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How do I stop looking at hot girls/hearing guys talk about hot girls without feeling like I wanna cry?
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Shameful self bump.

You have been muted for 8 seconds, because your comment was not original.

with dicks like this walking around.
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she is 10/5 at most
looks fair

I'm white and I'm gonna thrust my white cock into a ton of your women.
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I like to fuck Korean girls so I guess it would be hypocritical of me to condemn you

have at it I suppose
That's fine I love to fuck white women.
I'm asian and I'm going to thrust my asian cock into a ton of your women.

Thank god I'm whitewashed

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Why does /pol/ always have to be right? I'm at a fucking Popeye's chicken and literally every employee is black. Why can't memes just be memes?
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Black people in unskilled labor, what a shock. If it upsets you just call it a coincidence. I just go for memes.
I'm in a Starbucks and every employee is white. What's wrong with working at Popeye's
LMAO. Of all the shit that's said om here that's what bothers you? That's your idea of pol extremism?

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>good enough computer to play league
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I'l do this for someone regardless of what i get a fetishist degenerate lifestyle seems like fun

Who is the hottest cam girl of all time?

and why is it CherryCrush on chaturbate

I swear I could beat off to hard semi-down syndrome looking face all day. She may be half retarded but she is so fuckin hot.
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My ex is on myfreecams lol
I like this these two Russian girls. One is bars or something and the other is sexy_b0rsch. Have to get up early to watch them though so I don't usually.
Oh yeah. I always thought sophiebabyyy was the hottest but she doesn't cam anymore

Given the chance, would you fuck your sister?
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No I'm not a degenerate. Plus she's ugly.
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Not really attracted to her at all, but I might if she just came up and asked. Why should I let blood get in the way of losing my virginity and getting pussy?
How about I fuck your sister, then you fuck mine, and then it goes on like that. Each anon gets the others sister.

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uhhm just be urself bro :)))
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the amount of shit you can get away with just for being attractive is ridiculous.
Where the black women originally at?
Someone post that one side by side comparison with the curly black-haired guys.

It's usually accompanied by "just bee confident bro ;^)" shitposting.

Why didn't Howard Stern put that hot girl who came to visit the studio on Tuesday on the sybian?
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We in the Turk Ages anon
The show went from

Groundbreaking and hilarious
Funny and entertaining
Kind of funny
Completely unlistable
What are the turk ages?

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I want to know what jobs I can get as a NEET.
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good meme OP

just fucking sell your organs to fund your vidya and escort addiction

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What the hell is going on?
Theres more racebait threads than usual and people are posting identical posts without getting muted by the robot.
Are we being raided or something?
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this isnt the first time I've seen something like this. I've seen it happen on pol...whole board sometimes get swamped in BBC cukhold shit, theres problably some legendary thread happening somewhere THEY (THE CIA) dont want you to know about
actually they all look like they are gone now nvm
It's paid shills, human paid shill jobs are surprisingly common. I used to work as a facebook/twitter paid shill.

is this all you idiots can talk about?
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reminder https://www.strawpoll.me/13253775
Anon said, as he posted another bad thread.
>idiot makes a thread complaining about idiots making a thread
this is meta

>gf got a dog

It's all over now lads isn't it
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If I had a gf and she got a male dog, I would dump her in a second
have a rough threesome
Assuming she got a male dog you are OVER if she's white.
White girls fuck dogs, it's just fact.
If she's some racemixing cunt then she wont touch the dog and will be willing to get it neutered.

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Do cellular/wifi jammers actually work? Will it work if I have it inside a backpack instead of out in the open?
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>he's asking if he can commit a felony with a jammer inside his backpack instead of outside
You know you're going to prison if you get caught doing that at all right?
Is this your plan to ree the normies?
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what are people gonna do, call the police?

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Why haven't you killed yourself yet? Would you if it was painless and easy?
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I don't know. Everytime I tried or wanted to I just had one last bit of hope that someone who actually cares will come into my life, I'm rich, 6'5, fat with a pretty good looking face. Never had a girlfriend and not even money can get me a one night stand with someone who isn't a prostitute. I'd kill myself if it was easy and painless.
You atleast have something going on for you. Try being a poor-ish kv manlet and you would understand it gets a lot worse.
If I knew there was something after death like heaven, then I'd kill myself immediately.

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