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Upstate robots get in here! We're a small comfy group with minimum riffraff. Feel free to get drunk and talk about nonsense on voice chat just don't post stupid memes.
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get in here we /comfy/

original comment 1234
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>Don't post stupid memes
K. Keep me posted.
pls we're nice i promise

stay out

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Oh god I think I fucked it
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How do you fuck up this badly Anon?
I think you did because you're the one who asked about books.

Best start going somewhere with the meme shit or you really are fucked.
>harry potter is a classic
Fucking pedestrian hoe. Also
>supposedly likes reading
> doesn't know it's piqued my interest not peaked my interest

>Hehe, see anon, I told you this shirt would still fit!
How do you respond?
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you are fat
I hate fat people
please don't talk to me
If it's not my girlfriend, I say yeah you were right. If it is my girlfriend though, I say, "You fucking liar. We're going to get you on a diet."
squeeze her belly, originally

Where do people make friends online? Even here people talk about their online friends they talk to. I spend all day online and I've never made an online friend. Where do you find these friends?
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ill b your friend
it's weird because it happens naturally but you also have to try really hard

just bee yourself, as they say
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i have friends on some twitch streams.

like i dont like the gigantic streamers (i do watch them for entertainment) but i have many subscribed/followed streams that have on average like 50-500 of the same exact viewers everyday.

we just chat and watch video games. its very comfy.

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>tfw the only proof a girl liked you was back in 1st grade
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She was my reading buddy and was in the 5th grade.
>Closest you ever got to a female companion
that's cute

i remember having reading buddies


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>call himself a robot
>dont have ADHD
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I was taking 40mg of that and i never really worked
ADHD is a normie rockstar chad tier mental illness. They are usually party animals and can't focus in school so they go out on the road and get laid every night while singing about getting laid earlier in the night.
>calls himself a robot
>is vaguely mentally stable

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>mummy found the minge miracle
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>papi found the poop pool
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>The cumunculus escaped from its jar
>mom found the tit television

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>Those precious few minutes after you fap where you don't want sex, don't desire women, you don't need anything, it's just peaceful
>12 hours go by and you just want to fuck everything that moves
God I hate being male sometimes, what about you /r9k/? What do you hate about your gender?
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Shaving. It's far worse than the unnecessary makeup that women are always complaining about. Either you shave or you look like a wildman that gets instantly profiled. Shaving, especially when you skip a day or two, is a bitch.
Same, i hate being slave to the pussy.
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>mfw ssris have taken my desire/ability to ejaculate so i never have to suffer from being horny

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>been very busy with college
>unable to talk to LDR gf for about a week
>finally have time to call her
>open with "Sorry we haven't talked much. I've been really busy. I miss and love you"
>she responds with "i'm really sore because i had sex last night and he was really rough"
>she explicitly says she did it to hurt me for not talking to her
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>she explicitly says she did it to hurt me for not talking to her
she sounds mentally unstable, stop talking to her
if this is real and not just woman hate bait, you're dating an abusive psycho and should dump immediately
Pick one

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>tfw therapist thinks you have an eating disorder
>tfw she wants you to stop "obsessively" worrying about nutrition or calories

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Op do you exercise in addition to worrying about nutrition? Your answer is to this is potentially a good indicator of whether she's right or not.
>Op do you exercise in addition to worrying about nutrition?

I go on 40-50 minute walks every day, but my therapist says it's bad because I need to focus on more productive activities or something. "You can't spend your life walking." Meanwhile she can barely get out of her fucking chair that fucking whale.
this. also post pics anorexic-fag. I can judge better that way.

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I miss my ex-oneitis friendzone friend

>had crush on oneitis
>she didn't like me that way
>sad for a bit
>got over it
>came to grips with just being her friend
>not orbiting her just friends
>love being her friend
>haven't heard from her in 7 months

You all are probably going to call me a pathetic beta orbiter, but honestly despite being a former crush, i enjoyed spending friend time with her. We would go out to eat and talk about our problems, come back and binge watch stuff, play board games, go to the park and swing on the swings talking about stuff, walk around town, sometimes she'd cook for me. She was kind and sympathetic towards me, often giving me advice from a female perspective. Hanging out with her was more relaxing than with my other friends, who are mostly male.

So call me an orbiter and say i was her shoulder to cry on, but really it was more me using her as a shoulder to cry on, and i think that drove her off. I got too comfortable telling her everything that was on my mind, thinking it's fine because we were just friends and i could get away with NOT being Chad all i wanted because she wouldn't be sleeping with me or anything like that.

I guess i'm too beta for even the friendzone..
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Average woman 36.jpg
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Move on. She isn't worth it and even if she had decided to date you she would have roastied out on you because you're too soft. There's a reason she wants Chad and it isn't because he's a "shoulder to cry on and a good friend." Just become a much more selfish and overall darker person. Don't be afraid to ask for favors, though never help. And get used to saying no, to telling people that they can't have what they want to have. Put your foot down.

Either they'll like you for it and you aren't as bad looking as you think or you'll be free of the bullshit that people try to saddle you with. Either way, you win. If your looks can't be escaped and you have to choose between being a dark king or a kind servant, never bow.

I know we're harsh on this board but that's only because we all started off in a similar place to where you are and we want you to be as prosperous as possible while avoiding unnecessary pain, the kind of pain you don't learn anything from or grow from. You'll meet all kinds of people who want to use you in life. From society to women, the number of people who will at least give you commensurate compensation is incredibly low and the ones who give genuine loyalty are even more rare.

tl;dr- Don't be such a beta fuck. Be better. It's time you became more than what society wants you to be. Learn to be okay on your own and always strive for self improvement and for the accomplishment of your goals.
Or you know he just got over her and enjoyed her company. Most women will still keep around friends even if they are beta. Something else is at work here.
Incorrect. He wouldn't be as wounded by her absence and he isn't being honest with himself. She was special. She meant something to him and she still does after these 7 months. And no, the orbiters are emotional tampons. They're to be used to bitch at. Women don't have actual friends. Just people to socialize with and manipulate and increase their social standing with. They need people to be cunty towards. If you've ever wondered where the source of female drama comes from then there it is.

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got really into playing magic in high school. haven't played in like 3 years now.
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same here, i have a ton of old cards that go for a lot now days.

don't care enough to sell them.

i have no attachment to them but still, im not too fond of doing things.

btw... those are 2015... hardly expensive. i have a ton of Stronghold, urzas, 5th ed, MM, invasion, some tempest.

also anything in between. (nemesis, planeshift, 6th, 7th. etc.)

some of the black border Stronghold sell well.
scale modelling

alas, i am /shakyhands/ here. rip

must have spent like $1000 on legos, but I ended up breaking all of them in my autist rage one time.

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>coworker literally calls me 1 hour before her shift to get me to cover for them
>its the second time its happened
>i say no
>realized she wont get fired
>realized a guy before me got fired for doing what she did but 24 hrs in advance.
>get told in school women have it hard and the evil patriarchy is still alive and real
wtf should i do
i cant work at places that treat equals completely different.
ive quit jobs over just coworkers not holding their own and their negative bitterness rubbing off on me.
is /biz/ really right? the only way is to start my own alibaba dropshipping company and buy cyrpto?
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It's either self employed or neet. Self employment is the ultimate redpill but it's the hardest to swallow. If it was easy people would do it.
Maybe she isn't an insufferable cunt and you and your friend are. She isn't going to get fired because people who work there actually like her. That kind of thing is really important even of you are too autistic to see it.
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you ok buddy?
maybe i do stuff when i say ill do it
maybe i can make a schedule and stick with it
maybe im too busy doing my job instead of moving my mouth

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>tfw have a crush on my 14 year old neighbor
why does she have to be so damned pretty, guys?
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Let us point you in the right direction. These people are good help
File: 1490660149025.webm (623KB, 482x860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here, this webm will ease your mind.
If only you lived in Europe you'd only need to wait til she's 15 ;)

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Why are people with autism so attracted to weird looking faces, ugly facial expressions , I don't understand this, My theory is because they struggle to read subtle expressions so the bizarre ugly faces are more appealing to them
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bump for audism
I agree with ur theory anon hava bump
OP gave probably the most reasonable explanation to his own question so I'll ask a different question
Has anyone made friends with someone you were sure had undiagnosed autism? Did you have a sudden realization or do you just wonder the possibility

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