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How would you react if your family/friends/peers sat you down in a room and started doing a powerpoint presentation on every single 4chan post you made? How would your friends/family/peers react? I would probably slit my neck with my pocket knife once they got to my responses to trap threads. Better dying than seeing their faces.
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So many posts, it would be like a full semester course.
I'd enjoy lecturing them about all of it.
Same, I told some pretty dark secrets on chans and I made some very nasty comments, posting anonymously brings out the worse in people. I'd probably cut ties with all of them.
desu I'd probably find a way to stop the presentation or an hero a quarter of the way through my time on /pol/. I could probably handle talking about my posts on /pol/, but I know the /lgbt/ posting and general trap/gay posting is just around the corner from that point. I don't need to feel the massive wave of disappointment, which I would never be able to recover from, after they read all the posts about my life and how strangers on the internet agreed with my thoughts that I'm a repressing tranny in denial.

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I turn 20 this month :(

How do I deal with the crippling realisation that things are only downhill from here?
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I turned 20 yo 29 of August, you should've already gotten over thhose crippling feelings, just realize that relationships and friendships are vastly overrated.
30 is downhill mate 20s are peaking. Get out there and use it
i turned 20 recently and i wanna kill myself

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>preordered Metroid: Samus Returns today
first preorder I've ever done, it's gonna be a good one
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>video games
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't think so, champ.
looks like shit, get hollow knight or hyper light drifter instead
>AM2R guy works on his fan game for years
>it's not a secret or anything, iirc releases incomplete versions without any problems
>finally releases the completed version
>Nintendo see it's popular and tells him to fuck off and shut it down
>Nintendo releases their own remake of Metroid 2

Two weeks remain.
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The first was really good, too bad that I don't have any friend to play with.
I bought the first one. Played for 10 minutes. Then had it refunded. I have never seen more generic looking garbage.
The game is definitely not nor normies nor brainlets.

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>Anon what are you waiting for?
>You've got two hot girls like us and you're just going to stand there?
>Come fuck us!
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I dont know about the right one but hotkinkyjo is definetly married. How do you oversee the fact that this womans ass is as loose as 20 year rubberband?
>anon what are you waiting for
>are you gay!!
>or are you virgin!
>come fuck us you loser!
imagine the smell leaking out

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I just figured out how not to get cucked if you ever get married.
Just have lots of kids.
I mean 10-20 of them.
Keep your wife constantly pregnant, so she doesn't have the time to go out and cuck you or she will be so big that it just won't be an option for her.
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>implying she cannot cuck you while pregnant
Wouldn't that mean she'd forget about her figure and that she'll get fat?
There was the guy on here like two nights ago with pics, of him having an affair with a married, pregnant woman at like 7 months along.

There's literally nothing you can do now to avoid being cucked, it's all just luck if it happens to you or doesn't.

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Hey anon, what do you think of our bathing suits?
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they looks comfy haha
The one on the left (Carol Seleme) has lost her mind in the past few years, now she does incredibly strange porn. There are still a couple videos of her naked and normal looking though. Beautiful woman, but fucking insane.
Hey sir, could you take a pic of me and my sister Conchitas' shitters? Thanks papi! BRRRAPP!

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>be me

do i have to say more?
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Wealth, intellect, height? You could be redeemable. Tell me about yourself anon. There could be some good in you.
Well, they always tell me i'm smart.
What they don't know is that i am as much of a dumbass as anybody, but i'm interested in things that make me seem smart.

Did you have to say anything at all ? can't you just go out in peace.. worldometers.info Motivation right there.

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can we get a robot room thread going? I haven't seen one in a long time. pic related

rate each other's rooms on degeneracy, how much cool shit they have, and comfiness
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2nd half of my room
File: z8l2kA0n.jpg (46KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Only thing behind me are drawers
How do you have that many funs and not feel tempted to suicide?

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>say circumcision is bad
>can everyone who disagrees a jew

It's perfect
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bump for you and your sexy dubs senpai
Well it just straight up is bad though

there is no real reason to defend it.
It objectively is, though. The negatives far outweigh the positives, if there is any.

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lets make some friendos

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alai#1758 yey
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If you're a lewd slutty cute boi reply to this comment


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Im a newfag looking for a cool board thats like this one but without the autism, NEETS and people unironically crying about not having a gf and blaming chad for all their problems. Basically looking for realtalk and memes.

pic unrelated
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check out reddit!
Sounds like you need FaceBook.
im coming from reddit and im tired of that echochamber shithole.

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Why are they called sciences if they don't use empiricism or the scientific method? You can't run experiments with measurable results over societies to confirm or disprove autistic theories thought up by jews in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Is it just so brainlets who couldn't get into a STEM degree get to feel smart?
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>t. Anon the NEETcuck
t. just came back from a lecture about something inconsequential and easily digestible
many experiments done by STEM grads have little or no value. social studies provides plenty of value.

if you talk about being smart or not then you're at the bottom of society senpai. everybody has their own thing they are good at.

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Oh hey fembot. Funny seeing you here.
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nice bod, but his face looks retarded 4/10
>tfw that actually looks like the door to my computer room
Man I'd be mad if some maniac broke in and took his clothes off. Wouldn't put it past this shitty neighborhood.
>he's got a hanger and not a skypointer
Haha, how pathetic

Have you had any online female friends?
I met M on omegle October 2010. I was 18 she was 14. Never got romantic between us. The first 2 years we would Skype everyday. Would say ILY all the time. The past 4 years we talked maybe once a month, then maybe once a year. There wasn't ever competition for her attention because she was too shy to make more online friends. Last time we talked she asked how would I feel if she had a bf. I told her as long as you have someone to ask how was your day, that's all I want for you. I love you, M.
Get an online pen pal, anon.
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does that bitch live in vancouver?
She's from Norway.
i tried a few times on that international pen pals site because i found the concept appealing and i'm also trying to learn several languages and it would've been good practice but somehow nothing ever came of it. i had a few conversations, girls from all over the world would randomly message me and i even got one indonesian girl's whatsapp number but it turns out i just feel zero responsibility towards answering someone i've never met irl and none of them were actually interesting people. usually it was only "how are you?" - "where are you from?" - "why are you learning x-language?" and then we had nothing to say to each other any more.

maybe i should try again some time. i periodically get the urge to do that at 3 in the morning.

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