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Who else here /mentally unstable/?

>Live by myself
>Have a long hallway
>Run up and down the hallway on all fours pretending to be different animals
>Today i was a cat
>Run up and down the halllway hissing at imaginary people
>Even poured myself a little saucer of milk

>Another time
>Was a mouse
>Pretended i was in Jerry from Tom&Jerry
>On all fours ran around the house pretending Tom was after me
>Made squeaking noises

>Sometimes i pretend to be different races of people
>If i hear something french related i laugh like all nasally like a french man
>Have a white flag i made with a skewer,paper & tape
>Pretend to retreat while waving it

>Sometimes I'm a fat black women
>Walk around the house going "Shiieeeet" & "OH HELL NO!"
>Call myself "Big Momma"

I'm 26 years old.
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>anyone says anything to me
>immediately react in anger
>then feel bad at my reaction and dwell into depression, reliving the interaction for hours

I just avoid any communication anymore.
Nice b8 m8, no one is actually this retarded.
I do this shit and I don't even have that severe of autism

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No talkie until I've had my coffee, quiche?
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Why're you drinking coffee to begin with? It's gross.
>This meme
Finally R9k is back!
tut-tut wagie!

My cup of joey has not yet been emptied

Not a peep from you

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What's it really like having a high IQ...? Is someone with a 200IQ really that different from another person with like 75? I mean, as long as they are not mentally retarded, I don't really think so. They are pretty much the same.
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two persons with that big of an IQ difference would be unable to comunicate with each other other than about the most basic observeable things
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>foound the 75 iq brainlet

just jesting, tthough what this guy said i agree with
there would be a noticiable difference for those 2

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>be 25 year old robot
>family always made fun of me growing up for being such a recluse
>no gf
>didn't go to prom
>few friends, not a single on that was really close
>stayed in room playing vidya
>got into coding at a young age
>while stacy sister was praised for being so "outgoing" which in reality she was being plowed by a circle of men in school
>while she partied in college I studied
>now make 55-60k a year as a graphic designer
>will have all debt payed off by October
>except last week my sister announced she was 4 months pregant
>she has nothing more than an associates degree
>hasn't worked a career job
>father isn't going to be living with her
>of course the family that attacked me now excepts me to swoop in and "help her out"
>which means I need to be a """""good"""" brother and provide for that whore
What should I do anons? I would enjoy watching this roastie getting btfo, but she is my sister. Would it be better just to see how she is in a few years and then help if need be? She's having a boy and I know most of you were damaged by single mothers and I know you wouldn't want to him to end up hurt.
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tell them to fuck off. Move out if you haven't already and focus on your career. Her mistakes are not your responsibility.
Alternatively give her the money for an abortion with the understanding that she will never receive anything from you again: gas money, christmas presents etc.
You aren't legally bound to help her so fuck it. She made a huge fuck up and now has to pay the price.

One of the rarest red pills one has to swallow in life is that its okay to abandon your family if they are toxic
can't argue with trips, too late for an abortion though.

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Blackbots, can we have a moment of solidarity?

>meet girl
>think things are going well
>"Sorry, I just don't like black guys"

It hurts so much, something that I was born with and cannot change gets me rejected so frequently. Why cant girls just be upfront about it so I can move on, instead of waste my time in doing something that they already know to be futile?
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This is hardly something that applies to blacks exclusively
>Sorry I just don't like redhead guys
>Sorry I just dont like short guys
>Sorry I just dont like guys with hairy backs
Why don't you just date bIack girls?
Why dont you date black woman?

Why the fuck are you not listening to Lil Peep?

>used to be a loner who played skyrim and did drugs by himself
>overdosed on drugs multiple times
>at the forefront of creating a unique blend of emo and trap that niggers cannot venture into.



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>le epik meme nu-rappers
fuck off
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>at the forefront of creating a unique blend of emo and trap that niggers cannot venture into.

as if there isn't someone named xxxtentacion that does exactly that

His music is shit. That's why.

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Have you ever told a girl that she is pretty?
What was her reaction?
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this reinforces their mindset that their looks matter most. don't tell women this
Yes, a nurse at the psychiatric hospital. She didn't react at all.

Not even a thank you.
Every time I see someone remotely attractive, I just remember that they will never understand me, and I won't understand them. As soon as they whip out any smartphone, or has any pictures of themselves, I instantly recall this peak, this trough. A latch between us will never be.

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Why aren't women as enthusiastic about sex as men are?
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They are if he's Chad.
You've never talked to a woman about sex before, have you?

Literally go and look at the front cover for a Cosmo magazine.

This, if you're Chad (Or know a Chad) You'll see a side of women you'd never know otherwise. Females will throw themselves at genetically superior men

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when you get old and might have to go to an old folks home will you try to kill yourself? if i want my head destroyed even if i have bad aim what gun should be used if you want 0% chance of being revived by an ambulance? where should it be aimed at and even with bad aim would it kill you instantly?

keep in mind what gun and round wound make death instant and your head destroyied. this will only be done in 45-60 years if i do go to an old folks home
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Nah man the technological singularity will happen, we'll all become near immortal robots, and you will kill yourself via some computer virus.
cant tell if youre joking or not? are you
Have you tried alcohol first?

Femanons, why did you dump or reject the last guy?

I went home with this loser and his room smelled like squid and I don't like nerds who code.
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Femanons dont exist. Only LARPers and faggots.

He was nice but he was a socialist. He also was addicted to weed and was always getting locked out of his apartment.
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You're a good woman.

How do I get a cute chubby bf like pic related?
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OP are you a girl (female)??
You know honestly what are we really but 0s and 1s in this virtual reality, we shouldnt be hindered by the illusion of gender when communicating through this unity consciousness which gives us the freedom to express our raw thoughts without having to be labeled by external expectations of the world
You know good and well op that ur the guy in the picture

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Why does this board like Elliot Rodger so much? He killed very few people for a spree killer. There are spree killers who did more destruction.
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It was the motivation that had significance.
I personally thought he was a whiny cunt, but he was pretty much the king robot.
It's not about the kill count, it's about the motivation. We can all relate.
I don't think of him as a cunt. Life is really unfair. When you are born as a manlet then you really feel the same.

So I want unpopular opinions that are unpopular for THIS BOARD. Not for all of society.

Shit you think that you know this board wouldn't like.

For example I think girls with dyed hair are really cute.
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Because of current social movements telepathy is the next stage of human evolution.

So basically there's a lot of things that society has been moving towards, like female empowerment, love, acceptance, lgbtqi+ visibility/acceptance/pride. Even the legalization of marijuana in certain places. I believe all of these things are leading to greater acts of empathy and kindness in people. For those who are the most empathic they can experience really low levels of a FEELING of telepathic connection to others. It's the very very start of evolution taking its natural progression to the next stage. Who knows how many alien races exists but in a dimension that's outside of scientific measurement but can only be reached telepathically. If we don't destroy the environment maybe one day we can join them in collective consciousness. You are not alone.

I also think that it makes sense that women are the ones who do the selecting in mating because they are the more empathic gender, they should be the ones to choose whos genes are carried on.

And I'm a male intersectional feminist and cuck literally.
Satanism really isn't as bad as peple put it out to be. And nihilism is a thinking mans "ideology".

I think nofap is retarded, especially for the kind of person who browses this board. Why subject yourself to even greater sexual frustration? Just jerk off so you don't have to think about girls all the time

Do you have a fidget spinner?
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I masturbate with mine.
no because i'm not a trend following faggoty 12 year old.
File: 1495143670001.jpg (47KB, 475x530px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah my sister got me one. We had a good laugh, calling it the faggot spinner/autism spinner. It's kind of boring though. It literally just spins

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Post faces YOU think are 10/10.
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Not gonna lie, that face is not 10/10
The face of an angel.
Her face seems shopped on a new head. lol

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