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>be me been fat my entire life
> just started working out (still a little fat but I look much better)
>qts start to talk to me
>been a robot for all of my life and I'm really awkward
> one girl started making advancement to me
>she tries to ask me on a date and I said no because I'm so nervous (messed up bad)
>now she won't even talk to me
What do I do?
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Move on friend
But she's the only girl that talks to me that actually tried to go on a date
Tell her that you we're nervous and ask her on a date. Try not to drop the spaghetti again when you do this

Truly underrated by /r9k/. It's your loss.
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Fuck off any form of women is shit take this to facebook
>by /r9k/
by everyone, more like

I work at a mostly mexican neighborhood. I've grown to hate them all

ITT: Autistic things you do but don't mention to anyone

Part: ?
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>be autistic

Make me think
i cant sit on the toilet seat so i sit and squat: my secret shame!

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How depressed does this make you?

Fake average looking girl profile after a week of swiping.
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girls dont swipe on every guy

whats the point of this?
it's the truth, if women ever want to feel good about themselves, they download a dating app
if guys ever want to feel like shit, they download a dating app

these apps thrive on making the experience as shit as possible and giving as much power to women as possible so guys will buy the premium service
This blew my mind. Im what i consider a plain to ugly looking girl. I was bored one day and created a dating account on MeetMe. I have an insane amount of messages.
I almost feel bad for girls who are pretty who must be drowning in dicks.

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Who are you guys subscribed to?
I like Eggman's channel, and this other guy's channel, Psych Out
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Also if this isn't clear, this a thread where you can shill your youtube channels.
>caring what other people subscribe to
You can stop shilling yourself now eggman. Here are some of my subscriptions.

>Thanks for helping me study, anon. You're a great friend.

How do you respond?
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You want to do get some drinks and afterwards you do a line of coke and I drive you in the middle of the night to some family I hope can get you to stop ODing?

Am I the only one who wishes this haircut was more popular
"you know, my cock would be a good friend for your pussy"
Works every time

After work ballbusting thread featuring 23 yo male and 21 yo female into ballbusting.

Bring whatever you wants, rage, hate, crying, questions, happiness, life lessons etc
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What's fun about ball busting? In sounds painful. I know I fetish wrong because I like chastity but hate femdom and especially cuckoldry, so I'm not kink shaming. I'm simply curious what the draw is.
It's always felt good for me, im not big into femdom or chastity or cucking either. its just a stand alone fetish and ive had it since i was born. as long as i can remember i liked the idea of being hit in the nuts but i was always afraid to tell a girl and even more afraid to let one hit me in the balls. But i finally found a woman to share it with in middle school and we have explored it ever since, its very intimate now and i think it has helped me move into the role of being ballbusted. but i understand it hurts alot of other men but its one of the larger fetishes out there so i dont think everyone perceives it as painful
>middle school ballbusting gf
Sounds cute/lewd.

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>parents sent me to a day hospital to learn social skills
>that qt volunteer
she is 20yo i think, im 18yo, can i have a relationship with her?

if she is helping people for free is it because shes a good person

i think im gonna lost my v card, this is my moment lads
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Fucking retarded idea, anon.
>can i have a relationship with her?


No worries anon, you can try but I'll give you a quick run down of what will happen

>You occassionally talk to the qt
>everytime she says something you wonder whether she is into you
>After 2-3 months you decide she is
>You procrastinate asking her out for the next few months
>She gets a chad bf
>She will get railed by him every night
>You will become an even more depressed hunk of fodder than before
>But you still go there
>Just to see her like the beta you are
>She breaks up with chad bf after a couple months
>She becomes a bit distant
>She goes to some parties and gets railed by multiple normies and chads
>She becomes a lot nicer to you
>After a while you find out about her sexual adventures
>Kills you inside
>You become even more depressed
>But hey shes being nice to you now
>Maybe those one night stands were one off events
>Your feelings intensify
>You stick by her side like a good beta orbiter

Just let it go anon

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political beliefs.png
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>I have to get this done tonight
>Last one was about homophobia


The STEM meme is real.
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are those bullshit electives you have to take?
It's a Psychology course. I only took it because my mom wanted me to take college courses or work and I had to pick something. I should have believed the meme and got some kind of programming language or something, but I was afraid it would be too hard and I barely have the interest to grind through this, so I probably wouldn't do well in that either.

>"Intelligence has been rising around the world. Do you think this increase in intelligence is reflected in decreases in prejudice? Why or Why not?"
>"What other childhood factors might likely be stronger predictors of prejudice in adulthood than intelligence?"
>"Do you know someone who is prejudiced? How do these results apply?"

>I have to answer this in a public forum where my classmates and teacher will see, and then respond to another person's post

e p i c
kek I fucked up big and chose sociology major, some of the shit they make you take you wouldn't believe family

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I am a female robot.

>Diagnosed autism

Pic related
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You would be more normie (or at least normie looking) if you lost weight. You still look approachable anyway
You're a KHV because you wont settle for less than chad.

fuck off
If that's you then yeah, you have the dubious honour of being a fembot

People that say they don't exist are retarded, they're just far, far rarer than robots, and many that claim to be fembots are cyborgs at best, attention whores at worst.

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does anybody here have a dakimakura? got her yesterday.
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Yeah I have about 12 at this point.
Best thing in the world.
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ive always wanted a daki but I'm sure my parents would kill me
they always look so fun to cuddle or do other stuff with
I want one but I can't ever seem to find anything on the character I want aside from a probably cheapo $25 cover on ebay. I haven't done too much research into them though, so I'm assuming there are better ones just on some jap websites or something.

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>just friendzoned a nerdy asian guy on tinder when he asked me to dinner and a movie
>also just became fuckbuddies with a Tyrone who's a personal trainer

I'm too much of an awkward borderline autismo for actual relationships, but why am I such a fucking stereotype??

inb4 bait, not baiting
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Because you don't let these memes stay dreams, but reality.
Who cares? Honestly, do you care? Just take that dick, sweetie.
Because you're a fucking whore with no self-respect.

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What happened with that suicide pact thing?
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They're all dead lmao
thats happening in like june i think
Lmao, just wait until 1st July and see how suicide threads will pop up
They have discord filled with cancer and normies
Also, mods are INFP's SJW's so no suicide convincing on boards, plsnobully!

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Who is this? I've been dying to know,
If you have any more pictures please share
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average stacy #90,245
A white girl with brown eyes is the most useless thing.

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>spend half an hour forcing foul liquid down your throat
>finally start feeling decent
>it only lasts an hour before you get tired followed by a headache
>forced to go to sleep knowing that it won't be restful
>wake up feeling like crap
>people pay money to feel this
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feels smoke.png
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white people have terrible taste in drugs
It's legal, readily available and employers won't discriminate against you for using it off the job
someone's shit at drinking then

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