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is this pretty much how most of us feel?

>wanna fall over dead
>dont like the thought of hanging, shooting or cutting yourself
>have nothing you enjoy

i pretty much just drink coffee, smoke and listen to music to pass the time and i like to look at guns even though i know ill never kms
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Nice projection faggot, no I don't feel that way.
fuck you idiot

youre a pussy
Exactly how I feel lol

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If war came to your country, would you join the frontlines to defend it?
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No I'd join the front lines because I want to shoot people in the face.
I'm South African. That should be enough of an explanation
Whiter than sour cream
How does it feel living in a country where 76% of the population hates you for just being alive?

Hmm, I don't think I was done posting pictures of cute boys yet.
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In fact, I'm very sure I wasn't.
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>tfw no sexually aggressive bf
That's a cute outfit. Could produce some very interesting tan lines

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>order pizza hut
>driver looks like she's been BLACKED one too many times, a single mother of at least 2 black kids
>drives a decent car though, must be her parents' that she probably still lives with
>parks next to my corolla in the driveway
>hands me my pizza, I say "hey nice car by the way"
>"ohh thanks hehe"
>"no, i was talking about mine. Next time don't park in my driveway"
>leave no tip
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That's some autistic passive aggression if true anon.

but why though
Teach me to talk like this to strangers



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Post CP and get permabanned. You will also get FBI on your ass unfortunately
I don't want to go to prison. I just want my life back.
Not with my VPN

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Yare Yare Da-.png
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Posting a picture of Jotaro dying every day until I get a job.
Day 1.
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see you every day until Armageddon
Thanks, man.
I hope it comes soon.
thanks for the spoiler nigger

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How do I live with the realization that I'll never marry my celebrity oneitis?
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Shit waifu
Obviously not original

I want to see her take a dog cock so bad
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Trips waisted on furfag

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>tfw no country gf to go talk about conspiracy theories and go hiking with

I guess that's all I want, robots. Is that too much to ask?
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It depends on how ugly you are. It's likely that the only girls obtainable to you are too fat to hike
I don't think I'm unattractive, just rather reserved
Try and meet up with like minded individuals at >>>/out/ maybe you'll meet cool friends(&a gf) to go and do nature stuff. ;) good luck! I assume /fit/izens do that kind of stuff too >>>/fit/

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>can't really grow facial hair to look older, only very slowly
>read men that are close having sexual interaction grow facial hair faster
>tfw my own body doesn't consider me to be in a position to have sex soon
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I only grow a bit on my upper lip, too bad I can't grow a beard. Shave it off so I look young, which is a plus to me.
>looking young is a plus

If you're a fag I guess. Men who look older sooner in life get more prime teen pussy. Ageing better as a man is a meme. If you fuck teens in your mid 20s then people will brand you as a creep and a pedo for not dating the roasties who wouldn't date you years ago.
>have had quick-growing facial hair since early teenage years
>27 year old KHHV now

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Share robot tier music lads

Get in and chill out

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heya cunts it's been a long time

how you holdin' up

w'sup munter just listening to music chilling,

nice jap song there mate here's a better one tho


How /r9k/ deal with automatization?
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by waiting for the problem to get so bad that the government has to start giving away money, because I'm not actually a member of the workforce yet.
option a: UBI
option b: get into a field that can't be automated yet

i've worked in alot of different jobs, and most of them I feel like I am only there because a robot cant yet do that particular task.
Im glad I fell foto the law school meme. Law wont be affected as much by automatization.
I feel bad for the people who fell for the medicines meme and engineering meme though.

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Is just taking the pussy worth the risk, if you're a virgin robot?
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No anon, being a rapist is absolutely NOT worth it. Rapists are below virgin robots for one, and two, you're destroying a persons life, much more than yours is wrecked already.

Plus, do you really, really think you could pull it off without sperging out or making a mistake? You'll go to jail or live with the risk of getting caught. And the guilt.
>do you really, really think you could pull it off without sperging out or making a mistake?
Probably not desu, unless she was drunk. Guess I'll just have to make enough money for an escort.
Wouldn't have any guilt though. I couldn't give two fucks about a Stacies life and future anguish
at that point just get a prostitute you retard.
pretty sure std is better than prison and daily bbc


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>I unironically enjoyed this

This isn't the 00's anymore, I'm going to have to ask you to delete this thread.


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This is my new bong, it rips and its bowl is huge, dubs names it, trips overrides dubs names it
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Well, you've already got dubs..
I would name it bbc
Naming bongs is something that girls do
Get high with it - like really high. Its name will come to you.

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time pepe.jpg
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Mine was 2010.

>hadn't found 4chan yet
>racial tension at an all-time low
>I still cared about things
>I still had emotions
>I still had friends.
>things hadn't gone to shit yet
>I still thought I had a bright future, and that life was worth living
>technology was at its prime
>music was better
fuck 2017
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8th grade, so 2008ish

I was a popular kid, then high school hit and it was all downhill. I'm fucking pathetic
I unironically haven't had a good year since 2003.
Anything before that is when I was dumb and happy. After that, I had to deal with shit friends and not feeling like if I were in trouble, my friends would have my back.

Now, things are much worse that I could have ever imagined.

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