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ITT: tell me a very plausible lie
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Donald Trump was voted into power by a majority of democrats who felt he would be the death stroke of the republican party.
The UN has access to a drug that could make you live forever but doesn't share in fear of what it might do to society.
There is nothing wrong with gay peopIe.

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>someone gets BTFO in an argument
>I reply in the guy's place and say something like "I'm sorry for being such a dick you were right all along" to make him look like a pussy bitch
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Op here. I'm such a dick. It was wrong to impersonate other people.
Fuck off I'm the OP, stop slandering me
OP here again, anyone up for a cock-tasting meetup? My 2 incher is hard and I'm ready to serve

tfw you will NEVER have a qt girlfriend who loves you like this
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stop messaging yourself anon
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Fuck off cunt youre just jelous no girl has ever said anything like that to you in your pathetic existence
> implying women arent just taking advantage of you

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>Do you Iove me, Anon?
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Sorry, are you talking to me or the dude in the next room?
I have a cross eye myself, we could wear eyepatches together and it wouldn't be so weird.
Sure, why we wouldnt? Ppl these days are so afraid to show emotions to others for being viewed as weak. We should not give a f about it and start loving other ppl and show compassion and love.

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Jumbo Deal
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that's actually not a bad deal!
As a Canadian this seems like a great deal
I want in on this
>no shredded cheese on the tacos
Why do they do this?

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>tfw going on a date with a girl a decade younger than you

man things really turned around when I hit 30
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How did you swing that senpai?

Find a younger girl with daddy issues.
Fuck yeah, bro. I'm in my 30s and get so much more pussy so much easier than I ever did in my 20s.

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I never asked to live in a huge city

every person here is dumb arrogant trash

every girl gets influenced by these stupid ignorant foreign goons
every girl is becoming a Stacy, ugly girls become arrogant pseuds

>ywn live in a comfy, quiet village with nice people and a lovely atmosphere

>inb4 germanfag
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i'm sorry but you are just delusional.

i live in a small town and everyone is just an ineducated prick, if you fuck up one time everyone will know and oyu'll be marked forever as outcast. it's boring, there is nothing to do, and you already know everyone.

but you live in a small city, so you can ignore these things, POTENTIALLY (if you get your ass out of your bedroom) meet new people everyday, and no one will even give a fuck about you, going around the streets and shit.

there is literally 2 benefits of living in a village:
- it's quiet
- probably you have nature around and good air to breathe

but i can assure you there are NO nice people and NO lovely atmosphere. people are just more open and friendly in huge cities, since weird people are just a natural thing for them.

i meant
>but you live in a HUGE city
you can choose where you live anon

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>relationships never last
>love is not real
>people that stay single live longer
>women get bored easily and always leave
>women themselves are shallow and boring
>women can ruin your life and your wallet
>all women are whores
>need for sex and affection can be cured with sex dolls
>you will die alone anyways
Why are some of you losers still obsessed with women and getting a gf?
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reason to keep shitposting and not deal with any issues we have
I'm not and frankly I don't get the big deal either. I do get lonely sometimes but I recently made the discovery that I'll always at least have myself, and I'm the most reliable person I know, so it helps me deal with my emotions quite a bit.
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Ah, it's another typical normie sociopath thread. I love how you fuckers think that only women are entitled to love while men aren't, you think that men can just "bee themselve :) XDDDDDD!" and they instantly will have a 10000/10 stacy gf, that's not how it works you smelly nigger. You'll never know what it's like to have inferior genetics, to be under 6', or to be socially awkward. Society will realize this when women start fleeting with their open legs over to Tyrone instead of Chad because they're more subhuman and have bigger dicks. Maybe then we can put women back in their place once Chads start to realize that they're not good people and only appreciate them for their traits.

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>Harvey to be costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, estimated cost of $190 billion


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To be honest, I only care because the hurricane knocked out all the US servers in my multiplayer games. Now I have the play with 200+ ping until they're fixed.
Play on California or Chicago servers then
who gives a shit. what makes me laugh is no doubt many people are gonna move right back to the area where this shit happened like a bunch of fucking idiots. no sympathy from me

>"are you ready for your penis inspection sweetie? weII take your clothes off and we'll get started"

What do you do?
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Take my dick out, hand it to her, walk out the room so she can inspect it without me hovering over her the whole time.
I get my penis inspected. Whay else would I do?
take clothes off and get started of course

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Why do cucks blame their small dicks on being white when the biggest penis ever measured was white?
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Because whites are the only insecure fags who you go somewhere to get their peepees measured for a record book
Or maybe whites just hold the biggest penis record
Whatever helps you justify all those dick pics saved to your hard-drive, man

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Anyone else here have a uniform of their own? I made this one using some supplies I got from the dollar store last week. I am working on improving the jacket and maybe some more medals. The real ones are expensive so I'm saving up.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Show me your guys Wehrmacht

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Jesus, man, are you a nazi?

Well, I wouldn't mind to have an original one but my grandfather burned it to the ashes somewhere in the forests in Czechoslovakia so he wouldn't get caught by Russians.
go back to /pol/ nazi shit

Still have most of the militair stuff of my dad at home.

Helmet, jacket, tent etc.

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Do you think she'll be my gf?
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depends, can you live with the monotony of pretending to like LoL or Overwatch?
>Basically here to friendzone :^) hmu if you just want to talk or hang out.
Why the fuck do roasties say this? It's Tinder, the whole point is you meet up to date or fuck.
>dirty clothes on the floor
>open tampon box on desk
>multiple plastic drink bottles
shes probably insufferable and if you go after her it will only strengthen your "all women are thots" mentality. dont bother

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>he prefers white women
When did my fellow robots realize black women are superior
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He's right. Black women are gross.
"Black women" the bitch is a mixed
What this anon said, and I'm black

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>Tomorrow is September
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wake me up when it ends
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>tomorrow is tomorrow
>tomorrow is today
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September 11th is my Birthday.

>be 7 years old
>be a poorfag, so I never had a party
>parents decide this year is gonna be different and they're gonna throw a birthday party for the first time in my life
>sandniggers blow up
>no-one goes to my party out of fear
>parents never threw me another party

I hate sand niggers and jews.

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