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Why don't you guys just make trap beats? Seriously it's pretty good if you get popular and once you figure it out it's just like putting together a puzzle

No one in the world has ever heard of your shitty sub genres that are just rip offs of other genres
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You wont get popular cause there are 900000 guys doing the same shit.
I mean if you're good and spam for years I guess eventually something should happen
are trap beats gay

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>meet girl on dating site
>chat for a bit
>finally get her to notice me
>we video chat
>have really strong connection
>she cries to me one day on call
>I tell her I love her
>she says the same
>emotions so strong and real feeling it could not be faked
>plan to meet her next month, getting my plane tickets and luggage all in order
>she goes to sleep early one day
>feel that suspicious get feeling in my stomach that has never led me wrong
>check the dating site
>she's on it when she said she should be sleeping
>make a fake profile with a good looking guys pic
>message her there
>starts messaging me back fast all excited sounding
>gives me her contact info
>msg her on a fake account again
>actually makes plans to meet this fake guy tonight
>realize it's all over and women are the scum of the earth

I never felt these feels I felt with her before. I'm in a really bad state right now.
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Just be happy you dodged that bullet OP, you saved yourself from a lot more pain.
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>feel that suspicious get feeling in my stomach that has never led me wrong
Only misery awaits us
This world is too cruel for people like us
Nothing good will ever happen to us
Just wait, and keep waiting until our time here is over.
Long distance is just cuckoldry with being held down with your eyes kept open

Were you going to meet up for a few days? Weeks? Live together?

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How do we prevent women from corrupting our innocent dogs and using them as living sex toys?
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>girls would rather fuck a dog than ever give you the time of day
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>Tfw doggo has more sex life than you
All these good boy points i wasted.
delete women what the fuck is this

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>be 9
> go to school full of dumb people
> 2nd best student in the generation
>walk to school with one of the dumb girls
>we talk
>try not to talk about something "smart" because she wouldn't catch up
>talk like a chad
>she tells me that i'm an idiot
>get kinda upset
>tell her that she is dumb and retarded
>she tells me the same
>few days later
>teacher calls me to her desk
>she asks me what happened between me and the girl
>i tell her everything from the part after she called me an idiot
>she tells me to back to my seat
>she starts talking shit about bullying
>i turn out to be the bad guy
>teacher asks me why did i push the girl
>i tell her that i didn't
>the girl says i did
>she ripped the knee on her leggings so that it looks like she fell when i pushed her
>teacher keeps talking about bullying and shit
>teacher starts talking about rape
>teacher says that the thing i did was rape
>that's the time i was called a rapist because i told a girl that she is dumb and that she is retarded
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>teacher accuses a 9 year old of rape

wew femimism
Cause all pretty girls have a phobia of rape and you were bound to be desperate and angry
she wasn't pretty

Why the fuck would you want a wife so badly?
>have to wagecuck in order to save money for mortgage, son's college tuition, and insurance
>barely get any sleep because my wife would always tell me to get something from the store while I have to finish a project.
>since I am the man of the house, I have developed atychiphobia and constantly worry if my family would be homeless and starve to death
>sex is not fun anymore and my wife always complains that "we don't spend too much time together."
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Oh god that receding hairline those tired eyes that low middle class poverty

And he's got 3 daughters so he's gotta worry about them getting raped at parties being sluts and fucking chads and black guys Jesus fucking Christ dude
Keep the kids ditch the wife

She's dragging you down and life is about the pursuit of happiness.
Take the kids and all that money you are spending on that women will become free for adventures and giving your kids amazing experiences, sight seeing, etc.
Fuck all S posters

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You are now approached by some powrful entity which gives you a choice. You have to decide if all people in the world will speak like pirates or like in medieval times.

Which do you choose?
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I tell the powerful entity to fuck back off to reddit
How piratey are we talking? Like cartoon pirate or actual historical pirate? Same with the medieval
I activate my almonds and pop each individual one in my ass

Hey r9gays

So, I started sculpting lately and I have no idea what to sculpt today. I like to sculpt things that are originally drawings.

I was going to sculpt the thinking man as wojak but is that too cringey?
Anyway, post your ideas in this thread and Ill make one of those things today and post a thread with the results in the evening.

That is, if anyone will reply.

Pic related, the last thing I made
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Honestly, anyone post anything and I'll make it.
Fucky John Paul the Fucky
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Sculpt bane sculptfag

Have you ever rejected a girl?
How did it go?
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I didn't have the heart to tell her no so I just said I'd think about it
>7 years old
>have to stay at mom's workplace for the day
>co-worker's kid is there too, girl one year younger than me
>she starts to chase me around trying to kiss me as I tried to run away and avoid her the entire time

Does that count?
Yes, it does.
Probably it was the first and the only time you had a chance. Am I right?

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>tfw 24
>still not potty trained
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Best thread on r 9 k right now to be perfectly honest
Is this going to turn into some seriously fucked up tendie post?
checking those potty dubs bbg

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>that one friend you're trying to ghost but he won't stop sending you messages
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>tfw when you dont have any friends to ghost even if you wanted to
>tfw you ghosted all of your friends before it even became a widely known concept
Yeah I did that after dropping out of highschool too.

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Do you prefer to watch anime alone or with someone else?
I used to watch it with a friend but it became boring.
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alone. having another person there doesn't really add to the experience, and there might be scheduling conflicts if one of you wants to watch more often than the other
not like i would really know though, i've never watched anime with someone else
Ok storytime weebanons

>be me, 20 m
>oneitis lives 4h away
>watching anime with oneitis and a couple we knew daily, 1 ep a day, comfy watching over skype
>oneitis tells me she has a crush on me
>pure happiness
>tell her I want to meet her, never met before
>she agrees, 2 weeks until meetup
>weekend before oneitis staid at the couple's place
>1 day before meeting oneitis
>she's anxious
>calls me on skype
>has to confess something
>the couple pressured her into threesome
>she feels guilty, still want's to meet
>I'm disgusted, pure hatred on my mind
>still want to meet, want to forgive, want to be with her
>meet her
>she's cold, distand
>sais she loves the girl
>get's into some weird poly relationship with the couple, hates chad, loves the girl
>the girl doesn't want to have oneitis in, but chad wants her, she does as chad sais
>chad basically abusing oneitis and girl

>oneitis got out of it, when she realized she was being abused on oen side and hated on the other
>never wanted to be with me again
>still cry everytime

>don't watch anime anymore
>cry upon hearing:
>agreed to threesome
That's when you should have stopped talking to her.

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gas yourself, degenerate sinner

>weeb calling ANYONE a degenerate

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Normie relationships are so bizarre

>Looking at shampoo in a store
>Scummy guy grabs his gf by the shoulders and starts shaking her and growling abuse
>She's doing the typical "gonna hit a woman?" thing all smug
>He storms off
>1 minute later I see them again and they're all smiling
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Someone tell me this isn't general normie behaviour
Girls are shitters I had a girlfriend like this I remember being in the parking lot out with friends and we somehow get into an argument and she just starts fucking yelling at me and hitting me what pissed me off was that we were in fucking public and girls doing that shit around guys instantly makes us a fucking target for every white knight hero to defend m'lady. Fucking hate that "what are you going to hit me" shit and they have the fucking nerve to do it. She's probably a cunt and he's probably too much of a pussy to leave the relationship so it's all smiles until the next fight. They're not all like that but almost all of them are.
But the guy in that story is shaking the woman. They're both retarded normies, but it's not necessarily all on her

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>he's 20 or over and still a virgin
that's just sad
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well fuck you too bitch
we cannot blame these creatures for seeking to destroy what they cannot understand, we can merely show them through many means that its not worth their time
>Implying you care
>lmply your goal isn't to ridicule

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What are you plans for the weekend m8s?
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Browse some r9k.
Going to drink cheap wine with the girlfriend and play Diablo 3 together. We'll probably have sex if she isn't on her period too. What about you bro?
do nothing until the semester starts on monday

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