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>get mad when someone discovers or likes something that I like cause its obscure or unique

anybody else get this feel?
how do i stop feeling this way?
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I only got this feel when I found out that the 'rare' video I wanted to upload to youtube was uploaded by someone else. That was years ago though.
Its the opposite for me, I get excite when I meet someone IRL that likes the same obscure shit that I like, makes me hope I'll get a friend that I will actually conect
I never happens thought
>think up a funny idea
>tell it to someone
>they like it
>shit tainted idea into the garbage it goes
it seems that complete secrecy is the only path to happiness

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>tfw crippling depression and endless shame
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>obsessing over a oneitis that is literally gutter trash
>fapped an hour ago
>still haven't pulled up pants

>having a oneitis

I wish the normies would LEAVE

"i LITERALLY can't even without coffee XDDD"
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quick make an edit with this pepe
I'm honestly getting more disgusted by sugar now. I'm in better shape now than I was years ago, when sugar affected me the most. But now that I have the option to splurge on sugar or not without dying, it just doesn't appeal to me.
Coffee is great though.
whie you pawst this OP?

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>put on some loud music to drown out the sounds as usual
>song ends abruptly right when I cum
>I moan like a bitch, pretty sure whole family heard it
>leave bedroom hours later
>parents with obvious "you did something wrong" faces but they don't say anything
>I won't stand for this
>the next day, I record myself moaning and edit the song I was playing to include said moan at the end
>play it really loud and leave the bedroom to make sure that my parents see I'm not fapping or anything
>song ends and moan comes
>"heh, crazy song, that vocalist at the end sounds just like me too..."
Hopefully it worked.
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yo hit me up with summa dat moancore
But this got moaning in it
I'm already embarrassed enough with my family hearing it, I don't need the entire internet laughing at me.

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>be 22
>never shaved pubes or armpits in my life
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You don't need to shave unless you're a femboy. Just scissor trim bby
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>not shaving armpits
>not trimming pubes

Absolutely disgusting.
Shaving your armpits is actually a pretty good deal. Much less sweat and odor to deal with even on hot days or while exercising.

Shaving your pubes is a mixed bag. It's a bit more comfy and more aesthetically pleasing, but if you shave completely bare you'll inevitably get razor bumps that look like whiteheads for the first few days. Makes you look diseased. Also, balls-stuck-to-leg syndrome like a motherfucker. And if you're a hairy motherfucker like me then you have hair on your shaft itself which is going to feel like sandpaper when you start to get stubble.

Waxing is a better option than shaving, just whatever you do don't wax yourself using one of those microwavable wax kits. You cannot control the temperature and have to use the stuff fast before it cools down. You WILL burn your scrotum (I know this from personal experience). Either invest in a wax heating pot or pay a professional.

You still have the BSTL issue to deal with, which can be solved with some talcum powder.

tl;dr - shave your armpits, pay someone to wax your junk.

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>be nearly 21
>never really find any guy attractive or worth bothering with
>finally find one who is really into me,teases a lot.
>literally best thing in the world and feel high just thinking about it
>overhear him saying he doesn't find me attractive really and just considers me a friend
>tell him to fuck off
It's been a week and it still hurts. I've never found anyone like him and I don't know what I'll do.
When will it stop hurting?
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He was probably lying.
booze the pain aw-
>nearly 21
Gotta get yourself with someone to distract from the pain, anon.

Reverse the genders and this happened to me, fucking slayed me.

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Been a lurker here for almost 7 months and I want to share a story for once...

>be me
>in first year of alevels (similar to college)
>only have one friend I hang out with and can sustain conversations with
>get placed into classes for English
>teacher forces me to sit next to this 8/10 qt
> brown hair, blue eyes, short like me. Is into reading and is super intelligent.
> find out she's in 2 of my 3 classes (5 classes each subject so 10 classes with her)
> get to know her over the course of a year.
> only walk with her to classes because she's so interesting
> friend jokes around saying we are together
>almost everyone I know starts joking as well saying
"Hey anon look its your gf haha!"
>she gets annoyed every time it happens
>Fucking brain comes up with this garbage
"Don't worry just tell them we are only friends. It's not like I have a crush on you anyways"
>"awww you're such a nice guy anon. Thanks"
>mfw I have a huge fucking crush but i'm too stupid to do anything about it

Pls send help IM HOPELESS

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Read about post-structuralism and deconstructivism so you can feel hopeless and lonely in every way possible

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>tfw 19 birthday in a few days
>tfw still a ugly virgin manlet neet
end this please
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Did you atleast kiss a girl?
being a neet with 19 is totally fine.
I'm a fat ugly balding manlet. I kissed and had sex for the first time when I was 21, then that girl became my gf for one year.
Lets see if this give you hope.
She dumped me though and I think about her everyday

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I need some advice and /adv/ is for faggots.
I'm looking at backpage and I can't find a single girl that's good enough to take my virginity. Am I being too picky? Should I just get some subpar whore to pump and dump or should I search for the special girl to deflower me?
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Why is virginity special to you?

dude what's the fucking hurry?
How old are you?
Also you want to get rid of your virginity or want a relationship?
Are you qt?

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>having wine with bf
>he takes a big gulp and swallows it instantly
>didn't even swirl it around
Straight men are barbarians
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>>having wine with bf
>>he takes a big gulp and swallows it instantly
>>didn't even swirl it around
>Straight men are barbarians
Dumb sissy white boi.
That's a pretty clever image gets you to look at the bronze to tell whether it's a poor pooh shot. On closer inspection the viewer realizes it's a man in bronze paint and you have just spent a good minute staring into this man butt hole. What's your powerlevel mines pretty big

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*blocks your path*

What did you say about women?? Say it again!!!
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Women have worked long and hard from humble beginnings in society and now I am begging at their feet. Fool that I am, I didn't look up to see it.

My apologies, m'lady.
And if you won't accept nice. Then I'll give you shit
I want to break and enslave her so badly.

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>huge masochist
>oneitis best friend used to beat me into submission regularly but lately
>rather than fighting just randomly snaps if I say something wrong and attacks me too quickly to do much
>doesn't let me hit him back even after he's done and I can move
>then says what we do isn't normal and doesn't want to do it
I'm confused, does he not like hurting me anymore or why did he suddenly call it weird/not normal? He was the one originally who'd suggest it so often
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you're a freak my man
Yeah I've always been like this but never acted on it, I kind of wish I didn't because now I just want an abusive friendship/relationship basically while he wants a normal one. I feel bad. Also confused though why he would want it so bad before though.
What the fuck, Anon?
It sounds like he's legitimately angry and violent and you're letting him use you as a punching bag for sexual pleasure. I find that disgusting and he probably has too. You're enabling his fits of rage and that's not good or healthy.

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where do i get a cute gf?
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downvote psyduck threads
File: IMG_3672.gif (10KB, 304x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The DHS has the cutest ones
the original gf store

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What's with the biggest losers/virgins being an ass hole to everyone reaching so hard to feel like they're superior?

Like do they not realize that being an ass hole makes them even more unlikable and that they would be better off just bettering themselves instead of trying to drag everyone down to their ineffective level of genes?
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>ineffective level of genes
>just better urself
what in the world did he mean by this
They probably just want to be left alone.

They don't want to be a prop for you to play altruist. Ugly doesn't mean stupid. Usually the opposite.
Well I used to be a fat dip shit that did nothing and I got a friend and started exercising lost tons of weight became a nicer person and got a decent haircut and it honestly worked

I have ex friends that were always ass holes to me because they were jealous but I put all that time and effort into it and worked on having a good personality they just sit inside all day waiting for their mom to cook them meals and pamper them and then they act like they hate me for being better

Like dude I had to work harder than most people do for less I don't sit there and be an ass hole to you and they have no problem staying thin they can sit inside eating junk food all day and stay perfectly thin I have to go puke up my meal after eating a salad with no dressing and still gain 10 pounds after

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I want to make a group that frames other groups for money. How hard do you think it would be in this day and age?
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Can you give a totally fictional example?
Men are the easy targets, but desu most men are broke nowadays.
Lets say you want to frame the local antifa.
>Scout out the antifa
>Get their looks and mannerism down
>break into a member house/apartment
>Still something small, but important like a pair of gloves. Something that can be tied to a person.
>Dress up like the antifa
>Break into building
>Accidentally drop glove
>Police find glove
>Find finger prints
>Arrest member of antifa.

It doesn't have to be antifa. It can work with anybody.

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