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Meta thread

Can the mods actually deal with all the /soc/ shit being posted on here? I know there's no topic, but /soc/ was created because it was getting so bad on /b/.
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You realise the mods don't care for this place anymore right? They only chime in when things illegal or rules violations are posted. Apart from that, r9k has become b-lite and they don't care to fix it
What do you define as /soc/ shit?
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I get bans and warnings here all the time for posting nothing rule breaking. Muh r9k board quality. It's just they allow what they want and ban/delete shit they don't. 4chan is kind of a shit website with overzealous power tripping mods and admins if you couldn't tell just by all the word filters.

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You literally cannot be a robot unless you are half white half Asian. We fit in no where
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>thinking looks is what determines whether you fit in or not

my nigger, THAT is why you don't "fit in".
Is this going to be some r/Hapas or r/AsianMasculinity bullshit?
I think you're onto something, robro. I have trouble fitting in anywhere.

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Im not on the spectrum like most of you poor bastards; but I do suffer from an anxiety disorder. I can't speak to women I am attracted to unless I've thought carefully and planned out my actions.

I've regularly been going to a gym since the New Year. I've been gaining muscle and losing weight but I still feel great shame about my body; hence no confidence.

Since I've been a regular at the gym I'm beginning to be noticed by some of the women there. But I don't know what to say, or how to say it.

Any solid advice on how to talk to women in a gym. I'm not looking to immediately score a date or anything; but just be a little bit more normie.

Please help.

>pic not related
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Just be yourself bro be confident bro

t. Chad
Socialising is a skill so if you don't practise you're going to remain shit at it and die a KHHV. Talk about literally anything, the weather, TV, sports, music, school, fashion. Get talking, get her number, then ask her on a date. If (when) she rejects you try again with a new girl and use what you learnt from before.
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go to /adv/, you stupid normal

it starts wiiithh
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Niggas gettin old
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"I've come from my latest shoot to take your virginity. You better fuck me hard!!"

wat do?
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Turn 360 degrees and charge
Puke my fucking guts out, punch her in the tits and run for my life.
tell her that breast implants are disgusting and then leave
like a proper autist would

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can i get a 7/10?
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You can if you're tall.
Looks like a retard

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>after 2 years the mysterious ticking noise has come back
Anyone else hear this??
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No but I suddenly heard my living room clocks ticking that I somehow didn't before. I jumped out of bed at 5am in a half asleep frenzy and took its batteries out
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yeah but only because i finally fixed my wall clock
Yeah but the only clock in my house is in the kitchen and the noise is definitely not coming from there. it's coming from the wall, but every time i try focus on it, it disappears

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>tfw premature graying hair
I'm 25 and my hair is already mostly gray. There's baldness in my family too, I'm going to be gray and bald by 35.
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I'm also 25 and found a few grey hairs in my beard. So this is aging
I wouldn't be bothered about greying early. I can rock the grey look.
Its balding that bothers me.
>noticeable widows peak
>getting bigger every month

There's a guy at my uni whose about the same ag as my and already is bald enough that he could pass for a monk though, at least it's not that bad

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consider taking a few friends to walmart at midnight or even later
trust me that shit is weird and good nigga I have a few stories from tonight if anyone wants me to greentext them

(pic was from tonight)
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kindly fuck off summerfag
OP here, the image may be upside down because I took the picture on my phone and then posted it from my phone sorry
Get the fuck out normalfag you don't belong here

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I feel lost. I know that religion is bullshit and never genuine, but I'm so desperate for a purpose in life that I'm considering adopting a faith. I have always been really intrigued by Islam. I was watching videos of Hajj recently and found myself captivated by the sense of community and the people's devotion. At the same time, it was really upsetting to see so many desperate and miserable individuals latch onto some faulty faith because it gives them hope. And then I realized I'm just as desperate and miserable as these people and that maybe religion is the best coping mechanism. I'm willing to believe their lies if it means that I feel happier. I want to feel a sense of hope, and that a higher power is always watching over me, but I feel like I won't get anything out of spirituality if I don't believe wholeheartedly in it.

How do I convince myself in a higher power and spirituality?
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it's not about trying to lie to yourself to believe in a higher power. it's about directly experiencing that higher power so that you whole heatedly KNOW it exists. meditate. get into that transcendent system that sort of puts you "above" thought. you'll see. you'll feel it.
Joining some religion isn't going to help you find your purpose anon. The only person who can do that is you.
>people only believe because they need something to escape from reality

lel, anon, just lel. you havent understood the concept of really believing in god.

look, i dont actually like to fast or to grow my beard and most of the things islam makes you do, but I believe in Allah and do what islam commands and thats the most important thing.

dont join any religion if you dont have any faith in god. those people didnt join this religion because they were "desperate" and shit

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>25 years old
>have not touched or been touched by a female in years
>at bar with friend, drink for awhile, eventually take off early, not feeling like hanging out
>driving home, random though enters my mind, strip club
>drive to strip club at 2:30 am
>never been to one
>accept $20 dance from first stripper
>as she is leading me to the couch she tells me she likes my style
>starts dance
>eventually cum in my pants
>leave as soon as possible
>been in the club for 24 minutes
>don't tip
>realize I can never go back
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Was it obvious? I dunno if you fucked up as bad as you think you fucked up.

I went to a strip club for the first time with a friend who's also kind of a sperg like me. Got lap dances from 3 girls. Two of them were really friendly. One was picking up some autism vibes from me though, and she asked me why I acted like I was scared of her and if I was okay. It was a little embarrassing.
nigger, you should have spilt beer on yourself
very obvious. even though I have very small loads she could definitely tell. Was paranoid the bouncer would beat the shit out of me.

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>Dad is chad
>Mom is stacy
>Little brother is ultra chad
>Im 3/10 at best

Am i adopted? Or did i just get fucked by genetics.
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With that face yes.
tfw genetic recombination
>calling your mom a stacy

r u implying you want to rail her you incestuous nigger

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>tfw you have to do this on /r9k/
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old, tired meme. try harder next time kid

everyone point and laugh at the newfag. i bet you thought peanut was funny right? get it? pee nuts. hahaha

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I think my girlfriend is fucking someone at her work.

She never has sex with me anymore and I just sit here all day upset and waiting for her to come home.

I have a feeling she's going to leave me as she hinted today about me moving back at home that she was going to go back to her moms so that way she could save money for a new place.

Am I about to be a cuck?
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>I just sit here all day upset and waiting for her to come home.
what are you, a dog?
>doesnt fuck you
>moving back to her moms to "save money"

You arent about to be a cuck, you are about to be dumped. Sorry.
Just never speak to her again, normie fucking faggot

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>be 22 230lbs 5'11" wow playing neet
>r9k tells me that i will never find a gf and should kill myself
>get a shit paying job
>find the love of my life there

pic releated, how about you kill yourself now?
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lmao yeah right. I've seen that pic before

stay mad manlet cuckboy
what job fag
she's cute but it won't last.

(and you know this)

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