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Wow, it's raining cats and dogs out there. Good thing im nice and dry inside, enjoying my good ol cup of mud. I cant start adulting untill ive drinken ALL my coffee. So robos, keep the chit chat to a minimum, you got it?
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Hey fag I'm talking to you right now
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Stop, im not done yet.
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Hey neetbro enjoy your coffee :)

What do you think about my drawing?

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Hello and welcome to the new brand discord server https://discord1gg/sfDMuq
We have a fun bot so come and join
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replace 1 with a . if you still didnt do it
and up it goes
nice sever <3

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did it work for any of you? tell me your experiences if it did.
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You can't fill the void with bullshit, anon.
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watch your perception and look how it controlls your current perception. learn of it.
could you not reach the nirwana?
i hope i can feel more connected to myself and my thoughts through it.

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Post lyrics that speak to you

At Seventeen - Janis Ian
>And those of us with ravaged faces
>lacking in the social graces
>desperately remained at home
>inventing lovers on the phone

God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl
>I love my room
>I'm getting used to sleeping
>I'll play his messages
>Analyze his intonation
>Please stop me there
>I'm even boring myself

Teen Idle - Marina and the Diamonds
>I wanna be a bottle blonde
>I don't know why but I feel conned
>I wanna be an idle teen
>I wish I hadn't been so clean

Obsession - Marina and the Diamonds
>Look, look, just choose something quick
>People are staring, time to go quick in
>Skin is on fire
>Just choose something, something, something

Miss Y - Marina and the Diamonds
>I feel like I'm stuck inside a race,
>feel like I'm catching up,
>Oh, Marina what a shame
>you didn't make the upper cut!
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>listening to marina and the diamonds
are you a 15yo girl ?
rip thread it had so much promis

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Have you done anything productive today?
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I've had my hair cut. It's a featureless very short cut, but at least my head won't sweat like a pig now that it's summer.
>Have you done anything productive today?
Went to work now I'm listening to lectures for my online class. I am drinking beer during this but hey can't win 'em all.

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Are there any ant-pet owners on 4skin?

I think pets are cute, but they take too much time, money, and effort to take care of.

You become their slave. Pick their shit up. Clean their box. Feed and walk them.

Why bother, especially for poorfags? Or are they just a way to show off wealth and tell people how socially humane you are. A status symbol, if you will.
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Might as well apply same logic to literally everything enjoyable that isn't an absolute necessity for survival.

Ask nicely for suicide, sincerely autism.
Go to /an/ faggot
they're practice children
also it's funny to make them act like people

>he's ashamed to be a virgin
Why are you, anon?
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If you're a virgin you might as well have as much depth as an anime character
>Isaac Newton
>Immanuel Kant
>no depth

looks like someone is a bit misguided
I think the guys who want it more are more ashamed. I'm shameless about a lot of my weird quirks, but if its something I failed to get then I feel ashamed.

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Any of you guys lose your sex drive? Like I had sex when I was young,fairly normal high schooler. Before that I had a crippling masturbation addiction where I masturbated at least once a day for 4 years straight. After I had sex for the first time with my gf (at the time), I lost all sex drive. I've been at uni for 2.5 years and I've met a couple grills and I've done the sex with a few of them but sex is just interesting to me now. What's happening to me.
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Meant *sex is uninteresting to me now.
>has had sex

It comes and goes.

I wouldn't be too alarmed.

>Hey there, take off your shirt! We want to see your beach body!
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Come walk over here and take it off yourself if you want to see it so badly.
ok, that bump is my baclofen pump

jacked working out robot. like to work out but robot.
This thread made me laugh so hard. Thanks, anon.

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Why is chastity no longer valued in the West?

Why are men okay with dating cocksluts who will never be able to bond with them from being overstimulated by various different men?

I lost my virginity to my non virgin gf about a year ago and I deeply regret it (we were both drunk, I was desperate)

Not a day goes by where I dont think about her past men, the things shes done with them and the feelings shes had for them. It is said that a gir never forgets her first. This has been making me fall into a spiral of depression and Ive been looking everywhere for advice but no one understands, everyone just says im i secure and this and that. But how can I be with someone knowing that ultimatey I will always be compared? I will never be special to her and explore things together with her. To top it off the men she was with didnt even want to be her boyfriend yet she still slept with them... yet here I am being the chump boyfriend who gives and gives and stays quiet about my feelings. I honestly dont know what to do anymore, I think dating in the west is futile. I'm probably going to break it off and live a life of degenerate hedonism or just off myself at this point. Why did we allow our society to become like this? Sex before marriage, though prevalent, was shunned up until 1960. Look at our society today, it is a decadent mess, with jaded "alpha" women going from one source of stimulation to the next, never truly bonding on an intimate or spiritual level. I just dont know what to do
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because pussy feels good and it doesn't matter what women do SOMEONE will fuck them.
Because some old customs suck and are going to phase out sooner or later. What are you gonna do about it?
t. oregano going into the oven to get ROASTED

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Is there a way to know objectively how attractive you are without posting pics here/online? I really want to know.
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No, because everyone is probably kind of narcissistic
just go on /soc/ or something fag
I don't want there to be images of myself online.
>implying anybody cares enough to save a picture of an everyday average joe and do anything malicious with it

There are already pictures of yourself online inside of every surveillance camera's cloud storage and inside of public records stored.
You're being paranoid as fuck my dude

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>started hallucinating at night
>spooky shit
>sometimes wake from bad dreams (not nightmares tho) and can't get back to reality for hours
>depressive thoughts
>sleep inordinate amounts throughout the day

What do? I'm kinda scared, but it seems also kind of thrilling going closer and closer to the edge as my hallucinations get stronger.
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I went a full 3days without sleeping and working 3rd shift a while back, i was going months just getting 1-5 hours of sleep a day, I had nightmares and paranoia, dread, so much anxiety. I was basically living on caffeine just to feel semi normal as slave job.

we're complex emotional and mental creatures, idk how to really help you.

Obviously we're scared of the dark because of what's lurking in it.
I'm not scared of the dark tho. I kind of like the hallucinations. I'm just worried about where it will lead
go buy some allergy medication (benadryl)
its active ingredient has an antipsychotic effect at doses of around 200mgs
take it with a normal dose of aspirin because it can thicken your blood

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Don't know a good board to post about architecture, so I'm posting here for now.

What are your views on modern architecture?
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Architecture is either for roasties or literal faggot. Go study something real.
I'm just looking for a house and I, some sort of a minimalist, find it appealing.
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I mean, I wouldn't wear glasses larger than these.

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discord gg/GpGpUWx

practise talking with real girls they can be mean too :)
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Invite expired, need permavite
pls create a new one i want to talk to girls
girls got mad from only 3-4 robots and are done

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Why are Sapiosexuals (people attracted to intelligence) always male?
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because only men could be that fucking gay
They're not and it depends on what type of "intelligence." A STEMlord with high IQ is not going to attract the same type of interest as someone who's an artistic genius or one who has an exceptionally high emotional IQ.
Men are always the best at everything

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