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>gf laughed and said she would chose the one on the left
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Why would i be at the beach, go all that way just to walk around and get a little wet just to pack it in and go back home
>bf laughed and said he would choose the one on the right
righty could very well be a grower. can't judge them as they are right now.

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Anon continues from yesterday!
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Are you the O_o guy?
Please stop.
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For those who missed

Yesterday begins here
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I am indeed

Bumping with old pics

The world is reduced to only 30 inmortal people and you are one of them. What is your job?
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Grand wizard.


(Or philosophical and smart people shit because fuck actually doing stuff. I would also need a lackie to take notes.)
I oversee the North Asian and East European provinces and mainly keep the others informed about meteorological goings on. In my spare time I study lucid dreaming and external neurology.
I've always been really good with maps. After we've found a good place I could be a fisherman/builder

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Shag off until I get a double double from timmys, eh
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>there was a porn site named shaggit dot org I used to fap like 10 years ago
What fucking bumfuck part of Canada says shag off?
There's Tim Hortons in Minnesota

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>born in rhode island
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>Comfiest state
>boring as shit
>nothing to do
>weather sucks
>online for anything is dead
>homeless begging everywhere

The rich may have it comfy but that could be said of any rich people

Why U from here
My uncle lived out there deep in the woods. He had this huge house that never got finished being built because he ended up divorcing the rich woman he married. In all the time in between he lived in the basement and practiced survivalism. Always had a good time out there, what's the problem?

Maybe you just need a house innawoods?

How do I ask my only friend to take my buttplug measurements without it being gay?
If I go to my local sex shop will they let me 'test drive' the buttplugs?
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are you a big guy?
get a big butt plug for you
butt plugs are cheap just fucking buy a few
anything bigger than the 3rd one expect your b-hole to get pulled inside out

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What's stuck on your mind, anon?
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I'm a loser failure
anime titties and my world history final
Im a loser failure and I wanna kill myself very very much.

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Describe your ideal funeral.
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That is the saddest thing I've seen here all day.
Nice casket fedora
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Not having one

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General chatting thread, Lambda calculus edition.

Hey /r9k/, resident normie here. If you'd like some advice, have any question you want to ask or just need to vent for a bit and get stuff off your chest, feel free to post here. No such thing as stupid questions here, I'll attempt to answer each and every post wholeheartedly(:

>inb4 OP off my board reeeeeeeee
>inb4 OP can't inb4
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Prove you're a normie before we proceed.
This always happens in these threads, and I always feel like I'm jerking myself off, trying to prove that I have a rich and fulfilling life. Nevertheless, here it goes - I have a tight group of friends, I go out frequently (well, at least until finals started coming round) and (kinda) a girlfriend. I also have no trouble making new friends and even people who don't know me well think I'm a chill guy to be around.
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Just bought some LA Gear shoes, pretty comfy desu. About to leave for the deli to get some hard salami, mabey bang a few slags, heh.

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>fancy meeting you here, anon
>what games are you gonna get?
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uh well i was uh t-the sims 3...uh showtime, k-katy perry edition
>pffft. I bet you actually buy games here don't you, fucking pleb
>*keeps walking towards FYE/Bestbuy*
>"oh this is the wrong store. I'm not a console fag, sorry. It was nice seeing you though!"

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Service Station night edition
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Cute girl at work today was staring at me and when I noticed she started laughing and said I looked funny focusing on my work. What the fuck did she mean by this lads, was she insulting me
first for wtf
been unemployed for three years, finally got a job, but had to leave after two weeks because i kept getting injured (it was in a warehouse). my body is so weak

now i'm back to job hunting, and my parents will be pissed

life is shit

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>at 75 yo
>want to pass while sitting on a rocking chair on the porch, watching the twilight of a clear day where it had just snowed,
>an absolute silence that emphasizes my breathing as it grows weaker
>the ground covered with white snow like my thoughts
>I take one last sip of my favorite coffee
>pick up my guitar and play my favorite songs
>or perhaps an improvisation
>until the moment my hands freeze
>my is slowly stopping
>and i have no strength left in my body
>look up to the stars one last time
>feel the snowflakes falling on my face
>then i would sleep under effect of the sweet winter's lullaby
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my heart*
small fuck up.
In all honestly my childish dream is to be immortal so i can see how humanity advances throughout the time it's alive.
It'd also be worse than death
I want to die without being aware of the fact that I'm dying or being aware in advance.

The mental anguish I get thinking about death is too great of a burden to bear. I don't know how I'd be able to handle the thought of an impending death.

how /pure/ are you, r9k?

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>Urinated in public

Like pulling over at the side of the road to piss during a long trip?
I feel like I havent done those things
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Sans titre.png
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I'm an original virgin desu.

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What's your first impression of me /r9k/?

You can be honest.
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probably insecure, won't take aging well
looks homosexual
Go back to soc faggot

MODS do your fucking job

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back to the top of the page
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watching the Anaheim Nashville game...not sure who I want to win
how else am I gonna play willy wars, pleb?

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