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there are little kids dying in syria right now and you are complaining about tfw no gf ?

fuck off
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>little kids dying in syria right now
no one cares. I wish all these non people would just fucking die.
Yeahhh. Dont try to compare problems on this board. Tfw no gf is the wooorrrrst thing that could ever happen.

Starving in a shack after your parents were killed by rebells and your siblings raped by UN soldiers? Pffft, im forever alone.
they should suffer because they are christians

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>tfw XX sex chromosome male
>Tfw feminine as fuck and my dick doesn't work
Hmmmmm I hate this body
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do you perhaps mean XXY?
I have all of that except testicular atrophy, lack of pubic hair and gyno
No, XX male. My X chromosome has the male SRY gene

vote with your pussy
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I live in Maricopa County. Thanks for the image
>those cuts on her left arm. Yes, HER left arm
would be hotter if she was peeing desu

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>be me
>manage to get a date with a girl finally
>she's not all that ugly actually
>start revealing my /r9k/ power level to her because I don't give a shit anymore
>she actually doesn't mind
>even though she says she's a feminist
What the fuck is going on here
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hmm just try to be yourself even more. maybe that'll ruin it
most women aren't feminists, they just say it to fit in
That's not important. How did you get a date?

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>Assortative mating is greater for intelligence (spouse correlations ~0.40) than for other behavioural traits such as personality and psychopathology (~0.10) or physical traits such as height and weight (~0.20)
>In part, spouses select each other for intelligence on the basis of education---spouses correlate about 0.60 for years of education ---which correlates about 0.45 with intelligence.
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This is pretty true. Smart people find other smart people easily thanks to their education. Stupid people end up with stupid people. Only some extreme outliers contradict this.
>Women who think success in formal education is a measure of intelligence
>Women who get a college degree and think they're more intelligent than anyone who doesn't

It's almost always women who think this, the irony they're so fucking stupid that they don't understand intelligence has nothing to do with educational/financial success.
>they're so fucking stupid that they don't understand intelligence has nothing to do with educational/financial success
It has everything to Do with it. Stupid people do not handle money well and can't get an education. There's a reason niggers live with their moms well into their 40s and can't read

>This is someone's son

What went wrong?
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Nothing. It went perfectly.
why do girls stuff eggs in their panties lmao
I wish I looked as good as that persons son.

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My racist conservative grandpa told me Fox News is the best because they aren't biased to either political party.
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Fox News is literally the only unbiased source in the US, since all the other corporate media outlets except for Breitbart are owned by Democrats which is why they supported Clinton.
You're hilarious. You think the people who run Comcast/NBC are Liberals? HAHAHAAHAHA

They run MSNBC for the same reason Fox runs a Liberal show like Family Guy. It's called money. Maddow has been catching up in the ratings lately. Colbert has been spanking Jimmy Fallon. Where's demand there's a bunch of tax evading closeted gay Republicans trying to serve it.
Or do you just think that because it coincides with your conservative beliefs?

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>Born too late to discover the new world
>Born too early to be able to travel back in time to discover the new world
>Born just in time to colonise Mars
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Considering you're just an obese basement dweller with absolutely no life, workplace, or functional skills you will have to watch others colonize* Mars from the view of your computer monitor.
>tfw you actually have planned you future career precisely to make yourself invaluable to the eventual colonization plans

Have fun, earthcuck.
Your game development certificate won't get you a job on a spaceship, buddy.

>tfw becoming dumber
>tfw becoming weaker
>tfw becoming more anxious and awkward
>tfw becoming more and more depressed and bitter
Anyone else know this feel? If I couldn't turn things around while I was "better" how can I possibly do it now?
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I know your struggle man. Here's a quick fix to get things turning the right direction. It will take effort from you, nothing is going to solve your problems for you.

>Get a haircut
Go out to a real barbershop and get a real haircut. Pick one out that's a little daring but looks good. That one that you see and think "Man, if only I looked good enough to get that." If you're balding then get it buzzed down and start wearing hats. When you start actually balding you need to take action to pretend it doesn't exist. When you reach your full potential girls won't care about you being bald if you don't.

>Fix your sleep schedule
Stay up until 12:00am at the latest. Start making yourself wake up at around 7:00-9:00am. Waking up at the same time as everyone else makes you feel much healthier and more normal.

>Exercise in the morning
It doesn't have to be much. Do as many real jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges as you can. I don't mean until you get bored, I mean until you're actually hurting and you're done. Then try to beat those numbers by at least one every day. Feel that achievement of getting better and growing. Once you feel comfortable with your ability to exercise start going to a gym and use legitimate regimes for a goal that you set.

>Shower, brush your teeth, and groom every day
Make yourself look as good as you can and feel good because of it. When you think you look good then other people think you look good.

Do these things and build upon them. The secret to improving your life is small steps and experiencing success.
Probably wont listen or want to hear this but.... "beauty through bleeding" is the best way to improve youself.

You want to be stronger? Work the fuck out you lazy son of a bitch.

90% of this board is relatively (and i use that word sparingly) intelligent.

You know what you have to do to get strong or smart or even charismatic. Its going to be PAINFUL AND UNCOMFORTABLE.

Basically, if youre not willing to "suffer" through 1 hour of working out a day (i lift for 2 hours and run 4 miles everyday) you deserve to be weak.

If youre not willing to put yourself into ungodly awkward situation to give yourself funny self-depricating stories to tell, then you deserve to be awkward.

You think Arnold Swartz was born strong? You think Louis CK was always funny?

You are afraid to fail, and living your life not even trying to improve because youre scared of the pain or discomforts associated with progress. You will never ever ever ever ever make real progress in anything until you: ENTIRELY CHANGE your aversion to discomfort and conflict
Eh, my problems are social ones first and foremost. And even when I was in shape and not as socially autistic things werent great, not even good. But I guess things were decent then compared to the awfulness of the present.
The only one of your "fixes" that I think I could do is exercise, I used to be in pretty good shape and falling "below avarage" is just a little insult to injury, the injury being my lack of social prowess and everything that comes with it.
>shower and brush your teeth
Fucking hell man, there are no pissbottles or anything of that sort in my life.
Anyhow this thread seems to have failed miserably. My point was to see if any other anons have noticed how they have deteriorated both physically and mentally over the years.

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>random autist shows up in my discord
>ban him because he doesn't tell me who he is
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can I join your discord OP
why do you use proprietary software?
>dump weeb gf
>turns into a camouflaged cotton candy deep fried

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Alright some embarrassing shit happened two days ago I thought I'd share my shitty experience with you robots.

>be me
>pull all nighter finishing an essay due at 8 a.m. for my English class
>finish around 7 a.m.
>feel confident and content with myself
>get there about 10 mins before class starts
>see someone I need a signature from in the library across the hall from classroom
>go in
>she's sitting with a qt 3.14 from class
>get sig. I needed
>sig. girl asks if I could help her friend
>sure how?
>she needs to share something to my drive so she can print it out for class because she forgot her password
>sure whatever
>qt 3.14 leads me to a professors office and prof. comes with
>I log in
>she shares whatever it was (still haven't looked at it)
>backstory time, I used to scam/catfish on Kik
>shared a dropbox full of nudes to my google drive for easy access
>never deleted those nudes after scamming process
>back to the story
>She and the prof. are looking at the screen
>I hit the 'Shared with me' tab
>nudes nudes nudes nudes pop up
>took me a second to realize what the fuck I was looking at and how
>panic go to tab up top, middle click to close page
>tell her this exactly 'Uhhh... yeah it's not gonna work'
>I BELIEVE i hear a faint giggle from prof.
>she looks and says to me 'oh you can't?'
>I say no and grab my things and leave asap
>she wasn't wearing glasses
>I only noticed that because when she came to class she pulled them out
>I don't know if she saw but she was directly in front of my screen and my dumbass was looking at it for a cool second
>essay confidence ruined
>everything was going so well and now feel stupid

Pretty embarrassing experience. I tried to make it up by telling myself I have a gf, maybe they'll think I'm alpha for having nudes, or maybe they think I'm just some kind of weirdo who has porn on their drive. What do you guys think?
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It's cool, bro. She would have acted totally differently if she had seen it and it sounds like you reacted very quickly. Is the professor hot?

Nah the prof. was a middle aged dude
Didnt answer the question faggot

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Hillman vs Shipman edition


>Virgin poll
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>Tfw no gf
>Tfw not even weeb so no waifu
>Tfw empty husk of a man
>Tfw illiterate and can't even express my feels through poetry
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There's only one way to make this thread comfy.

Are you here bobby anon?
gonna go for a dump lads, wish me luck and let me now if you would like a update

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What's your excuse for not getting any pusi, robots?
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I got to bars to get laid, not some fuckapp that exists solely to inflate the already massive ego of 4/10 sluts.
I'm too depressed to pretend to be confident.
Rate my tinder skills

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I've been spending more time on Facebook than on 4chan. Am I becoming a normie?
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the transformation is already complete
If you even have a kikeberg account in the first place you're a fucking turbonormie
No. Back in 2011 4chan was the place for memes and you never spoke about them to anyone irl. Now Facebook really stepped it's meme game up and I actually only use it for memes and not to talk to people I know. My fucking mom even started using memes and she's 64.

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>overhear little sister and her friend talking about how this girl in their class gave this other guy in their class a blowjob

>mfw 8th graders are already losing their virginity's

This feel is so uncomfortable
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Only YOU can prevent your sister from becoming a roastie

What am I supposed to do about it? It's probably too late.
Do it like Muhammad Abdul Al'Bakr and 'circumsize' her pussy, meaning you cripple her so she can't fuck
>all COOL arabs are doing it

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