waste your time. Warning: giving away this information might indicate or imply your identity

Last thread: >>38013939
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This is a chart you could use
Thanks for this thumbnail, although it may be hard to fill
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Oh... And I wondered why the last thread died so soon.

I have the mental age of sandstone

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Why do we tell ugly people it's their own fault they're ugly? That really really pisses me off.
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Agree with you anon, it's a shame we blame others people, when it's really not their fault for being born ugly. A crooked nose, big forehead, big ears, and more. It's not their fault. How ever being fat, or having greasy hair. That's something you (people) can work on.
fat shaming. consider yourself #blocked
It's ridiculous. If you are ugly and/or short you are subject to never-ending shame and foul treatment, yet making fun of fat people makes you a pariah; nevermind that being fat is self-inflicted and fixable

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So I just found a video of my gf having a threesome with two dudes in Paris. It was in 2015, on year before we started dating.

She seemed crazy into and has never reacted like that when we had sex. I feel insecure as fuck now and haven't had sex with her for a week.
I just can't look at her the same way anymore. I was thinking about ending it today, but am not sure if I'm making a mistake.

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Have you talked with her about the video?
id say give it up bro
No, and I don't think I'm gonna bring it up.
It was in her old cellphone. But that's irrelevant.
I know she's just gonna try and deflect and villify me.

Fuck man.
She was my first gf. It's killing me inside.

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Why is he so cute? and why do i want to fuck his boipussy?
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Because you are a male of homosexual nature.
Tyrese and his friends are banging that boypussy right now
Those fucked up hair cuts are red flags. Lanza, stair, roof...

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Oh... Good morning neetie, didn't see you there hehe. My-my.. how many years has it been since we've graduated? So... what have you been doing with yourself lately?

Hmm.. oh? You're unemployed? And you still live with your parents.. Wow.. Ouch

Tsk-Tsk.. What's that, you just woke up? Oh... well, I'm sure being an unemployed neet for these past several years has done a number on your biological sleep rhythm, it must be really screwed up for you.

Hmmmmm.... and ... are those bags under your eyes? Wow.. you really do look like shit my dear neetie.. And.. *snif-snif*.. wow you smell disgusting too, when's the last time you took a shower and cleaned yourself up?

Hmm.. well.... I'm sure you'll really have a productive day today F5-ing imageboards and masturbating all day (smirk), after all it doesn't sound like you have much more else going on in your pathetic boring life.

I do wish you could become a productive member of society instead of leeching off your poor parents, but.. seeing the black hole that is your resume.... I don't have much hope for you dear neetie, after all what respectable employer would take a risk hiring an unemployable manchild such as yourself?

Me? Oh... well after I'm done with this report, I'll head out with my co-workers to grab a delicious, nutritionally balanced lunch at this fancy place across the street, eating out is not a problem at all for me, seeing that I'm quite well compensated for my work.

Maybe this weekend I'll go to a concert or heck even play some paintball with my work friends, sometimes it pays to let loose after a long week at work you know neetie?

And tonight I'll probably take my girlfriend out too, thankfully my active social and professional life enables me to meet quite a few women, unlike you. I don't believe you even ever had a girlfriend do you my dear neetie?

Well.... have fun sitting all day behind your computer again (smirk)
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I'm laughing how accurate your post is, at the same time I'm crying&dying inside.
I get paid alright and work a short day but still come home exhausted and empty. What do?
Im happy for you wagie. You seem to be amongst the lucky few who actually enjoy waking up early and working a fulfilling job.

Perhaps if i could gain such great employment, i would join your ranks. Alas, id rather be dead than stuck somewhere doing something i hate 40 hours a week like most wagies.

Why don't we start a crowdfunding campaign to get her into porn? She is perfect
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Why do you want to ruin someone's life by getting them stuck in the god awful porn industry? It's pretty cruel to wish that on someone.
A man needs a name.
Who is she?
Who is this cunt and why is she getting posted everywhere?

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which board has the most reddit crossposters?
and why is it /pol/?
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Because edgy underaged racism draws them to /pol/.
Now they're the cool kids that hate everything that's logical and decent. They're like "WOW HERE I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT SO I WANT TO SAY WHAT MOST PEOPLE WOULD HATE"
File: 1498150461939.jpg (64KB, 1024x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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/r/the_donald and the fact that they think going on /pol/ makes them edgy.
unironically robot9000

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Comfy r9k minecraft server
Join and play minecraft with r9k!
The faggot Tommy who runs the other server decided to shut it down, and it's been down for over 3 days now. This is the replacement server, might be temporarily but i doubt that tommy will open his server again.
IP: r9kserver.ddns.net
Discord: https://discord
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why the fuck does no one join
1.12 is garbage
>spawn wither and grief a bunch of players and make a bunch of people quit
>get rightfully banned
>cry and get so butthurt you were banned that you make a new server
>no one joins because you're autistic and will probably grief your own players

All my usernames are something unoriginal like a name or a word or something. I can't come up with a real username that isn't a reference to something.
How do you guys do it? How do you come up with an original username?
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Just use a random name generator.
one of my "handles" is a real word with a letter changed.
All names are a reference to something else otherwise they are just meaningless strings of letters, which aren't too hard to create. If you're trying too hard to be cool just find really obscure words that aren't used anymore.
i guess im just naturally creative

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