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This is what the average female poster here looks like.
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Pretty sure it's worse

Maybe fatter and more acne and blackheads
She looks like she is planning some kind of pyramid scheme.
On her face?

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Why do normies always act like I'm a weirdo when I tell them that I'm studying physics at uni? It's not my appearence because they always make a face just when I answer the question about my major. I'm not even an edgelord about it. I understand that it's not for everyone and some subjects in the humanities seem interesting.
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Because you have to put some time effort in, when you study physics. University normies are all about DUDE WEED LMAO, binge drinking every day of the week and sleeping around inbetween.
i study maths and get pretty much the same reactions as op when i tell people even though most of the people on my course are normies who go drinking and fucking each other all the time
Weird. I never get that reaction. Is it because you're an autistic sperglord? And it's not what you study what matters, it's simply that it's the first thing you mention, and that's the first time they see your autism.

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>tfw u introduce a rich guy that likes you to someone else and he goes after them instead

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Societal norms made you cuck yourself.

Daily reminder this is the core of feminism, gay rights and gender dysphoria.
when did you start deluding yourself that he liked you?
because he added me and talked to me for hours on end even when i was offline (discord)

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Post and discuss nigger music here anons

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young nudy up next, on god.
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old ass song?
Anyone like UK?


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Anyone here that chose the robot path?
>Never had interest in women
>Had a few crushes here and there but it was never enough motivation to make me want a gf
>Have a few friends but not because of social retardation, I would rather spend my time playing vidya than being out with friends
>Give up easily on things, my sense of acomplishment is not strong enough to motivate me to do better
>Not stupid or anything, I'm certainly smarter than the average person, just that I'm lazy and don't work hard at anything I do
>I just want to be in my house watching animu, playing vidya, and browsing 4chan not bothering anyone
Anyone here feel the same?
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>I'm smarter than the average person
OK dude, sure.
except smart people are constantly seeking out new experiences and knowledge in life because they tend to find life dull if they don't.
theyre rarely lazy, that makes your intelligence atrophy anyways, being shutin can sink your iq with like 3 points per year at most.
Yeah, I figured that actual smart people woouldn't be lazy, I just said I'm smarter than a normie, which isn't saying much since most of them are not smart anyways
>Not stupid or anything, I'm certainly smarter than the average person, just that I'm lazy and don't work hard at anything I do

thats the fuckin definition of stupid.

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khaki shorts.jpg
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Do women like it when guys wear khaki shorts or khaki pants? Asking for a friend.
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Yes, there's hardly anything more attractive
if you are attractive, yes
if you aren't, it doesn't really matter
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I wear them a lot so that's awful good news!

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foreign trap ebf is flying here in a few days to fuck me. i fell for the prison gay and trap memes and im not even mad. so instead of being jealous or calling me a degen, yall should invest so you can /makeit/ like me
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>implying traps would want me
Not a good investment opportunity
File: 19meJYFz.png (30KB, 177x159px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no no you see, the trick is not to find a trap. you find a normal faggot, and get them to like you, then push the skirts and shaving on them. its like polishing a diamond.
>implying faggots would want me
I can go all day with this

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Get one while you can.
Originally Blvd heroism
>I enjoy holding, touching it, having it around
>my sex doll
>I miss having a woman, not even the sexual stuff, just holding them in my arms

this is MGTOW LMAO

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We should storm the parade with Soviet music, T-34-85s, and Nuggets.
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Nazis are socialist scum like you.
File: 1380681639980.jpg (2KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Commies are ten times worse than nazis.
Fuck off and grow up

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Stop larping retard.
You have been muted for 8 seconds, because your comment was not original.

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>Last night
>Go to bar for the first time in a long time
>Find old co-worker fuckbuddy that moved away
>Get dragged by friends to the gay dancing club/bar
>I hate dancing but i'm drunk as fuck and wanna bang her again
>Go on dance floor
>She starts grinding on me something fierce
>Her ass is on my dick for like 4 mins straight
>Guy comes up to her and starts touching her from the front side while she's still grinding on me
>Put my hand on him and push him away gently in a "go away" type manner
>Probably said "hey man back off" or something (I don't remember I was drunk I guess)
>He gets mad like an autist and starts shoving me violently "THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?"
>Look at him and say "dude" and point to the door
>Gril says lets go and takes me outside
>Take her to my house to bang
>Didn't fuck her tho because I was too drunk to get my dick hard. So I ate her out and got some head

How was your night?
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Shut the fuck up /b/efugee go back to your /b/ait board.
Oh nice you're a tripfag thanks for making it easier to filter you
pro tip
if you can't get it up the night before, crash over at hers and use the inevitable morning wood to go to town (plus you'll last longer with morning wood because science)

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Why do people think that sniffling in public is more disgusting than blowing your nose? You're excreting waste material. Imagine if someone walked up to you and said
>everyone's put off by your farting.
>could you take this cloth and shit in it instead?
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I mean you shouldn't be farting in public and people who blow their nose always look disgusting. I only blow my nose in the bathroom.
I don't think sniffling and farting are analogous.

For me even if I blow my nose I'll keep sniffling as long as I'm sick, or until benadryl kicks in or I have a shower. Once you've shit you're done.

Of course people get pissed off with you just the same if you take a benadryl and start being sleepy and dopey.

It's just allergies you fucking normies no one is going to get sick besides me
File: 1.jpg (12KB, 300x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I dont know how people blow their noses I tried to do it and get dizzy everytime, how do you guys do it? is there something i am missing?

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https://youtube.com/watch?v=zTFB5FqW4KQ [Open]

Why does this video of a little girl have 143,971,086 views?

That's one in every 48 people on earth, most of whom are women, children or people without net access.
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These aren't necessarily distinct viewers. It has been up for several years, it might as well be a bunch of creepy old men watching it over and over again.
Yeah I guess you're probably right. It was probably 1 guy who watched it 144 million times.

File: IMG_0948.jpg (65KB, 300x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gee, what an impenetrably convoluted mystery.

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if you dont support him get out of this board

gone but not forgotten
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I like him, but he should've practiced and planned a bit more. He kind of failed miserably.
>support a guy who couldnt get past a door
All talk no game. Manifesto was a good read though.
File: elliotgay.jpg (190KB, 1177x932px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>if you don't support him, congrats. You have an IQ above 75.
>gone, forgotten and laughed at.

What the hell is wrong with white women?
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They want to think that being nasty std-carriers is normal and NOT the antithesis of a desirable sex partner. Like, if you have an std, you're not supposed to have sex anymore. It's your body's way of saying "YOU'RE already fucked. DON'T fuck things up for someone else"
The culmination of "anti-shame" culture is not the end of shame, it's the end of the very concept of criticism.
Poor critical reasoning.

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guys, give me an anime to bawwww at it, I already watched others like Welcome to the NHK, I want something as depressing and realistic at it, something that a loner in his 20's can relate to
I feel like crying but have nothing to manifest it for
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I need something similar as well. Protagonist is afraid of taking risks n is afraid of women.
There has to be something right....
It's more normish than NHK but Clannad After Story.
Make sure you watch Clannad beforehand even if it's not as good.

I'm watching 3-gatsu no lion these days, maybe you'd like it.

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