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>tfw our new QT queen will never convince you to off yourself

:(. I have such a crush on this girl.
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How can someone look so nappy but so balding at the same time?
Convince you to off yourself? Wut does that mean?
Also, she looks like shit
her hairline is wild

So I talked to this anon and we ended up talking all day on discord. I asked if she had skype because she said she wanted to see my face again. She said she never uses skype but has an old account. So we went to skype. She said I was cute a lot bla bla, was really into me. She said she was tired but didnt want to stop talking. I said that it was fine if she wanted to sleep, and that we could talk again the next day.

So skip to next day
>blocked on discord
>hasnt been on skype all day

Am I just autistic because I thought she was actually fucking cute and she blocked me out of nowhere. She kept saying I was attractive and we really hit it of wonderfully.

Shit I dont know why this is going on.

I feel kinda lonely because she filled a void and I really loved talking to her
What are your thoughts /r9k?

Pic related
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we met because we have similar interests and were fucking around on omegle. She immediately said I was cute and we kept talking. She said

"grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my reasonable jaded emotionally stunted self is telling me to cool my jets but my sleep deprived slightly impulsive lonely side is telling me to ......................fuckking hit on u what do i do"
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Literally all women are picky whores. You're better off treating and validating yourself.
and nothing bad happened, she opened up to me and now im blocked on discord and she hasnt been on skype. I could say "Oh well we werent using discord anymore so she blocked me on it because we switched to skype"

But who the fuck blocks someone in that scenario?

I guess Ill just wait and see what happens.

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ATTENTION MINECRAFT BOTS, THIS IS YOUR MOD SPEAKING! Reeecraft minecraft server appears to be down. Anyone that commons that server get in here, what is going on?! We NEED to figure out a solution!
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Also, use your nick as your name.
I have no idea what's going on, but bumping in case anyone does,
Thanks m8. Hope we don't have to relocate. Do you know how long it has been down?

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>decide to watch the original evangelion
>it's absolute shit
>final 2 episodes are just meaningless garble repeated over and over again
How exactly is this considered a great series again?
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watch the movie end of evangelion
The angel designs were cool pretty much what kept me watching
It handled some pretty mature themes for the time and took the 14 year old chosen one cliche and turned it on its head. Also great animation and memorable characters, but I felt almost the same way, I'd give it a 6.5.

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Why do Normans like alcohol so much? It's fucking disgusting. I'll have my water and milk thank you very much.

>inb4 beta nu-male

Not an argument.
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beer is delicious you underaged faggot
Alcohol and fatal accidents is what kills alot of normies.
Let them have their shit drink

Beer is not delicious. I've tried many different types and they all have a similar shit taste. Do you drink alcohol because you think it makes you a big boy?

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if you are such a robot why don't you get a russian mail order bride?
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because there's no such thing as a russian mail order bride, it's literally a joke dumbass
don't they cost alot of money and what if they divorce me or refuse to have sex
i live in a third world shithole. me moving to russia would improve my living conditions tenfold

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>tfw when everybody you care for or love either dies or goes away
>tfw afraid to connect with anyone anymore
>tfw when it's happening again
>tfw it hurts

Hold me
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You talk like you're in a movie
What does that even mean? I wish it was a movie with a happy ending.
Shiggity diggity dogggo

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>gf is asking to cuddle again

Who here has a repulsive GF?
I don't know why I stay around, I try to look past it all but there are some days...
I try to avoid hanging out with her in public.

We met online and she was my internet GF who was scared to show her pic.
But I heard her voice and trusted her and over the years we eventually met up.

I just been disappointed with myself since then, and I miss the days when I didn't know what she looked like.

Warning to all robo's with internet GF's who you haven't seen the face of.
She's hiding her face for a reason, don't end up like me.

Just jack off to her voice and never meet up with them.
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is she deformed?

I wouldn't mind an ugly gf, you can fix that sorta

but I would not like a deformed or fat gf
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now begone
post pics


I feel like me getting tired is just a natural defense mechanism to being sad
i remember when it was really bad. and my head would feel on fire from crying and panic attacks every hour
whenever i start to feel sad i feel myself yawning a lot
its overwheming
id rather go back to being like that then tired all the time. not to forget my body is in pain 24/7
i feel like whenever i try to be happy theres another person in me crying for help
I always think of Aya every second
i cant stop it at all. i feel like its killing me
thats why i wanted to die. because the anxiety was too much
at least my head doesnt feel like it burns anymore
i just want to run away from home already. that'd be a load of stress off me
im supposed to be dead because im a horrible person. i dont know why im even alive or why i want to live still. Aya and coate want me dead. it puts ahole through me. and all my close friends are just finding other people like i thought they would. and they are just there to fill me as some hole
i dont know if i should just run away and live with someone or if i should kill myself. since i dont even know how bad of a person i am. and Aya would want me dead
i tried to die when he made people torture me. but i was too scared for it. it was the worse moment of my life when he egged me on to kill myself with a knife
and shimo was torturing me too
my friends are mad that im buddies with these people which i can understand but what does it matter. im in pain all the time. and im never around anyone who sees me as human
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How can I help? :/
didn't Shimo tell you to stop making threads, you dumb cunt?

report and sage this shitposter
Its not a shitpost, you will never silence me.

itt: Celebrities that you just KNOW have committed incest
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Dunno about that but...kristen used to be one of my top beauty examples untill i heard shes ...gay...
Cant look at her as a devine being no more...
Why would that bother you. The thing that did it for me was hearing she had an affair with a director she was working on a film with who had a wife and kids.
Angelina Jolie fucked her brother

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Do you think Azen is still a virgin?
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I mean, he did have a documentary made partially about him, and he has a very minor amount of fame, that has to be worth something right? What's his job? How much does he make?
Yes. I played him and he doesn't talk, so I don't think he would be successful with the girls. He seemed nice though.
I mean if Chu could get laid and main icies, so could Azen.

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honest question for robots

why not go for 4/10's? there is a ton of them
im not saying lower your standards but be more flexible while you are alone
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You say that as though I'm "going for" girls in the first place. I'm just waiting for any to show the slightest hint of interest.
Thats literally what youre saying though
I'm in love with a 4/10 desu


Post the last song you were listening to. Doesn't matter what song it is. Post it nigger and judge other people's posts


After you post, look at other people's posts and discuss
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Here's me

I don't listen to much old school hip-hop but damn this is pretty good, nice taste.

Just listened to this myself.


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>at family event
>telling my 17 year old cousin about the Jews because she is old enough to understand how the world works
>tfw she runs and tells her mom

wtf is her problem?
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she rightfully believes you are a conspiracy nut

sadly it takes about 5 years of constant research into politics to find out that jews actually are a problem
Dude, her whole life she's known Jews as the eternal victims. All the support America gives Israel, the lies in the education system about the 'Holocaust'
Of course she's going to flip out after hearing the truth.
she didnt swallow the red pill, you choked her on it

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>tfw overprotected kid
>tfw my parents didnt let me have social skills or experiences
>tfw they blame me because im a 19yo neet
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Just how over protected?
can you share us a greentext?
My mother did the same thing to me and regrets it. She even apologized to me.
same here
>once in a while I would try to hang out with my few friends after school
>would never take more than 30 minutes to walk home
>when I got home my mom would spend an hour yelling at the top of her lungs because she thought I had been kidnapped
>she's now surprised that I never go out or anything

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