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>be me
>go up to qt white pale brunette
>ask her if she needs help finding anything (I work in retail)
>she says no
>I say she has very nice genes
>she replies I'm not wearing jeans
>tell her I mean genetics
>she awkwardly walks away saying nothing

I'm hopeless, right?
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Can you not control your autism in public?
you should have told her you wanted to put your peener in her virginer. that's a smoother pick up line.
I can't sometimes, it's what popped up in my head, and it's the thought I got when looking at her. She has nice genes, I want to fuck her

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How many virgin robots think they'll probably end up losing it to a hooker, or are even planning on it?
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I lost my virhinity to a hooker. I still fuck escorts regularly but have since had gfs and normal hook ups and tinder flings

I have a gf right now actually. Gonna dump her in 2 weeks once she is a little settled into university so that she doesn't get too depressed
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Virgin robot here. My plan is to pay a hooker once I turn 30 whilst still being a virgin. I came up with this plan when I was 20. I'm 27 and so far I managed to protect my virginity. In a way I'm keeping it for a very special... whore. fml.
Anyone considering fucking a hooker should go to a hippie gathering. A lot of the women there will fuck robots.

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>tfw really drunk
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Being druck is the best feel. Pretty much the only time where I'm happy. I get along with people, can talk to women etc. It's the best.

The day after always makes me feel super suicidal, though.
I feel suicidal even when Im drunk butt its great. I did too much I think
You still seem fine. When I get legit drunk, I'm unable to even write in coherent sentences.

What did you drink, by the way?

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>in my dorm doing homework
>self loathing about being kvh
>normie roomates bring in crowd of people
>I just want to be alone
Theres no hope for robots. Why am I here?
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>woe is me I am so alone
>social opportunity is laid on your doorstep
>why can't I just be left alone

You're digging your own grave faggot
Ive been on tinder all day. No matches. Ill never get someone.
If you start working out, and running, I'm sure you'll have a lot more confidence

Who here a grower? Unerect i have a baby penis but erect im like 5.5 inches.
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So you just have a baby penis in general then?
>Unerect i have a baby penis
Bad news.
i-is that bad?

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>A month ago I made a thread ama thread and wasnt able to get to all questions as I fell asleep

>Used to browse this board a lot when feeling down and want to give back

>Ask literally anything
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I am also a robot tranny (female to male)
How did you escape? How did you become "ex"?
I got a job, that had me dealing with people. I got a job working as a Hotel Desk person. I was kinda forced to deal with people, but I think working there made me get over my social anxieties and over all awkwardness. After that I met a normie bf, introduced me to his normie friendos, started doing normie things. Before I knew it I had a decent social life, a decent job, and living with bf. Honestly, thats how its done. Just start talking to people. Find a way to force yourself to talk to people like I did
Are traps gay?

Would you fuck her? Do you find her attractive?
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Probably not, I don't find her attractive.
She looks like she doesn't shave or wash
I'd probably fuck her if the rest of her body was good. I don't particularly find her face attractive though.

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I think that most of the rape laws are unfairly rigged and just ruin lives. I'm not saying "legalize all rape" but I think a lot can be done to fix it. In particular, three.

> If you are drunk and "raped", it does not count as sexual assault unless you did not put yourself under the influence
Courts have ruled that you are responsible for drunk driving even if friends convinced you because you willingly chose to get drunk. The same should be applied to sexual assault, if you said "yes" when you were drunk, that's not rape, that's a regrettable choice

> A minor (15-18) will be tried as an adult and sentenced similarly if she willingly lies about her age to an adult
Obviously this doesn't apply to pedos, who will go after teenage ass no matter what, but a teenager who willingly catfishes someone will walk while the adult takes the fall. Statutory laws still apply if she tells the truth.

>A false rape accusation carries a hefty fine and jail time and is a criminal, not a civil case.
'nuff said

Those are mine, how would you fix the laws in place?
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revoke Title IX so college campus witch hunts aren't encouraged.

that's all I got, don't know much about rape laws
> you shouldn't be charged unless she reports the rape within 3 weeks

Seriously though even if it was forced 3 weeks without talking, might as well wanted that cock inside you.
>> If you are drunk and "raped", it does not count as sexual assault unless you did not put yourself under the influence

How are you qualified to judge the difference between regretting consent and someone literally raping a drunk girl?

>you will never go bacl to 2008, straighten your hair and hang out with the scene kids without a worry in the world

What I'd give to go back. This shit is impossible to bring back, it was a time and a place.

I wanna be xXxCarnivorousCarlos__xXx, not a normal guy
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i see this shit at malls still
>tfw these people still exist
>tfw all they talk about how much they hate the president instead of their edgy bands and angst

this fucking sucks
It's not the same, though. Really? Where? In the states?

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What is your job/major? Does anyone have a well paying and/or fulfilling career?

also how many pull ups can you do
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QA engineer, 75k salary and i get to work from home

I dunno, around 10
Healthcare Consultant. 55k, no.

>19 reps @215lbs bodyweight

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Nay, lass. Ye be too thirsty, nigga.
sorry too skinny
Only if she's based

If blacks are conservative then they can breed with any white person they want

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>girl with the PERFECT personality for you
>talking to her makes your heart skip a beat
>she's the only girl who will ever be interested in you
>she looks like pic related

What would you do, /r9k/?
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date her? obviously
>making a pig your wife
why would you ever go that low
I'm not attractive or interesting enough to have standards. I would date almost anybody that liked me and wanted to dat eme.

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I just ate a whole box of ice cream in 25 minutes. God I fucking hate myself
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yeah you're gonna have to shave 5 minutes off that time if you don't want to be cut from the team
Holy shit you are one fat FAGGOT. How much do you weigh tubby?
not THAT much... like 200

Who else dropped South Park after this episode?

Feminism ass licking of the worst kind
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I dropped South Park after I became 12 years old and thus too old for the toilet humor.
It took you long to realize this is some shitty liberal show
South Park is still funny, you guys are reading too much into this.

This time on our adventures with Chadfish, we'll be conducting an experiment for virgin women. Let's have some fun. I'm still making the account but I'll be back in a bit.
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Got nothing to do right now so im curious about the results!
This better be good, anon. I need more women hate fuel.
Here's a fun challenge anon, why don't you use a picture of yourself and try to find a girlfriend!

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