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I just finished the first chapter of my webcomic based on catfishman!! Where should I upload it for some views? What's the best webcomic site?
Don't say here.
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muted for 2 seconds
show me your comic
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nao nao

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Does Stanley Phillips (9/10) make you insecure?
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Hes a manlet so no
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Yes. I will never have his chad tier looks. Life is painful.
>this bulgarian god has never had a gf
What fucking chance do I have?

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I'm new to PC games. Which one should I torrent that is easy?
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Why do drumfkins like video games so much? Are they all manchildren?
Read a book, nig-nog.
Ori and the blind forest.
Momodora RUTM
You really should buy them though.

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niggers have no empathy
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oh boy.
reddit memes.

And sage no longer works.
>brazilian cuisine
seven to one

I'm really bored, robots. I need friends. I'm not the most interesing person but I like talking a lot. Contact me at Emily#5224 on discord.
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You like talking as in replying or talking as in starting a conversation to talk about nothing and everything?
Oh look, another needy femslut begging for attention. If you're so bored, why don't you kill yourself?
Conversations my dude

How do we get rid of this cancer?

Do you think they are aware to how pathetic they are?
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orignale commen
Stop posting this shit here, plus your bait will get more attention
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desu comment

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Should i get yakuza 0 or skyrim for ps4? I only have money for one of them.
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Gee anon, get the exclusive or get the 16th re-release of a game.
I love both the series though. I dont care if it is a re(eeee)release.
RiME m8

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You're in the club with your girlfriend and this guy walks up to her, gives her a firm handshake, and looks her in the eye. What do you do?
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i give him an even firmer handshake and ask how he's doing
I'd probably just start laughing and forget that it ever happened.
Of course, I'm certainly not the jealous type.
I'd only feel the need to be assertive if it definitely became a sexually charged encounter with the man.
I give him a firmer handshake and look him into eyes.

Well robots its finally happened, Ive reeached my lowest low point and brought my mother with me.

Here's a quick backround and summary of the pandoras box I have opened.

>be product of reckless teenage lust.
>biodad cums inside mummy at 17.
>get born
>moms 18
>fast forward 10 years, daddy goes bye bye
>mom is single, does questionable things to provide for us

Fast forward to 48 hours ago

>i am 30 year old khv
>havent done anything since 2004 when wow came out, play wow 16 hours a day
>mom gets next of kin notification, biodad is dead
>momm was overly nice to me and depressed last 2 days
>we fugged last night
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describe the experience in detail so I have something to fap to tonight.
>i am 30 year old khv
>havent done anything since 2004 when wow came out, play wow 16 hours a day

Considering the rest of your situation fucking your mom should really be the least of your worries. It's like a "who cares" at that point with this other shit, no offense.
>>momm was overly nice to me and depressed last 2 days
>>we fugged last night

you know what we want

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I have to take a language in college this year, should i take japanese or russian?
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Why would you take Russian?
Why would he take japanese. Nice dubs btw
My dad wants my too because he says its good for buisness, but id rather learn japanese also i would study abroad in the country of the language i learn, so i would rather go to japan than russia

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when anon walks in.png
2MB, 1360x768px
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Yes I did now pass me the book faggots
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I'm late for youuuu?
I miss surveillance camera guy

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Why are they always wrong?

(for people who don't know they said PUBG would die within a month of release)
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and your pic is literally nothing
tell me more how alive no man's sky is
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/v/ is mostly sonyggers and nintentards
They're kind of right about it. It IS a bad game. Like every other royale game like H1z1 the graphics and shooting are bad.

Also, it is a fad. Maybe a long lived one, but its not hard to make an almost carbon copy that looks and shoots better. it doesn't have AAA competition from real studios, I bet blizzard/ea/bethesda could do the same thing better.

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Do you ever wonder if you low-key have autism?
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I'm not diagnosed, but I've had a few friends who work with autistic kids tell me I'm definitely on the spectrum.
People ask me if I'm autistic surprisingly regularly, but I don't really think I am. I'm just kinda socially awkward and not very expressive. It doesn't help that my sense of humor is very dry and people don't really pick up on it unless they know me.
If you ever asked yourself that question there's no way you have autism.

Hurry up r9k. Your running out of time.
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i'm 34. kv neet. i ran out long ago.

if you're the kind of piece of shit who would totally discard a woman just because she has kids you deserve to die alone.
who made up that rule? as long as you're good looking you can fuck whoever you want.

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I have a question for the foot fetishists on this board. Personally, I've had to massage feet a lot, and haven't developed a foot fetish. So, Why do you guys think you developed that fetish? No offense to foot fetishists.
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I got it while fapping to 2D. A lot of artists I liked drew with the focus on the feet, but the rest of the image was good too. At first I didn't fap for the feet but eventually I realized I liked those artists' stuff more than others because of the feet.

Also I'm a bit sexually submissive. I don't usually hear of guys who are totally dominant liking feet so that might play into it.
feet just looks cute.
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Normie fetish for normie people.

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