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>be me, wage cuck working graveyard
>blonde cunt asks for cigs
>charge her and get a card and three bucks for payment
>swipe card, transaction gets approved
>give roastie her change, card and smokes
>"Why didn't you pay with the money? Didn't you see it?"
>why would I use the cash when your card worked just fine
>sucks teeth
>"wellll you coulda told me that befo-"
>listen lady, you already got your cigarettes. Now you'll have to make way for the next customer.
>"ugh whatever"

Why do women have to act so fucking entitled? Why do they have to make everything a big fucking deal. Why are they never content? She got her motherfucking cancer sticks regardless and she still bitched about it. I never knew I had this much self control until now. I wanted to fucking strangle her for this. God I hate retail jobs but I hate people more.
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because she's a woman, there's no reason for them to bitch about anything, it's just in their nature

Also you're pleb-tier
She wanted you to put 3 dollars in cash and the rest on her card you autist
What happened to service with a smile?

Please tell me why it is so hard to find a decent girl for you anon. What type of girls did you talk to? Is it typical Stacies? Did you even try or did you just fall for the echo chamber memes?
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>talking to girls

What is stopping you my man?
I don't go outside and only gay guys like obese men.

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Just saw my grades for my first year of university. They were terrible.

It was easy to be successful in high school but not in uni. All I did during this year was play League and GW2, browse 4chan and fap to porn. I made precisely zero friends throughout the whole year, all because of Internet addiction.

My plan:
>buy cheapest chromebook
>buy basic phone
>buy mp3 player
>only use university wi-fi ( I commute)

From now on, the only things that can give me dopamine are eating, getting good grades and socially interacting with my university classmates.

wish me luck /r9k/
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how did you spend the free time you had between classes? Mustve been boring as hell. Cuz i kno the feeling
Godspeed anon, I hope you escape this shithole and be a better man. I'm probably gonna do the same soon.
good on you ops

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Is grocery shopping right when the store opens the best way to avoid people?
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No you grocery shop at night since nobody does that.
>he doesn't order his groceries online

fucking pleb.
None of the stores near me were open 24 hours because nigs would steal a ton of shit if they did.
>tfw i cant afford to do this on my bux

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>a qt girl is nice with me
>i fell in love with her because i think she is in love with me
im pathetic lads
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>tfw can't tell if a girl is being nice or if she likes me so I just avoid all female interaction because holy shit this is all so confusing
Be forever alone fag

Anytime a girl shows a little affection immediately fall in love with her I know it's pathetic but I cant control it so you're not the only one
>Incredibly handsome
>Incredibly autistic
Girls aren't even nice to me. They just fucking hit on me. I'm one of 4 men in society that get cat called by women instead of gay men. I always say a new weird thing. I don't know how to tell them down because normies are so fucking entitled. Even a single shred of aloofness will result in roasties wanting you more or them calling you mean names. All i fucking want is for someone to love me for who I am but stacies are building up a giant wall groveling for me so real women can't get through. I wish I was less handsome. Then when I'd know people truly love me.

Reminder that natural selection means not everyone can have offspring.

Feminism has broken down the old system where most men could reliably get a female, due to the number game, and breed. Now we live in a repreoductively competitive society where women are increasingly more selective over men, and women as a whole, over time, are breeding with fewer and fewer men.

We can see this demonstrably. Look at the top of society, the most successful men have often had 2-3 marriages with women, and fathered children with most of then. They have successfully passed on their genes to the future generations.

This will become increasing common as women are more empowered and we will begin to see a larger and larger group of rejected men who will become the worker bees of society.

If you are currently a virgin over the age of 23, then guess what, things only get harder from here on out. You risk dropping out of the list of potential breeding partners and will be the end of the line for your genetic history.

Good luck.
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I'm not a virgin.
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>If you are currently a virgin over the age of 23, then guess what, things only get harder from here on out. You risk dropping out of the list of potential breeding partners and will be the end of the line for your genetic history.
Hell yeah I made it
What age you lose your virginity has nothing to do with your chances of breeding. That has more to do with your height, face, frame, wealth, social status, etc.

t. got /fit/ and lost virginity at 24

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Is it harder to get a gf these days?
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Than in 1865? Yes considering there was no such thing as dating.
Not if you're Chad or Brad.
Interesting news clip. It's not like any of his farm hands likely had a gf.

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Lucked out.jpg
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>Be me
>Failure of a human
>Good grades when motivated but no consistency
>Drop out of university, never finishing my degree
>Set for failure
>Grandparents die
>Grandparents own two houses next to each other with 3 large apartments each
>Aunts want to keep them in family but not take them, push them on my father
>Father doesn't live here, hands them down to me
>Don't have to pay rent
>Never do anything so no real running costs
>Basically live of the rent from the other apartments, no real taxes because various costs such as running costs are deductible and I do not breach the ammount necessary for proper taxation
>Grandfathers sister couldn't have children
>Be favorite family member because nobody else kept in touch
>Recently told me while visiting them that they decided to put me as inheritor, actually feel bad about this because it makes it seem that it was the only reason I kept in touch

Basically, I achieved nothing in my life. I have done nothing of value. Contributed nothing of value. Yet solely due to dumb luck and the older generations in my family, I'm way better off than most of my friends. When people ask me what I am doing my answer is "I own and manage real estate", which isn't untrue but also not entirely true. Anyone else got lucky and would've otherwise be some even worse loser living in a dumpster?
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You're living the NEET dream. Nice
This is how a lot of people become wealthy/upper-middle class. Life isn't fair and you got lucky, embrace it.
you seem like a nice person and I like you, so I am glad that you lucked out.

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>tfw no Emma Watson gf

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wtf is wrong wih her body??
I'd rather date her friend taking the pictures.
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emma mouthfuck.jpg
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Lying faggots or fatasses detected. Ugly dudes always like to pretend girls like this aren't perfect. If you haven't fucked a skinny girl with a pretty face and a nice butt you haven't lived.


excuse for you only being able to get fatties

>tfw your grandmother cleans your room when you're away and finds your penis pump
>tfw she probably found dozens of empty codeine packets under the bed
>tfw she probably saw the piss jugs under my desk
>tfw my cum rags have disappeared

I'm a 21 year old NEET and this happened to me recently, I think she might have told my mum because she's acting strange around me recently.

Should I end my life
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No you should move out
I would if I could anon, I have no income whatsoever. I'm trying to find a job but there's nothing going around here
No, you should clean your fucking room yourself. Disgusting.

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>tfw no byzantine bf
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>there are approximately 2893 OP's using this image and some form of >tfw no bf
>the first post number was 18320267, meaning there has been 19519855 posts between the first one and this one
>this was originally posted on the 29th of April 2015 at 03:22:41, meaning there has been 2 years 1 month 22 days 8 hours 11 minutes and 5 seconds between the original post and this one
>there are around 1392151 OPs on /r9k/, thus >tfw no bf threads make up approximately 0.207807917% of all OPs
i wanna be some lady's Justinian but, no.
i'm a pleb.
Ridiculous! The OP must be insane. Are you insane Jack?

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>"morning wagie, whats that? youve been at work for 5 hours already? geez that must be hard wagie"
*swirls and sips coffee*
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>"Woah there friend, have a sip of wine to chill you out"
You fucking NEETfags can never afford the shit i can. fuck you you fucking leech scumbags

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is Mercy mommy or gf and what is gf?
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I never played overwatch. I don't think it's my cup of tea, I watched quite a bit of it online. But by god, did this game bring the best waifus ever. The porn is amazing too, so there's that. thanks blizz
>mommy or gf
Why not both?
Not really, Mercy is the only good one and people insist on ruining her with dyke pairings. I guess Mei too if you're an unironic thiccnigger.

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Pepe dump thread
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Post all your Pepe images, going to amass the biggest Pepe collection of all
File: CrZXNOQXYAAUAiP.jpg (106KB, 731x1070px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pepe in a jar. Rare enough?
File: wata pepe.png (107KB, 800x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wata pepe.png
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Muh pepes

Does anyone eIse on here ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurabIe for women it makes me deeply depressed... It just feels Iike bioIogy and my body has betrayed me.
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welcome back nutcase
I hate everything you just typed, but that webm was really good. could you just post more stuff like that webm and dodge the word filter like everyone else without saying some gay shit like that?
post sauce famalam plox

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