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Is there any way a robot can ever get a girlfriend? I haven't even held a girls hand and I'm thinking if giving up. I need hope.
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depends. what are your physical attributes?
Just got a tinder date. There are so many ways to fuck this up and im pretty sure the most embarrassing one will happen. But yeah, try tinder and online dating.
3/10 on good days.

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Why the fuck are psychedelics illegal? I did LSD the other day and it was the best experience I've ever had.
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Is lsd expensive?

I'd like to try it
Depends on who your dealer is. I got a tab for $20 but I have a friend who said he got a tab for $3.
you can get really cheap tabs on deep web.
recently started micro dosing lsd once every four days. Seems pretty good.

Was able to get it pretty cheap since i didn't need a strong tab. got 110 micro g for like 10 euro with p&p included. tab itself was like 5 euro.

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Comfy hangout for gaming, kek, and memes. Non cancer i promise.We are have of the freshest memes!~

discord link: DdRdbwP
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aryan boys make the best trad wifes and soldiers
>has mental illness
pick one

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What is your favorite coffee, Fellow Robots?
>Coffee Companies
>How you take it

My favorite coffee is
>Mexican Mocha
>24 OZ
>Double Shot
>Black Coffee
Tell me yours.
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El Bumperoni
whoah how is this unique?
The place I work at just batch makes some shit and I drink that because im part of the working poor. So I guess:

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Ah, yes, delightful. I think you know what happens next-
You do know the rules, don't you?
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Mmm, nothing like coffee in the middle of the day.
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All done, you may now reply to my thread if you wish.
Hello anon
Originallllllll 4567789999

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How do we make the alt-right support Islam?

>most conservative and patriarchal religion
>Muslims would vote Republican
>there's a greater chance of winning the lottery than getting killed from a terrorist attack
>terrorist attacks may kill leftists and thus can make a positive change in the world
>the rape situation, if it even exists, is a female problem and thus it is not worthy of caring about
>the rape situation is proof that the muslims are doing their job at fighting liberal feminism
>the alt-right and Islam both hate feminism

Women who get raped deserved it because they dressed like whores.

Too bad the Alt-Right is too Christian so they can't see the value of Islam.
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>How do we make the alt-right support Islam?
When muslims start to integrate themselves with the country's culture. Which, will never happen.
>implying our liberal feminist culture is good
> hurr dur wi ar wait reis!

> fug weshtern civelezeitsen is dying!
> but...but...wait reis...
So much for (((alt-right))).

>have you eaten your vegetables today anon? Don't you want to be heaIthy like me?
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you're a fat bitch for someone that eats "healthy".
She's just thick stop hating fag.
You can have a bit of chub and still be healthy.

We all live together in the Same House Now!

Welcome to the r9k House.
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Fucking stinks in here.
Hello housemates! I get the attic room!
It's really quiet in this house, it seems :(

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>be me
>fostering a kitten
>have to be bottle fed every 2 hours
>ill be gone the entire day, gets neighbor to come take care of kitten
>i get home
>kitten is dead on the floor
>whole house smells like bleach
>ask my neighbor about it
>he admitted to poisoning the kitten with bleach

Don't know what to do, should I take action and tell the police or something?? Should I let this pass???
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You posted a Pepe AND you greentexted?

Now that's what I call a great post!

I think we're gonna be great friends, bro!
>Should I let this pass
Fuck no, animal abuse is a criminal act and you should let that fucker pay. I'm astounded you haven't shanked the motherfucker yet.
Yes, call the police and get his ass thrown in jail.
Or go postal on him, beta uprising now.

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>mommy found the DMT pipe
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>la migra confiscated the bukkake burrito
I'm doing dmt soon, tell me your experience with it, shitposter-kun
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THis isn't good.png
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>Nephew found the maids semen dimension closet

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>Mom says I should use Rogaine
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You should use a gun and shoot yourself
>Mom says I should wash myself
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>Mom says I should use a condom

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What would you guys say about this person in pic related? Would you like to be with her, all you tfwnogf people mostly? What do you think about her?
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I need more pics, this one is heavily filtered with shitty social media facades.
Not a tfwnogf faggot, but no.

She has that thousand cock stare and you can tell from her face she's a condescending cunt.

Also note the septum she has so she feels like a special little snowflake along with her dyed hair for attracting attention to herself.
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she's ugly, she looks like a typical roastie, is a typical roastie, and I don't know her. why would I date such filth?

I am an Alien.
Ask me anything.
I come from a distant planet.
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Are traps gay?
This is an original question.
Timestamped pic or you're a larping faggot.

Will you be my alien gf?

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Why are tall girls so hot? My tall girl fetish has become worse, I don't even find shorter girls attractive.
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Here's a another photo
File: IMG_1817.jpg (51KB, 550x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Another beauty original
At what point does a girl become too tall for you anon?

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Is it likely to happen and should I be worried about Net Neutrality being rolled back?
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um your post sounds ambiguous so you may want to research what's going on a bit more...

but yes we're all doomed.
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well reddit is throwing a shitfit over it, so I can only conclude they are a bunch of faggots
Is there literally nothing we can do though? Like, we're just going to get ass fucked and take it or something

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