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how do fatfags get so fat? i don't understand, it must be terribly hard to get fat and stay fat.
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I don't get it either OP. What's startling is how common it is. 36.5% of americans are obese.
Unfortunately, it's actually not that hard. Fat people just ate too many calories for their body to burn. The high-fat diets in the US are terrible for this, because dietary fat is stored as body fat if it isn't burned. And it usually isn't because how many cheeseburger-eaters go for jogs after? Lol
>because dietary fat is stored as body fat if it isn't burned.
you're gay

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>tfw a girl will never want to date you
>tfw a girl will never look at you caringly
>tfw a girl will never call you cute
>tfw if you asked a girl out on a date, she would just insult you in return
>tfw a girl will never want to hold your hand
>tfw a girl will never want to hug you
>tfw a girl will never want to even be near you
>tfw a hookers ask you why you're paying for their "services"
>tfw the only girl to love you will be your mother
>tfw you will die alone, and very sad
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this thread is too close to home my friend, delete this immediately
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Feels are a part of life friend...

I wish they weren't...
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>ywn have a girl stalk and be obsessed with you

Is Sean /our guy/?
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mere mortal
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>a nigger does something which involves using brain
>1 page on newspaper
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>pets & animals

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>mom angry with me because i dont let her clean my room (she destroyed my mouse and my keyboard last time)
>she is saying bad words

she said 'you are a son of a bitch, i hope you die, you are not son, doctors changed my baby, you can't be my son, i should die the day of your birth'

is this normal?
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Why are you living at home?
She just called herself a bitch though
because im a 19 years old kissless virgin neet
i know kek

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>the year is 20XX
>be me
>be terrible weeabo
>love anime, japan, all that shit. Even hope to live in Japan one day.
>3rd year into studying Japanese language
>Join one of those online language learning wesites where you pair up with a native speaker.
>Meet 3.14 Japanese girl through website
>Shes trying to learn English.
>We start to hit it off, over time it develops into a long distance relationship
>One day, she tells me that she loves me.
>Says she can get me a job in her fathers company. (I am a website design fag)
>I can even handle all these feels.
>Life is finally working out for me.
>Love, good employment and a chance to see glorious Nippon
>Wake up the next morning
>Kim Jong finally did it.
>Over 100 nukes were dropped on Japan
>mfw my only chance at love is snuffed out
>mfw all my waifus are dead
>mfw my only chance at getting out of the basement is ruined
>mfw I now speak a dead language
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A very real fear.
a fat kid playing with his big toy lad, become weebs isnt good for your health. must be fapping your waifu material...right anon?
>the year is 20XX + 1
>weebs everywhere heartbroken
>they swear revenge
>sharpen their replica katanas
>being to swarm over the NK border
>they fight like wild men, with nothing left to live for

Will you tell your grandchildren about the time you were in the first international waifu war?

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Holy shit I am fucking retarded. How did I manage to get good grades in school?
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Because school doesn't require intellect.
because literally anyone can get good grades in school.
I Studied for like 2 or 3 days straight, for 2 or 3 out of my 7 or 8, 1st year University exams and got quite a bit above average for them.

It's not hard to Cram and do well, when you are not intelligent, at least until 2nd year uni.

And this say's a lot because i have fucked my mind and memory from abusing MDMA

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good content.png
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I want to learn another language. There are about a million ways I could go about this, so I thought I'd ask you guys if you have any experience learning another language.
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English is my third language. As for advice, I dunno, learn the basic grammar, how sentences are formed and the bare minimum of vocabulary to understand simple conversations. Ideally you'll find an internet friend who's fluent in both your language and the language you're trying to learn, but consuming media in the new language works as well. I found that both things for children and familiar things are very good for a beginner, like Disney movies you already know, series, video games, anything you already know in your first language. What I found extremely helpful was an addon for firefox that provided instant translations for words when you hovered over them, spent literally hundreds of hours reading wikipedia articles on foreign things in the native language learning so much.
99chan also has a language learning board but very slow/dead
You need to find some way of immersion, otherwise it probably won't work

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why the fuck do i have to be atleast 5,9' to be able to donate sperm ?!
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the real question is why do you need a college degree to donate sperm?
To even out the chances of lanklets breeding. Too many tall khv robots.
Because women dont want sperm donor who's brainlet.

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ITT post the dream you had last night.

I had one where the first part I was in a supermarket but I don't really remember this bit. I think I was looking for somehing idk. But the second part i was opening goodie bags with random sea creatures in and adding them to my aquarium. I got a shrimp at some point and when I put it in the tsnk it started to eat the fish so I had to get it out without getting pinched. 10/10 comfy dream would dream again.
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>running down a hallway
>suddenly realize I'm actually watching this on a screen
>realize then that I'm dreaming
>spend what seems like hours flying around
>check myself out in the mirror a few times, look different every time
>can't read numbers or letters because they morph and switch around
Lots of other stuff too that's between me and my subconscious.
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I don't have dreams
>living in a comfy house with hs friend and acquaintances
>make joke, girl laughs
>go for a walk in the park with girl
>hold her hand
>warm feeling in chest
>wake up smiling
>reality sets in

I fucking hate gf dreams.

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/r9k/ is actually the most normie board there is on 4chan. Just think about it, all it is about is:

You're all failed normies, but not at all abnormal in your aspirations and interests. Typical cattle, just under average and wallowing in pity. If you were somehow above normies your interests would reflect it, instead you crave to be part of society just like any normie, and most often you are, despite your own romanticized perception of your own loneliness.

This is why this board is attracting the people you think are normies, it's about the stuff their whole lives revolve around. If you were as abnormal as you claim, normies would not feel at home here, because they would not care or understand /r9k/. And this is why you are a laughing stock of the rest of 4chan, as the most nonintellectual and normie board there is.
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The true robots have all left /r9k/ for realms unknown a long time ago, newfriend.
I am still here, though.
you are the minority now. at best the average /r9k/ user could pass as a cyborg, not a robot by any stretch of the imagination.
you forgot a big one. faggotry/homosexuality

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So I'll probably be getting laid tmr. If not I'll be losing my first kiss and will probably touch some boobies.

Any advice? Oh I'm a khv.

>leave this board

I will be leaving tomorrow.
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tell us about the lucky girl anon :)
>So I'll probably be getting laid tmr.
What's the story so far?
Are you going to be top or bottom?

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Anybody got any useful tips for surviving a long day of wagecucking?
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My day is just starting so i'm just gonna bump it and save it as I need the advices as well. I hope someone can help you my man.

Being a wagecuck it's hard and sad.
I just smoke blunts in my car on breaks.
Beyond that I really have no better way to deal with work.
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take asuka with you anon

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It's an elaborate meme forced on us since we were kids...

Wake up

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Yes, surely entirely underwater and greenscreens
oh he's a religious nut, kek, figures.

they like to double down on that fallacy, the one where if you can't prove it exists, it must not exist. he's going hard with that one.
religious nuts don't care about fallacy, they want to write their own fairy tale explanation for everything that completely bypasses logic for their muh beliefs.
>if you can't prove it exists, it must not exist
wouldn't this also apply to God?

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I'm feeling anxious over the fact that I enjoy this type of porn way too much. And in combination with sissy hypno videos I might have turned myself into a huge faggot at some point.

I feel like I can go back before this porn obsession hit me, but I don't think I can forgive myself or accept the fact that this was possible. The possibilty that if u watch enough perverted porn, it can basically turn you into a faggot over time.

Anyone that feels/felt the same? Did you find a solution that made you feel better?

I feel as if I can't take myself seriously and can't feel manly after all this perversion.
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You took the blackpill. Why do you think there is all the shilling about traps/blacked and other porn here?
It's so bad that if you don't have a remotely "sexy" or "pornographic" image on your thread you'll get no reply at all.
go watch some cwc videos and know that is your final destination if you continue

if your perversion rules your life you'll only suffer, so don't be a dumb cunt and get yourself back in a not-absolutely-retarded state
You are just horny. I fap to trap shit but when in normie setting I feel nothing and not attracted to anything that remotely resembles dick.
No matter how many times i fapped to dicks, the idea of kissing another male will always be disgusting

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Is Light literally /ourguy/?
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If you mean a sperg with no abilty to scheme properly, then yes.
i think he would wipe out neets if he got the chance. light was a gigantic normie
>Impying robots are top ranked students
You do realize this place is full of NEETS right?

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