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You wake up in the floor of someone else's room. You are shrunk to the size of an ant, and the air is dank with sweat and smell. You look up, and you notice a girl who specially hates you. She doesn't seem to have spotted you yet.
>who is this girl?
>what would she do?
>what would you do?
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try to get her attention so that she'll enslave me to her feet

by the end of the day i hope that there's a collar around my neck that goes to a chain attached to a toe ring on her sexy divine foot.
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This seems like an interesting predicament.
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So, what would you do? Anyone in mind?

Why do normies like Harry Potter so much and why do they act like it's great literature?

It's boring fuckinh trash about some ugly British normie faggot who finds out he has magic powers and starts running around shooting spells like a faggot, and dealing with boring normie relationship problems. Who the fuck cares

Every Harry Potter fan I know is a bland, soulles gay normie with no personality
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It's probably just something they grew up with. The first books/movies came out when they were young enough to enjoy them. It was like Harry Potter (the character) grew up with them. It became part of their life in some (small) way.

I don't see the appeal either. I only watched them because my ex was obsessed with Harry Potter and it was an excuse to cuddle in front of the TV.
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>my ex
It's one of the best stories of good and evil ever told.

My only gripe is that good wins in the end because it's good, not because the people fighting for the "good guys" were better fighters

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>tfw no Irma gf
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why does humanity disappoint me in ever so unpredictable ways
are you telling me you wouldn't fuck that fat ass hurricane
I thought this was r34 of a Youtube animation I saw a few years ago at first

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>Be me
>Never had a gf, never even been kissed
>Workaholic, so I got a nice house
>Be returning from work one day, sitting on the train
>7/10 is standing in front of me, talking to her chad boyfriend about her daddy issues or some shit
>Her bag goes on my lap, she notices, but doesn't give a shit
>Gently move it off of me
>"Ey, you trying to touch my girl up?"
>Keep quiet, would probably go on a killing spree if I started talking
>"Fucking asshole"
>Dude has me pretty pissed, but I keep my cool, I just want a quiet life. I avoid anything that would make me loose sleep at night
>Train stops
>Get out of train, chad bumps into me and makes me drop my bag on the floor.
>7/10 is laughing at my fucking 10-pin bowling nail-clipper
>Follow them, they live in some apartment block
>Am standing outside.
>what do /b/?
I just want a quiet life
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When I was a kid I saw the Mona Lisa from my art book. And how do I say this? It's a bit dirty, but, I got an erection. I cut out just the hands and put them on my wall.
I just thought the pic should be related to me in some way
You are being a pussy, OP. Kill that motherfucker.
You're right, bitch should bite the dust
+his 7/10 got sum nice hands

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>Most of you, men of culture that you are, desire a dominant nurturing gf
>Yet you all also want to be little baby girls(boys)

Shouldn't you be working out? How do you expect to be able to serve your domme if you can't lift heavy things for her, beat up her discarded beta orbiters for her, or even carry her to bed when she doesn't feel like walking? Dom women don't want a grown child, they want a strong knight that can and will answer to their every whim.
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This isn't even good bait, though I like the idea behind it, keep it up. Anyway, you contridicted yourself lad

>dominant nurturing gf
>wanting you to carry her or do everything for her

Please explain the logic in this, nurturing is more along the lines of her carrying you and doing what makes you happy, though of course it goes both ways, her being dominant would tilt it a bit, so basically role reversal as well. In any case, like I said it makes no sense, but I like the bait.

So basically you want me to be chad?

go fuck yourself femanon, im on this board for a reason
>tfw no mommy gf to be a little baby boy for

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i don't think i can do it anymore, /r9k/. This place has been filled with way too many faggots and leftists alike. It just doesn't feel the same. When you call a nigger out for being a nigger people now tell you to fuck off and stop being racist. Where the hell did all the robots go?
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You're one of the people fucking up /r9k/. You must be from the Donald Trump crowd. "Nigger" is supposed to be used in the same fashion as "faggot". Thrown around so much that it loses meaning. By "calling out niggers", you're defeating the purpose.
Do you not realize by saying nigger we effectively get rid of normalfags?
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>implying that "nigger" isn't used by millions of idubbbz/filthyfrank 15 year old fagboys and edgelords around the world
>implying it helps get rid of normalfags
Litterally neck yourself newfag. You know nothing of this board.

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God help me Anon I'm sitting in anime club as I make this thread
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what exactly happens at said anime club
Any qt weebs, or are there just a sea of landwhales?
There are a few qts, one girl in knee socks and a skirt. One of the officers has a dab on me love life sticker
This is the level were on right now
We'll find out soon

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Can people with green/blue eyes be robots?
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ONLY people with blue/green eyes can be robots. The Nordic race is literally the autist race. Brown eyed normies fuck off
Green eyes are just fucked up brown eyes. Only blue eyes are truly pure.
Absolutely incorrect, profligate.

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>no thing

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Fucking hell. You'd think he'd be self aware enough to realize how fucking cringy that is, jesus christ.
>ah hem
jej. Someone post some beta indians doing shit like this

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For the longest time I did not give a shit about traps being on this board, I still don't care if you are a trap or if you like them

but there are way too fucking many (you) seekers posting obvious bait and getting 274 replies and 25 images omitted
it is getting annoying and out of hand. And no I am not the guy who posted this last time, at first I didn't even agree with him but now I see his point

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they're just responding to the /pol/shit
they used to have like one or two threads but then those started getting shitbombed so now they've just given up and are shitposting

also is that a fucking portal reference? portal was in like 2009. what the fuck?
Im not even a /pol/ browser I'm just tired of these fucking attention seeking traps

reference is to 300
>>also is that a fucking portal reference?

How fucking new can you be

What's with men are the inflated, over-sensitive egos?

It's very different from the type of narcissism women sometimes experiment with, I dunno, it seems so life and death, like they think being insulted real bad is equal to physical harm.

It's like they're really arrogant and really insecure at the same time, or maybe just insecure and trying to seem arrogant. It makes them impossible to talk to, because they're always too busy worrying about whether they're a fag or a loser to be nurturing.

It's almost like I'm looking for a woman in a man's body, but that's not it either, I want them to have all the masculine traits *except* the pathetic ego. But you always notice this trait in them sooner or later and it's like a balloon deflating.

Isn't it ironic that men spend so much time worried about being gay, or weird, or autistic, when really it's the fact that they're so preocuppied with these labels that's the problem? It's like they're always fighting each other over who has to wear the fag hat, which wouldn't be a problem except they do it for women, and women already see the 'scared of 'fag' hat' so their best bet is just to actually be a fag and get it over with.

They can't handle feeling 'insignificant,' it seems to affect them the way losing a loved one would affect a girl, it's just so gross and if I like one I can't get close to him because I'd have to find out his little complex sooner or later and that would ruin it.
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quit bitching about identity politics, if I were to generalize like you're doing, you would be worse than them you hypocritical bitch scum

This post isn't political at all. I hate feminism, I don't think women are disadvantaged at all and it's retarded that men fall for the whole scam, but that DOES come from their non-stop insecure navel gazing so they share some of the blame for being easily taken in.
this complete fool thinks identity politics means feminism
You already got BTFO'D in two lines just delete the thread already

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How are you holding up tonight, anon?
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I'm just so tired. Tired of school, tired of my roommates, tired of trying to impress my parents, tired of being broke, tired of trying (and failing) to make connections with people, tired of being alone, tired of anime, tired of video games, tired of movies, tired of porn, tired of browsing 4chan. Just tired of life.
Allergies are fucking my life up. Hoping this medicine kicks in so I can enjoy a beer or three and some animu/vidya
I'm tired and bored. I want it to be night time so I can go down to my favorite bar and get really drunk.

Chad Thundercock
Randy Humperdink
Wolf Dickstucke
Don Juan Amado
Hung Lo-dong

What is he called in your country?
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>Czech Republic
Borivoj Hrompero
File: putin and pepe.jpg (29KB, 600x624px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
putin and pepe.jpg
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Vladimir Putin
Sebastian Galecki

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>tfw no mommy gf to love me with care
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I want a big gf that cares.
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You realize you'll never get a mommy gf, right? How many women do you think would like that dynamic, and why would they choose you over the many men who want the same thing? The best you can settle for is hoping for a mommy bf, of which there would be quite a few here who'd take you in. The gay pill is the answer to all of your problems.
>tfw no mummygf to stroke my hair while I nurse and paw her mammaries like a kitten in the fetal position and she holds a finger up my asshole while humming lady gaga songs

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I usually have no problem with a good roastie hate thread but this makes absolutely no sense. One girl wants to shoot up a school like plenty boys have done and this somehow proves that women are evil. By doing something men do.
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All this girl wanted to do was break the glass ceiling and the patriarchy keep her down
what does that mean? i saw someone else say glass ceiling on the comments for the vid

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