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finally got tired of masturbating
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This is coming from a young guy but how can you seriously get bored with masturbating? It's like, the coolest thing and a definite highlight of my day.

I dunno. Explain that shit and you can leave.
Guys have different libidos.
Most of the retards pushing the No fap meme are the ones who have close to zero sexual urges.
This. At first I thought it was just my depression, but after this long I'm starting to think I'm just asexual. Feels bad man. I know I'm missing out on something amazing but the urge just isn't there. To top it off, i'm only 18.

Is this it for me?

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>tried to leave /r9k/ forever
>didn't even make it a week
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>try to leave /r9k/ to fix my life
>realize that my problems are far bigger than I thought and r9k is just a minor symptom and not a cause
>return to normal shitposting
>try to leave /r9k/
>lonelier than I've ever been

This place is my only "human" interaction.
I left /r9k/ for /pol/ for a few months but I'm back again but it's like this place goy even worse

Why do women think they suffer on our level?

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>that shirt
>that gyno

please fuck off tranny beaner
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random pic i grabbed from /pol/. please discuss the topic at hand.
But he doesn't "get it wrong".

Trump did express non-interventionist foreign policy ideas.

He just decided to forget all about tht and go back to neo-con bullshit because his roastie daughter who is married to a greasy kike felt sad when she saw pictures of dead kids.

Tell us about your first kiss, anon!
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i genuinely don't remember

i'm 21 now and i was 16 when i got it, that's all i know. i know who it was with. not exactly when or where or how it happened though or what i did

no clue

This si the state of our board now, incredible.
>tfw I was complaining about tfw no gf when that song was popular
>tfw literally nothing has changed

thanks OP

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Got fired from my job for missing 2 days of work, lost my passport so cannot get a new job.

have no money for food for 2 weeks

will not be able to afford rent next month

Fastest way to kill myself?
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Can l have your stuff?
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sure you can anon-kun
How much dosh do you need to make it this month?

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Have you made your own setting/fantasy world yet? Do you daydream about it a lot to try to forget reality?

I do.
I'm working on it.
The theme is "good hero is destined to become the ultimate evil".
I love this sort of stuff. I'm mainly influenced by Berserk, the manga.
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what about you get influenced by chad and stop being a virgin
Wow, anon, that sounds like a bunch of fun. Good luck with that.

Did. Tracking the story line by writing down important milestones in a list.

Download alot of pictures of landscapes. Matchable to different parts of story.

Has spent hours on hours drawing a detailed map of the world in which my hero resides. It's ever expanding

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I'm willing to help rehabilitate a Hikikomori/NEET.

My requirements:
>The person lives close enough for us to at least semi-casually meet up (I live in Sweden)
>The person must be older than 18
>We talk a bit to see if we're compatible

My qualifications:
>I was a hiki myself for three and a half years
>I have helped people with hiki experience before, although they weren't hikis by the time I met them they did have social problems that I helped them with.

I cannot turn you into a normie as I'm not one myself; I can only help you feel better about yourself so that hopefully you can start your life again.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them in this thread.

I set up a kik account, the username is fiftygazelles. But I can use skype, discord, e-mail or whatever else as well if you ask for it.
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>name is an african animal

But being a hiki is the only way to live.
you just want to rape vulnerable people

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Good evening r9k, I was legally dead for 20 minutes. Ask me anything.
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If you kill yourself does it count as illegally dead?
I have no idea. Sorry man.
What did you see? Original

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Fembots, What do you think about e-relation ships? Have you ever been in one? Are you in one now?

Post pls
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I can move for real love, anon. Not fake love I thought was real due to external mindfucks. I have nothing to lose. Just tell me if it's over or not.
I'm in an e-LDR with a robot. Originally I wanted to say no because he's so far, but I like him too much.
Its cute enough, provides companionship and lewding, and maybe one day ill save up enough to move closer to hin

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>The worst that's gonna happen is she's gonna say no.
Is that really the worst that might happen?
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You never get to talk to anyone alone, so someone else will be there. Next day everyone knows, and if you get rejected, everyone will mention it when talking about you or even to you, from then on known as the spaghetti incident.
what is that thing in the middle

other than some robot's wet dream?
She can block you everywhere and start avoiding you.

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Reminder that most of you guys are normalfags because you still care about and obsess over things like getting a girlfriend, jobs, moving out of your parents' house, making friends, getting over social anxiety, etc. even if you'll likely never achieve them.

If you were real robots, you'd not give a single fuck about any of those things. You'd just live and let live.
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Yes, it's msotly failed normies here, I gave upon those useless bluepilled things when I was 15
Being bitter and petty is a core facet of robotdom
Reminder that if these people left the board would be almost empty to the point where it would just get deleted.

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Why aren't you living in a one-man internet connected rechargeable moped?
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Better question,why the fuck would I be

think about how much a fucking house or apartment costs vs a rechargable moped w/ plastic frame, wifi antenna and enclosed cot + kitchen living area.

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Where the fuck do you look at while walking somewhere and someone comes walking from the opposite direction so you're facing each other REEEEEEEEE
I used to stare at the ground, maybe sometimes smile at a cutie, but they'd always ignore me or turn their head 180 degrees.
Now I just stare them dead in the eyes until they look at the ground in defeat. Neither of this is very productive although the last method somewhat makes me feel good.
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Stare at their crotch

Better to be a pervert than an autist

Knowing my luck I'd get sued for that even though I don't live in Swedistan.
I'm walking my dog so I just look down at her and motion her with the leash to pretend I'm trying to go to the side (if it's a car). People I just look straight and keep walking or say "hi" if they do first. The worst is cars, though. I can never tell if they're waving at me through their tinted windshields and I don'\t wanna stare like some weirdo, but when they speed off after passing me I feel like they're annoyed I didn't greet them or something.

Have you taken your daily Vitamin D yet?
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You've got to take the Initial D first, anon
I don't chase stars
but I get dangerously close

oh oh no, oh oh yeah
i have fucking 4 mG/L vitamin d and still forget to take my pills more often than not

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Here's a song I made:

Just tell me if It's over
Before I go and mimic
All the men and women who never made it to the picnic
I don't want to be...like that again
Please don't make me suffer through their odd, dangerous, social muck
Just tell me if it's over cuz
I don't chase stars
but I get close enough to see
So tell me if it's over please
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Sounds too edgy. It`s like the "soulful", "profound" shit teenage girl listen to. Try harder you fucking norman. But hey,at least you actually posted content on this board,which is an improvement,over the shitty fembot and normie threads that permeate this hell of a board.
Spontinuity flying off the cuff
Give me marmalade give me tasty stuff
If you sing with me I'll hang out with you
Please don't leave me or my life is through
Gay and autistic af

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