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>finish fap
>urge to an hero severely increases

How do you fix this?
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don't fap...?
obvious desu
drink a lot of alcohol, thats what i do when im feeling down
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suicide bed.jpg
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>get really drunk
>scared of dying for some reason
>wake up next day with a hangover
>want to kill myself but too apathetic to get out of bed

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>google search, "why shouldn't i kill myself"
>find results of articles and lists
>the world needs you, we'll all miss you including I
>dogs are cute
>you'll never hear a queen song ever again
>you'll miss out on all le star wars
>patience is a virtue, live to see tomorrow
>you're too beautiful, you'll make it through this
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It's all shitty, normalfag-tier advice for teenage girls and homosexual nu-males who want to kill themselves over petty shit.
Temporary problem with a permanent solution. As if a shit life isn't a permanent problem.
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>Don't kill yourself!
>Because I'll be sad!

o-oh, I'm sorry you'll feel sad

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Would you sniff a Hispanic girl's butthole?
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probably doesn't smell as good as white or asian

put my nose up to it and take a whiff? how else?
it probably smells even better

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Lets have a summer vacation childhood feels thread. I'll start:

>be me
>living on the countryside in a nice neighborhood
>wake up at 10 AM
>eat breakfast
>dad left for work so my brother and I can watch cartoons on living room TV until 12:00
>eat lunch, mostly frozen food or something easy to make because mother left us
>right after lunch go outside to see if there are neighborhood friends out there
>play with them
>cycling around the block
>playing Worms World Party with them at our house
>swim in the nearest lake
>after several hours we get tired and dirty
>its 17:00 dad arrives home
>get inside have a shower and wear my pajamas
>get upstairs into my very own room
>play games on my PC until bedtime
>sleep under the open window watching the stars and listening to the music of thousands crickets
>rinse and repeat

Its not fair robots, I wanna go back to these simpler times.
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Nothing gets better anon, I long for those days, now I don't have any friends and I'm anxious about everything, including being with the 'friends' I do have
>Not being a NEET that lives this 24/7
The feeling will never come back when you know you're a drain on society

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ITT: we try to make each other sad in as few words as possible

>I just wanted to help
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>I wish someone cared
thw no gf

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Im not mad, just disappointed originario

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a few years ago i cut content with my internet friends for no reason
we played minecraft for hundreds of hours together
when i left they all posted on my wall on the server's website asking me to come back. a couple found my steam account and messaged me there and i blocked them
i went to the server website now and they're all gone, one of them was the owner but its under new management. i cant find any new accounts under their old names through google
i'm actually crying over this. there's no way to connect with them ever again and they're the last friends i had.
this is so pathetic
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try making friends through minecraft again lol
>messaged me there and i blocked them
You deserve it, fucking idiot.
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i share that sentiment brother

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How do I ask my barber for Dylan Klebold's haircut without mentioning his name? If I show him a picture, will he recognize him? My hair is long enough to pull this off.
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yea but y u gay though
Find a picture of a different dude with the same hairstyle you retard
Print out a picture and blur his face

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who do you all keep shilling that faggot poser lil peep when bones is our guy?
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None of these guys are /ourguy/. This aesthetic has been completely raped by mainstream idiots who just discovered this shit a year ago. With the rise of XXXtentacion, this subculture is no longer a hidden gem. Just go on YouTube and look at songs from artists like Bones, Night Lovell, Yung Lean, Suicide Boys or any other number of artists with this aesthetic, the views are in the millions. It is over.
File: 00 - Cover Front.jpg (172KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
00 - Cover Front.jpg
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it makes me so fucking mad to see all these faggot posers listening to this type of music bc all they fucking do is talk about supreme and x's fight videos FUCK its stupid & they completely ruined it
make a youtube video complaining about it then

or not and just stay on this basket weaving forum and whine lol

Haven't left the house in over 7 years
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Dude, that's insane how did you do that?

How? I lost all hope. I realized humanity is not for everyone. The outside world not only scares me but annoys me and I'd rather just do my own thing.

And luckily with our online world these days it's not hard. I have no social media. Rarely speak to mother. I just order food to my house. I don't shave or cut my hair. I leave garbage outside my door and rarely clean. I've gotten used to it and even though it's been years since I've spoken to anyone...I prefer it. It can get lonely but at least I don't have to leave my room.
The entire world is my home so I can never leave it

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Have you had your wisdom teeth out yet? If so, how did it feel?
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it didnt feel like anything, they knocked me out stupid
The nurse gave me a blowjob while the dentist rubbed her tits over my face while I was on the dentist chair bed.
>Actually having wisdom teeth

Evolved masterrace here, feels gud not being subhuman

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Would you let your daughter go out wearing clothes like this?
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i guess so, this is how people dress
>All ethnics

I'm nonwhite but this makes me sick also I'm never having children nor put my penis in a vagina.

Of course not! What a ridiculous question... she wouldn't be wearing ANY clothes if I had my way.

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Here, you state your race/ethnicity and rate the average attractiveness of the women of all races/ethnicity, while also stating if you would reproduce with them. I'll start.

Me: Western European

>10/10 Happa - Would Reproduce
>10/10 Western European - Would Reproduce
>10/10 Nordic - Would Reproduce
>10/10 Coptic - Would Reproduce
>9/10 Slavic - May Reproduce
>9/10 Mediterranean - Would Reproduce
>8/10 East Asian - Would Reproduce
>8/10 White South American - Would Reproduce
>7/10 Average Attractive American White - May Reproduce
>7/10 Middle Eastern/North African - May Reproduce
>6/10 South American Hispanic - Wouldn't Reproduce
>6/10 Mulatto - Would Reproduce
>6/10 South Asian - Wouldn't Reproduce
>5/10 Pacific Islander - Wouldn't Reproduce
>5/10 Central American Hispanic - Wouldn't Reproduce
>4/10 Native American - Wouldn't Reproduce
>3/10 Black - Wouldn't Reproduce
>1/10 Aborigine - Wouldn't Reproduce

Pic-Related is Happa.

/r9k/ It's your turn.
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I'd reproduce with any of them.
I used to have a weak dispreference for non-aboriginal blacks, but being alone for so long made them seem just as attractive as everyone else.
>responding to this thread

wife tier races
gf tier race
fuckbuddy tier
>native American

Is it just me or are fembots even more pathetic than robots

Coming here for validation that you know you can get because you're a female in a land of thirsty virgins is the most pathetic thing
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you know what anon, I actually really agree.
Almost everyone on 4chan is pathetic
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What's even worse is that there are some that know they have a healthy amount of betas that will compliment and worship them yet they still keep trying to recruit more beta's to make them feel better about themselves.

It's like they can never have enough guys around them. Really disgusting.

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Has anyone ever had the experience of someone telling them they are a good person, or something to that effect, but rather than making you feel good about yourself, it just makes you feel confused because you hate yourself?
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My friends all consider me the nicest guy of all of us but I've perma banned in League of Legends for being mean.

I don't know what to think.
Yes. I've always had a hard time accepting love, compliments, or gifts. It comes from abandonment issues in early childhood. You just have to try and be objective about the person you really are.
Yes. I have difficulty finding it sincere because I feel like the only reason they're saying it is because they know it's what I want to hear. Like they're not saying it because they think I'm a good person, they're saying it because they think I need to hear that.

I am a piece of shit by the way.

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Robots with illnesses

Any here?

I used to talk to a guy from here that had a rare disease and he could be dead right now :(
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>tfw no illness that will eventually kill me
Why does god hate me
l've got herpes.
I have self induced autism

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