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I don't fucking get it, normies have told me I give off an intense aura of low self esteem, and yet everyone always wants me around them. I constantly get invited to things, always have people laughing and have a pretty good time. So what the FUCK is giving off this vibe?
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nice humblebrag you worthless piece of shit
They invite you to those things because they pity you and are trying to make you feel better so you stop giving off such an aura.

I'm not humblebragging, I'm trying to learn something about myself, take your pointless aggression somewhere else.

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How can I learn to be an assassin and the art of ninjutsu? I tried looking up assassin training shit on YouTube but it's nerds jogging and climbing shacks

I don't want to learn the parkour shit I want to throw ninja stars and kunai and do stealth kills and counter attacks and be trained with a blade and athletic and quick and nimble. I want to be able to poison shit and pulled out concealed weapons and ninja blades and throwing weapons plus all that fighting technique shit.
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Real life isn't naruto nigga
Lurk some forums and shit.
We'll I'm not casting chakra spells and shit I'm just lesrning to use blades stealth bows and other ranged weapons and practicing coordination and stamina and becoming resourceful with shit around me

Does anyone else here feel really distant from reality? Like they're just phasing through life?
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We're already nearly halfway through the year. Yesterday was halfway last year, I still remember it so vividly. There is no rest and no hope. None of this is real. What the fuck is going on
Ya, I've been paranoid over this around a month now. The feeling of being an alien observer to ones thoughts but simultaneously experiencing them. Not like a physical depersonalization but a mental one.
So I'm not the only one.

I don't even see myself as part of reality, and I feel my mind exploding trying to comprehend that I'm within it instead of watching it. When someone asks me to tell them about myself, it's not that I'm shy, I just come up empty

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i want.jpg
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where did all the comfy threads go? i really enjoyed those
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They left when the normos arrived
havent they always been here
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I guess I'll post some things.

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>tfw so fucking bored of booze
>tfw been drinking every day for over a year
>tfw doesn't make me happy and I don't even like it
>just drinking out of need and cause being sober makes me suicidal
>tfw tried weed a couple of times
>doesn't make me happy, just makes me tired and gives me a headache
>tfw tried shrooms a couple of times
>just makes me laugh while being depressed as fuck and I feel stupid for laughing like an idiot
what's the best drug r9k? I need something cause I'm on the edge of suicide right now...also preferably cheap cause I'm a neet loser...
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Keep trying weed just keep trying it. It's like a horse and saddle you have to keep riding it to get the feel for it.

Also for you I'd recommend stimulants and MDMA
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Try 1P-LSD
>Nearly exactly like LSD
>Same effects, just as harmless

Or you could go for DMT. That shit literally sends you to a different world for 10 minutes, but it can feel like months to you.

I don't know how you can have a bad time with weed, that shit makes everything funny and entertaining to me.
Ketamine could actually help.
Without it I'd probably still be depressed and on opiates.

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happy trump pepe.png
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Who else here /MGTOW/
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Have been a MGTOW ever since I was younger, it's just now we have name for it. The world never changes though, it dosen't seem like gynocentrism will end anytime soon.
Level 44 here.

>Totally over rated
>Do not recomend
I worship Trump 5 times a day.
I make pilgrimmage to Trump
I testify that Trump is the one and only president and there was no real president before him.

i'm just a normal trump supporter here. and YES, I'm MGTOW!

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>1.5k hours of dota forever stamped onto my profile
How can you even recover from this?
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Whats your mmr?
>Have 2.6k hours
I REALLY don't want to say, its a record low.

I'm just worried about how people will see me.
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Well most players of the game have 1k+ hours, its just how the game is. I calibrated at 600 mmr anon, if you believe in yourself and learn basic farming and laning patterns you'll be up in mmr in no time. Spam the fuck out of LC, PA,and slark

to any robots still left out there.
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>to any robots still left out there.

y-you too
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A minute of silence for the Supreme Gentleman who has fallen.

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Cuddling thread!
General chat thread!
Complain about your problems thread!
please don't let this thread die after 20 posts thread

After finally falling asleep for the first time in a little over 24 hours my brother chose to wake me up. We were cuddling, I was apparently too warm. I can't go back to sleep.
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ew, just get seperate beds and try to go to sleep on time more often.
>Making Shauntal cosplay
>Things going okay
>Realize I don't have any half cup bras so they all peek over the neckline
>Unusual size so can't just walk into a VS
>Guess I'm gonna have to spend 100$+ on a plain ass bra
PLEASE advice me on my problem anon
I did molly and fucked my sisters best friend (a guy)
He's 6 years older than me
My friends think I fucked his sister (2 years older than me)
Some of my friends know the truth
Oh and I havent come out yet and this fuck up is all I think about

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What's a guy's sex drive like? What happens when you see a girl you consider hot?

For people who are normal guys: what happens when you see a girl with noticeably big boobs or a big butt? Obviously thinnfags are gay so.
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LITERALLY made to breed with that BBC, look at those fucking hips got damn

eyebrows kinda ugh tho
well... we get horny. duh?

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Anyone here ever have constant fantasies of hooking up with your friends mom?
>be me
>friend I don't talk too anymore, his mom keeps trying to contact me
>text me saying "hey Sam, when can we visit you?"
>give her no response
>she texts me again days later saying "why haven't you texted back!!??"
>Give her no response once again
>days go by, she messages me on Facebook saying "did your number change? I've been trying to reach you!"
>finally text her back 2 days later after she messaged me on Facebook
>text her back saying "sorry I haven't text back I've been real caught up in my life"
>she texts back saying "are you ok?"
>text her back a whole day later saying "yes I've been doing good."
>she texts back saying "That's good, I'm happy to hear that, come over and I will cook some dinner."
>her son, who is my friend no longer lives with her
>just her and her 10 year old younger son

....fuck guys I'm really tempted to go over and eat dinner and make a move on her, but I'm scared it'll end up bad and I get in trouble.
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Most mom's wouldn't care about their friends sons so much. Sounds like she wants the Dickens, anon
What's up with that ladies face? It looks like she did her makeup at the local funeral parlor.
Just do it you stupid faggot. It's not like this isn't a roleplay thread anyway.

i have this weird unease and i dont know if its anxiety or what but please talk me about your lifes so i can calm down a bit?
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i have no life to speak of
why are you feeling weird? you mean you don't feel unease every day?
That's a cute image, op.
I like it.
>i have this weird unease and i dont know if its anxiety or what
That's called the human condition. It's perfectly natural and normal.

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Be honest, how does this image make you feel? Keep in mind there are many other images from that visit and they look even worse.
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>they look even worse
how much? i fucking need to look at them
I stopped caring about politics a long time ago.
I leave that kinda stuff up to the smart people. :^)
Why's he wearing a Jew hat if he's not jewish? He didn't throw on a white headscarf in saudistan.

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>get drunk
>contact a bunch of your former normie acquaintances from school
>message a bunch of girls on OkCupid
>continue drinking
>no replies yet
>continue drinking
>pass out
>wake up next day
>no one messaged you back
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try talking to people in appropriate settings irl

i wish you the best of luck anon
escape in videogames, anime, and cartoons

it only works temporarily
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I talk to people online. It makes me feel like I have someone. Or I masturbate to asmr to feel like someone loves me.

Have you ever had suicidal thoughts at work?
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Yes quite often actually
I have suicidal thoughts always. Since some of my time is spent at work, then yes I have.
What's going with you anon?

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