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ITT : Girls with bangs appreciation
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I want to sort her
lol i guess they were right about /nu-r9k/
That's a boi

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Why are 99% of waggies so angry all the time? It seems like only 1% of them ever actually make a worth while amount of money to warrant all of those hours spent making someone else money.
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Waggies are blue pilled about effort like they're everything else in life.

They actually think if they work really hard that it will pay off in the end.

Lmao, imagine being that delusional.
>tfw I make between 50 and 90/hour tutoring
>tfw also profiting off the labour of wagies beneath me
>tfw also making as shitton off crypto
>tfw also graduating medschool at the end of the year
It's nice not being a brainlet
So what will you NEETs do when your parents die?

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Are these autist shoes ?

I just bought them, fa didn't like them but I think they are pretty cool
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Yep. You've got the 'tism.
i, personally, would never wear a white shoe
but if you're inside a lot and never get cuaght in the rain it might be ok
Ewwww what are those ? Autist

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>be miserable as a NEET

>be miserable as a wagecuck at wendys

which do i choose?
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somewhere in between. suck just enough dick for cash to pay for the shit you want, anon.

grand le houssay
Let's see you could either work or not work. Choice seems pretty clear bud

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How do I undo /pol/'s brainwashing?

>Have multiple classes with a pretty Indian girl in my major
>Always bright and positive, makes good points and asks good questions in class
>Takes the time to invite me along with other classmates to lunch outing and study groups
>"Oh, Anon, do you want me to teach you about Henna?"
>"Anon, do you know how to tie a Sari? My grandmother taught me. She gave me a few of hers, but I don't wear them because they're too special to me."

And all the while, I just keep thinking POO IN THE LOO dirty brown girl, I need a pure white GF, need to make white babies for the white race.

There's a nice girl who's nice to me. She's just the wrong color, and I'm tired of feeling like /pol/ has made me a bad person.
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>letting memes run your life.
Get the FUCK out you race mixing degenerate
its a jew trap

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>"Femanon is over 18 and has never had sex before!"
>"HAHAHAHAHAHA! She's gonna die alone!"
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Do girl really worry about still being virgins at a certain age? I remember in my senior year of hs, this hot Stacy posted on Twitter that she was proud she was still a virgin, and she was saving herself for "The One"

It seems highly unlikely that there'd be a female Elliot Roger
The only females who are virgins over say 21 are either monstrously ugly, has crippling confidence issues or "by choice"
I used to read a teenager magazine back when I was young. There was a column for young people to ask about stuff that was bothering them. Pretty much in every issue there was a girl aged between 15 and 18 that was bothered because she was still virgin while seemingly everybody else had already lost their virginities. They felt left out and wanted to be able to participate in talking about sex.

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>Eat nothing but subway for four weeks
>Only eat treats on Sunday afternoon
>Gain 20 pounds

I was lied to. I was told subway was a healthy fast food option. I'm 20 pounds in the hole and this was supposed to make me lose weight.
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>5 (Five) pounds a week
Bro what are you made of
93 percent subway obviously
Yeah I'm fucking sick of these fags here pushing the diet memes

Some of us don't have a metabolism. I eat nothing for days and days and just gain weight like crazy even though I walk. It makes no sense. It's like my body depletes its own resources because I'm incredibly unhealthy feeling and tired all the time just to make fat appear out of nowhere.

What a piece of shit I wish I could dispose of this worthless pile of dog shit.

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A the twitter account of a faggot who died in the Manchester attack is a fucking goldmine
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Peak irony
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His wish has come true! Thanks dahnald

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Who would win this battle of the ages?
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I hate to say it, but probably the trashgirl.

Pez is best girl tbph
a depressed neet vs a psychopath my vote is with piety

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Hey r9k,

Any things you wished you knew about girls back when you were a teen?
Any tips / advice you want to share based on your experience or mistakes you've made ?
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You're looking for an answer in the wrong place OP. Most here have abandonment issues.
ask that survey/question in /adv/ originally.
Still experiences happen to everyone.

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>there are pormstars who are 18 and get paid to fuck all they want and experience amazing sex without even trying
>I'm 25 and never even kissed a girl
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>I'm 25 and never even kissed a girl
You should try it, anon. You might like it.
How? Srsly how ? How do I get a girlfriend
>experience amazing sex without even trying
It's actually a lot of work, and nowhere near enjoyable in your first few years.

Hello robots. I know as of recently you all seem to have developed a strange obsession with silly personality tests. (MBTI is one I see a thread for on the daily.) I have found one another one that I've never really seen posted here. Which is odd, considering this might be the most interesting one of all.
I'm curious, and would like to see what this board's results are to this test. Please do take it, and respond with results.

Pic related, is mine

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Ascetic or Withholding
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here I go
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Seems coherent

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>cntrl+F "women hate"
Fucking step it up. What happened to this board?
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Do the mods remove them or something? I haven't seen one of these in a long time.
Probably, janitors have been deleting shit like crazy without explanation. Hiroshimoot doesnt have any control over the retards and just lets them power trip.
No, most of us are just unemployed and disengaged from our peers; we're not all fucked up people who hate women because they won't date us.

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Why don't you losers have jobs?

Let's hear your lame excuses
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I was born into wealth.
This >>37260601
Also, my parents love me, unlike yours
Mine love me quite a lot.

But unlike you, I also love them.

My friends ex posts nude photos of herself online. Ever since I seen them, i started fetishizing her. At the height of this i was jacking of to her pics everyday. They broke up 4 years ago and were no longer friends. She has a boyfriend, but should i message her and tell her i have a crush on her ? Any ideas?
Me and him are no longer on speaking terms
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What a whore. Why are women whores?
post moarrr

this comment is original
give me advice and ill post more

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