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What's the protocol for getting phone numbers on tinder?

I used to talk to girls for a little bit on the app, then say "you should text me", and give my number. I would get some, but i recently found out that from reddit that my approach is needy. Since then, i've instead been asking for their numbers, and it usually works.

Do you think pic related will give me her number?
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honestly you either do it and risk them ignoring you or dont do it and they'll never take initiative, im giving up on tinder.
dude you should ask her on a date after like 2 messages
>"you should text me", and give my number.
Women don't take initiative for things like that and being asked to do so makes a lot of them uncomfortable. The faux-alpha "you're going to me at x at y o clock" is really lame and doesn't actually work, but leading is much better than making her make the decisions and the contact etc.

Anyone else here fail penis inspection and had to get it amputated?
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>the current state of the /r9k/ board on 4chan.org
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>tfw barely made it 6 inches
>tfw I wanted to be castrated and turned into a trap bitch slut.

truly, life is moste unfayre
>tfw medfet and penis inspection shit is my fetish

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>have to eat only 2000 calories per day to maintain my current weight
>a single mudcake donut from krispy kreme is almost 400 calories
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You shouldn't be eating donuts anyway you fat fuck
There's nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while. Just dont eat them every day.
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>Your favorite Milkshake is over 2000 calories
>You have at least 3 day


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not sure what i should do r9k, im thinking of moving to japan but want some outside thoughts >inb4 weeb

currently live in the uk and most of my interests are tech and anime related such as computers, doujin, figures and some airsoft, most of the stuff i like takes forever to arrive from japan and costs a lot for shipping, i have nothing keeping me in the uk but family, i dont mind it but its quite plain and nothing interests me here, if i was in japan id go hiking and see the country in my free time aswell as buying stuff i like, the way i see it, its either stay in the uk working 40 hours a week and spending most of my money on living and what little is left over either gets saved or spent on stuff i want, if i moved to japan the cost of living is similar but the house prices are much cheaper and i like the architecture a lot more there, i could catch a train to akiba and browse a city full of stuff i want to buy in my free time and travel a bit, the rest of the time id be working

im really at a crossroads with this and im never good at life changing decisions, i get on fine with my family but we dont see each other much apart from my parents, i have 2 friends but were not close enough id stay in the country for them, what do you guys think
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move there simply to get away from degenerate western women
thats another factor, i hate the people here and the fact that its getting bad with immigrants makes me want to leave
I live in Japan
think seriously about your future. how are you going to sustain a long term future in Japan? how are you going to get here and stay here?

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Sup bros

I'm coming here because I have nowhere else to go. I'm literally here drunk and realizing that even in this disinhibited state there's nobody I can talk to, honestly just bear with me a minute bros, yes I'm a normie but I'm fucking dying here.

My problem is that recently I acquired a GF. She seemed like everything at first: beautiful, charismatic, alpha. But like all perfect deals it was too good to be true.

YOu see the problem with this GF is her farts really smell. I mean fuckin' BAD man, she reeks of shit. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to a nightmare, only to realize it's not a nightmare, but a reality: the reality of this GF's farts.

What should I do bros?

I love this GF to pieces, I'd do anything for her, but her horrible farts are just ruining my life.
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you can fuck off, normie reee
Is she a lifter? Might be protein farts, in which case, you're fucked unless she changes her blends and powders. Just cook/learn to cook meals that help alleviate gas, man. This really isn't that hard.

You know what was hard though? Not falling for this bait thread.

Sounds like you're having a hard time not being baited, better lay off the CRYSTAL METH.

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just shared a video in the towns normiebook group of me doing sports/hobby stuff in the town and im nervous about how people will react to that
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You either will get roasted or get some likes, dude.
your going to get roasted by 40 year old housewives.

have fun?
what sports/hobby stuff anon?

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>what you are looking for?
>boards you browse?
>contact info
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Fucking pajeet of course
18, m, bongland
>what you are looking for?
Someone to smoke up with, play vidya, a gym buddy and maybe more if you're a grill - i'll be in tronto from the 11th
>boards you browse?
/fit/ /pol/ /bant/
>contact info
Discord - britbongnog#4011
Kik- id300
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I'm not an indian... I'm black and I have straight hair aswell

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Take this, weeb
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Dats it, I had enuff!
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You have to try harder than that anon. I'm hiding behind 27 layers of plot armor
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I'm sik uf it!

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>still no Tomoko gf or bf

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>tfw even a retard from r9k doesn't even put in 30 hours of gaming a week
Video games are dead and stupid
you are originally not incorrect... but just like every other guy there is no girl that exists for you. That's a meme.

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If anyone has pics of anorexic or really thin bony girls I would be thankful.
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Anne Frank sauce pls
That's a guy desu my baka famalam senpai
Ann Frank. She's into having a daddy and getting cummies

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Recently became a NEET. I am unused to this feel. I am looking to learn your ways, enter your culture.

Describe the average day in your life
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just find a mmo you like and shitpost when you don't feel like playing it
Do nothing productive, sleep, repeat

Who funds this enterprise? Looks like me mum's gonna be supporting me

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I have a bad habit r9k. I can't have sexual fantasies. I do a whole bit about this imaginary gf, how we met, etc. A little story. Give her name and personality. I then at some point have sex with her. Sometimes I get off. I then discard that fantasy, and feel a little more empty inside when I realize that I will never have something like that.
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>Not being at the point when you cant get hard anymore

Its like you are not even trying.
Get evaluated for autism originally
They just said I had ADD, and the rest was me being fucked in the head.

why do you hate Chad?
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I don't, I hate myself for not measuring up to them.

I want to know what Chad has that I don't. I want to know why women are drawn to him and repulsed by me.

Everything he does he cute, cool, nerdy, or hot.

Everything non-Chad's do is creepy, retarded, pathetic, a loser, or even a criminal (Chad can grope, choke, slap, spank, any women anytime).
its more of an envy thing desu. i hate the roasties for creating the imbalance anyways

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Future Me.jpg
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Title. Yes or no only.
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>inb4 "Is she Haylee?"

nopers nope nope
Is she 3d?
Is she a "she"?
Does she know you exist?

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Hey neet bros
Gonna go sit in a comfy office for 8 hours, doing nothing but pure funposting and get paid for it.
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Where did you get that kind of job?
>when you've spent all day looking at exquisite 4chan content and genuinely growing as a person

>wagecuckold comes along and makes fart noises about how he does nothing at work so he can get back at people who were no threat to him in the first place
at least your not irl larping for neet bucks

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