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Why do people hate the Kardashian Jenners? They're women who are rich because of their looks.
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They look like mutant Janet Jacksons, they are rich because their father is a famous lawyer and they're related to an Olympic athlete tranny.
seems like a pretty good reason to hate them to me anon
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It's the perfect example of class separation. They were born into a family of wealth and get to slut around all day because their father defended OJ Simpson and because Bruce Jenner was in the Olympics.
Who wouldn't feel angry and jealous of that? They don't have to work a day in their life and get to show off to the rest of the world just how much they don't have to work.

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>one shot at life
>be born the worst race
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>tfw no black trap gf
also want this but I've never found one in my city
>tfw live in white province

Black transgender women are the most beautiful beings in all creation

>tfw no Nubian Queen to gib me the bbc

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The numbers below all follow a certain rule. What is the missing number?
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>look closely!
>the answer is a number!
>count carefully!
ok this guess is a bit of a prayer but 3?
This is a new puzzle from the upcoming Prof Layton game on Switch, my uncle works for Nintendo and he let me see it.

>A dog is digging a hole in the backyard and finds a bone. The Police come and seize the dirt but then a meteor hits the earth and breaks it up into 8 equally sized quadrants. What colour what have the eyes of the dogs owners sisters aborted fetus been?

Hint 1: Think carefully
Hint 2: Reread the 3rd sentence
Hint 3: Heterochromia is involved

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>people who listen to Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 Chill Gaming / Study Beats on Youtube
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I agree
this is what I listen to
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>People that think their music taste makes them better than other people
Just fucking off yourselves
If you don't think that taste in art makes people superior you are an irredeemable prole

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Why aren't you listening to Lil uzi vert? He's the perfect chill go to artist to listen to. The other day I had a girl come over to smoke weed with me and I had no idea what music to play, and then I came to my senses and in my head I said "aahhh, of course lil uzi is what we will listen to."
>You can never go wrong with uzi
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I do listen to Uzi, XO Tour Lif3 is my jam.
He's old news.
His voice is annoying.

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is it better to be disgustingly fat or disgustingly skinny?
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it's easier to go up from skinny than down from being fat.
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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CEtRGQWObmY >>>/fit/
how is this even a question

at least skinny people don't take up other people's space

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>asleep, dreaming
>Stacy making fun of me for the last time
>Throw her on the ground, she's lying on her belly
>Strip off her pants and panties to mid thigh
>Get my cock out to rape her
>Can't get hard
>Try rubbing my limp cock against her anus
>Can't get it up at all
>Wake up defeated
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Oh man.... IM WET
man that is truly pathetic
I get cockblocked in all my dreams too. I've never had a real wet dream.

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What happens when a retarded person becomes aware of their retardation?
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If they can become truly aware of their own retardation (or just recognize that they are different), they can probably become depressed too.
depression and substance abuse
don't ask why
they kill themselves

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how do i move out at 19?
i have roughly 20k saved up from wagecucking the past year instead of going to college but i dont want to really dip into any of that yet.
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20k is pretty gud enough to live on for a year.
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Become homeless m8
ik but i dont want to live off of it.
i sorta saved it for a giant fucking safety net.
im asking how can i get a job that pays enough to live off of without going to uni?

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>walk around town, got nothing to do
>find a path inside some bushes
>it's tight but deside to walk through
>have to crouch to get in
>it's accually a long path, someone have put up pieces of string on branches and put leaves on the ground
>it's some kids comfy spot
>suddenly I hear something move around beside me
>let out a really high pitched scream
>think it's an animal
>a small boy is looking at me in horror from underneath a bush
>i just stare at him
>for some reason I freak out and break through the bushes like a madman
>shout "I'm sorry" while quickly walking away
>walk back through town without looking up at anyone passing
>walk home, go inside my room and play computer, trying to repress the memory
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That just happened? Underage people are not welcome here!
I'm 22 years old man. Yea it happened now
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Reminds me of something that happened a couple of weeks ago
>be me
>cutting the lawn in my parents backyard
>lawnmower does't work
>tfw no gasoline
>nothing to do, to lazy to buy new gasoline
>bored af
>look over neighbors fence
>they are preparing a birthday party for their 6 y/o son
>balloons and shit everywhere
>notice mom of 6y/o wanker drawing arrows on the street
>shes carrying a little box
>has written "treasure" on it
>realize its for some sort of treasure hunt
>wait until shes done
>go to garden shed
>get my dads high pressure cleaner and some crayon
>make sure no one is watching me
>erase the arrows she has drawn on the street with high pressure cleaner
>draw new ones in the opposite direction
>go back to my parents house
>get a box looking similar to the original one
>take huge shit in the box
>write "treasure" on it
>put it on the end of the newly drawn line of arrows
>go back in
>observe street trough kitchen window
>watching kids doing their stupid birthday game later the day
>mfw they are following the arrows I've drawn
>they are opening the box
>kids confused af
>they realize its shit
>I'm having my hardest laugh outburst of all time
>some kid is puking
>I laugh even harder
>mom of neighbors kid arrives
>all kids are crying now like they have seen someone dying
>birthday party is completely ruined
>they go back in

>mfw I heard my neighbors an my mom talking last monday
>mfw neighbors said that their son is bullied because of all this and don't want to go to school anymore

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I want to be white so bad, im tired of being shitskin. I just look in the mirror all day and laugh at what a fucking joke I am. MY ENTIRE LIFE WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT
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Where are you from? India?

femanon here
don't worry, my sweet little brown buttery biscuit, you're not missing out on anything. whites are worse at just about everything than the superior brown alpha. brown black whatever, your capabilities in the physical aspect and your large penis are all this white bitch needs
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Are you that Russian-Hungarian dude who lives in Northern France ?

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If White People have Class. Black People have Jazz. What do I have?
>t. Man with no gender or race
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you have garbage to clothe yourself in, like a cheap disposable wrapper, a disposable life, your mind is nothing but garbage with no substance, only keen enough to know it's garbage but not enough to be anything more.

a truly wasted existence, like some pointless animal
You have what all mutts have - masters.

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>| deleted mine. |

Console: action complete
awaiting wojaks

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loading W0-j4k protocol
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>tfw hacking skill too low for breaking into wojak database
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De Voort van van van der staal met met mn brommer is het verschil tussen je ook

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Anotha day, anotha mass shooting by a beta cuck white boi. I'm getting sick and tired of yo shit
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hacked blm.png
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>rapes babies to cure aids
Because im sure no black people shot anyone today.
you won't do anything about it so who cares

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autistic things you used to do in school. i'll start
>be kinda ugly girl
>carried a huge dictionary around to every class for all of 8th grade
>thought it made me look intelligent
>pretended to read it for pleasure at break
>turn pages loudly, pretend to chuckle at a fucking dictionary
>"heh heh, fascinating"
>occasional stare
>yeah that's right i have ascended above you plebs
>tfw i now realise this is why i had no friends
>tfw thought i was above being friends with the special ed kids who actually bothered to talk to me
>tfw i was actually one all along
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>listened to black metal with my one friend
>someone walks into the classroom
>my chance to appear intellectual
>say to friend: "they say the philosophy in black metal is so deep it's hard to understand"
>they look at me with disgust and sit down on the other side of the room
>carried pocket dictionary for most of school years
>got teased for it
>tfw just autistic and fascinated by how many words there are and bothered that I don't know them
yeah I did stuff like that too.
Damn these memories are cringy

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