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How did prom night go for you /r9k/?

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I wanted to go home and sleep about half-way through. Pretty fucking boring.

The one part I did enjoy though was just sitting outside next to a pond with my date just talking and watching the stars.

But yeah, not worth the hyper.
lt didn't
I stayed at home playing world of warcraft

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>Favourite videogame
>Favourite movie
>Favourite book
>Favourite writer/artist
>Favourite anime/manga
>Favourite music
>Favourite boards
>Favourite colour
>Political Ideology
>Dream job
>Type of gf/bf
>Where you want to live
>Favourite meme (optional)

Let's have a friendly bread
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Runescape (OSRS I Guess)
Sansho the Bailiff
Age of Reason by Jean Paul Sartre
Never watched any, but I want to. Weebs seem happier.
Black metal
r9k, out, mu
I liked green as a kid, I like beige as an adult.
>political ideology
I never really cared. I voted green party here in Canada, even though I don't agree with much of their stances.
>dream job
>type of gf
Thicc with brown pixie cut, tom-boyish.
>where you want to live
>favorite meme
Rage comics were funny.
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>Dark souls
>Stalker and Pi
>Kafkas Trial
>Bach, Schubert, Tschaikowsky, Grieg
>pol and r9k
>writer / musician
>spooky skellingotns
Not special at all.
I don't enjoy anything
I have no interests
I mostly just stare into space

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Robots, try to explain why you don't have a girlfriend with an image or gif.
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Nobody really needs one
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i didn't have any image like that but i found this one and the expression fits perfectly
Women are evil and can't be trusted.

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Here's a fun fact: putting your dick in a woman's mouth feels exactly the same as putting it in a mans mouth. Putting your dick in a woman's ass hole feels exactly the same as putting it in a mans hole.
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So who's fucking me then
and putting your dick in a horse's vagina feels the same as putting it in a woman's
>Why do you have to tell me that every time you make carrot juice Pep-Pep?

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>got a speeding ticket
>insurance going to rape me
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its your fault for living in the third world mate
Really, op?
Respect the road and others. The speed limit is NOT a joke.
Why do you think I live in the third world?
>only person for miles
>not a joke

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Why hasn't a Hitler-like figure arisen and radicalized all the angry, hopeless, young virgin losers?

btw Trump is not that person.
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Because we're not that crowd and there's like 4 of us in total.
Richard Spencer and Jason Unruhe are trying that with their collectivist ideologies but they are failing and doing poorly.
That is my dream.

Take a bunch of disenfranchised robots and create an army to fight for Kaczynski-esque regime (but less retarded) and usurp all the 1% of kikes.

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>your IQ
>do you believe in God
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Your job is to torment me until I exalt Jesus?

You're too late I've already done that.

Where's my fruit

>believing in such a sad thing is something only imbeciles have the ability to acomplish
no roblox bloxx

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>"Sorry it took so long anon, but I'm ready to go! So, where are you taking me to eat today?"
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Popeye's, babe.
I was just gonna pick something up from Annie's Kitchen. Best hot tamales in town. Was thinking 2 dozen of those, order of pulled pork, large mac & cheese, large greens, and a pan of corn bread. What you think?
to the slop bin behind my uncle's barn

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I wanna join the yakuza.
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They don't accept kimchi

Asians are inferior

>comment not original kek
>I wanna join the yakuza.
Honestly same

please type original comments

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4 months.png
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After a 7 year relationship, it takes 4 months for your average woman to miss the cock enough for her to go meet new men.
How does this make you feel, robots? That a woman can easily get over a traumatic event and 7 years of relationship to go ride Chad's cock. And then afterward not feel bad about it, but actually proud of yourself for doing that.
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I've never had a relationship of any length, so I can't understand what that would feel like. I don't know if there's even anybody in my life whose death would strongly impact me one way or another.
At least she had the courtesy of moving before Chad's semen got all over her dead fiance's sheets.
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This is them. Chances she was already cheating the entire time?

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How can one stop emotionally investing into people online?
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How could you even start?
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By being emotionally distant? I don't know maybe delete the app you're speaking with them on. This shouldn't be difficult.
Autism does things to you

Anybody wanna see me cum?
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Yes anon keep going. Show us your man milk.
Penises are quite ugly and eject unpleasant and messy fluids
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I'm using the Stoya Fleshlight and watching Cock Hero XP

>mcdonalds burgers taste exactly the same when vomited
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>dont masturbate with icy hot it doesnt feel good
Take benadryl for exceptionally good faps
>Don't use toothpaste while fapping.
Your dick will feel like in a bath of ice, without the low temps

whats your favorite drug, /r9k/?
what do you want to try?
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>tfw never even been drunk or tried smoking
>tfw living on a farm and has free access to assorted shrooms, poppy and weed
>whats your favorite drug, /r9k/?
DXM, MXE, DCK, ketamine, LSD
>what do you want to try?
More tryptamines, dizocilpine
Fav drug?
Opiates, specifically hydrocodone
Wanna try?

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help r9k.jpg
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So recently I started seeing people that don't exist.

I know they are not real because they can't tell the time (they refuse to answer, because if I check the time I would know they are wrong).

I'm so fucking lonely that I unironically started to create imaginary friends.

the fuck do I do
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I'm sorry robot, that sounds like a terrible and scary experience, I can't begin to imagine what that must feel like. You should really go to mental health, but you're a useless faggot so what you actually are gonna do is commit suicide, because I said so
I dunno if youre baiting but that looks like severe schizophrenia, go to a mental facilitie before it gets worse
Actually when I started hearing voices it was fucking terrifying, but when I met "them", it was actually normal... (in my mind).

I work at home for a website, so I don't need to go out.

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