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Friday *evening* Rose thread?
Friday evening Rose thread.

"In Revelation 9:11, Abaddon is described as "Destroyer", the angel of the abyss". I wish to summon it tonight.
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The trophies have been burnt.
Dumb fivehead whore
(You) , originally originally

Friday night gettin' proper mental with the lads edition
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first for having no friends
Not 'When will my husband return from the pikey war' edition.
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2D brown girls edition

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/Drugs general/


I am currently doing a short binge of some ethylphenidate (ritalin analog) intravenously.
I do this maybe 1 or 2 a year. If I am not done by tomorow evening, I will throw what is left.
> inba4 "you say that now, but you won't be able to"
I have done this before, I have done my fuckups on drugs, I am quite responsible now. Had the drug in my drawer since tuesday, and waited this friday night after work to take it.
Also I have eaten and planning to eat regulary, drinking water constantly, not doing other drugs, took aspirin and magnesium supplements.
I will have a full recovery day before work on monday.

Now I can watch porn(which is so goooood on this drug), play, and listen to some podcast while talking on the internet.

- What drug(s) are you doing this week-end ?
- What safety mesures have you taken to limit side-effects and yourself ?
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Tomorrow I will take a train all the way into Los Angeles to get shrooms
Palmdale sucks
Is it your first time doing shrooms or psychedelics ?
I just stick to pot. Although I have an LSD microdose I am going to take to improve my social ability at a party.

Shit crushes my social anxiety and I turn into chad. Combine that with alcohol, I hope I don't turn into the xan man.

After the party I'll smoke some weed.

Sometime soon I will do a full LSD trip.

Lmaoing @ this slut literally BEGGING for attention
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>36 gorillian likes
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what is the actual point of the picture attached other than calling for attention?
>breaking out in a rash
oh woe is you, imagine having fucking eczema like me and experiencing that every single fucking day

all fucking roasties must fucking hang

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Get fucked weeb bitch

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heh, fucking slut
Give me the lowdown on this, didn't she marry a Japanese man and was therefore a citizen?
Yeah but got divorced.
She got cock blocked by this guy named Rodi and had a mental breakdown and is now a Muslim.

First she was a punk rocker in like early 2000s, then weeabo, then gaijin slut, now a modest Muslim.

She firmly believes she is a Japanese Muslim. Also has a weird fetish for Arabs.

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>be below average
>have below average gf
>tfw walking together out and seeing girls way way more attractive everywhere

Anyone know this feel? It's not like I can do anything about it, since I got more than I deserve to begin with, but oh man, the desire is real.

>(tfw fucking hot prostitutes on the side, but it's just not the same)
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>have a gf
no I don't know that feel you fucking normie faggot REEEE
what's the problem? everybody wants more than they have.
You wouldn't be satisfied even if you were dating the OP pic. It's human nature.

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>tried getting proper education
>tried "just be social"
>tried complete apathy
>tried being a wageslave
>tried lifting
>tried the army
>tried therapy
>tried (((antidepressants)))
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Yes. Mostly. Apparently I can still be pretty cruel sometimes but every girl I've been with has been cool about it because of the childhood abuse. Also helps that I was a strong kid and whenever she was a cunt my "fuck you" attitude just got bigger
>every girl I've been
>been with girls

Get the fuck out
>not even half of prison inmates
isn't that exactly what you would expect if something had 0 impact on becoming a prison inmate?

who the fuck are you trying to fool by presenting it as if it made incarceration more likely?

if anything we can clearly see it's slightly less likely for a prison inmate to come from a single-parent household.

This is why everyone laughs when /r9k/ starts to talk statistics.

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INFJ master race edition
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>a fucking feeler
At least it's not a sensor.
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Keep talking like that daydreaming faggot and we will keep beating you up.

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What is it like to grow up in the ghetto?
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everyones your enemy your parents are evil you have no money for everything you need drugs to escape and you have to train your brain not to love bitches
not loving bitches is key
>everyones your enemy

Is that why they eye you?

who else no Babs gf here?
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she fucks niggers lol
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fuck off you autist she is a virgin
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I know she's female physical perfection, anon, but you need to accept she isn't mental/spiritual/emotional perfection. She's as weak to the memes as any other woman and she's a coalburner and beiber-fucker.

Did google bro deserve to get fired? They said his sexist post was workplace harassment and hurt many women at google. There were reports that some women were so traumatised google let them take the week off to recover.

IDK , I like google , but I feel like criticising women is now considered harrasment. When did that start.
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All I heard was that he made some thing about anti-diversity since the diversity policy they were implementing was actually hurting the company, didn't hear anything about the women part though. Taking off a week for being a """traumatized""" woman (from some statement from some random guy) really shows the gigantic scale of how far women will go in manipulating their environment and others, as well as their laziness.

I hate CS majors because they've always been uppity cunts, but I just so happen to hate women a lot more.
You know he's had limited socialization when he thought it was a good idea to bring that up during this time at fucking Google
He was a sexist pig ofc he deserved it

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>tfw no gf to throatfuck
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but I do have a gf, what a bad thread lol
tfw no gf to collar and curl up on my lap naked
>tfw no gf to lay in bed together and to discuss feelings with

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You're not a robot if you came from a two parent home
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You're not a robot if you have ready access to a computer.
My parents divorced when I was in the 7th grade, does that still count?
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>you're not a robot if you're straight or cis

Numbing the emotions with booze tonight as is my daily tradition. What's the rest of you robots doing today/tonight to help ya make it through life?
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I'm addicted to sex. But I'm too much of a subhuman to get it for free so I can't stop blowing my money on prostitutes. It's ruining me.
Interesting, do you have one that you consistently go to, or do you try and go to different ones? Never been with a prostitute myself, but lately have started to give more thought about doing it.
I just masturbate excessively and distract myself from reality through escapism and not thinking. I've become exceedingly good at all of these things.

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ITT: We all work in the same department
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>anon cummed in the printer again and now it's jammed
>anon keeps leaving his piss bottles by the water cooler
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pistacho perro.png
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how the fuck out boss is a women?

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