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Is it me or is a girl just being attractive a red flag
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Red flag for what, OP?
God, yes.

A plain or even ugly girl will be a better partner than 100% of women above 6/10.

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What's the most efficient way to emotionally abuse women?
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buy her roses.. then buy her poo...
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You have to be chad my nigga
have borderline personality disorder

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How many virgins we got lurking r9k?
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>have dream about girl
>all the sudden enfatuated with her
Why did this happen so much?
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>muh tall guys

She looks like a fucking child next to him
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still pound lmao
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isnt that the point?
af afsas
Imagine how big his cock is compared to her.

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H-hi. Are you single?
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Yes why do you ask


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>Be me
>be in school
>be in history class
>documentary about World War II is on
>think of funny picture
>pic related
>begin laughing
>realized as I was laughing the documentary was talking about the Holocaust
>stop laughing
>look around to make sure no one noticed
>only the kid behind me noticed
>kid gives me weird looks in the hallway for the rest of the school year
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I wont let your digits go unchecked
I got quads

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Girl that looks like this asks you out. What do you do?
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>pic rel
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This actually happened to me about a year ago.

I met her for lunch and then my autism took over and I never contacted her again.
I look like OP. Been on one date total, it went ok. Didn't get a call back.

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Jotun Free To Own


Get a permanent copy while you can.
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R9k, I'm lying to my family about dating a literal Stacy. and they're threatening to Visit me. What do?
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say you broke up
Where do you live?
Maybe I can pretend to be your gf (male) for a night
digits mean this has to happen op.

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fuck, I'm so horny right now. I'll probably be late to class due to masturbating again
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fucking nice dude
I'm horny as fuck too OP, but I saw in the sea today, and something went wrong, the tip of my penis is kind of fucked and it burns when I piss.
it's kind of scary and I can't masturbate, kill me now...
swam* not saw, I'm also very sleepy

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>only non virgins are interested in me
How can I fuck someone if I know they don't value intimacy and will do it with just anyone?
How can I fuck someone if I know they're just going to prioritize their real partner over me anyway?

>tfw feeling these things is a turn off to females
I'm fucked
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Dunno, but I want to fuck this girl senseless while choking her.

Share your absolute worst bottom, lower than you went in pic related thread. Somebody must be able to top this.
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Full screen shot with reactions. Come on guys, let's hear 'em.
Make molestanon feel better by showing him it could be worse.
You made my morning. I woke up the house laughing.

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>my own mother blocked me on her cell
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>mom can't block me because I live in her basement
mom got rekt
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This is horrible and I'd REEEEEEE at her if I were you.

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Let's say you get a gf tomorrow, then what?
Okay you'll fuck her a lot, have cuddles and feel less frustrated.

But what would that really change in your life?
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The fact that I get to fuck a girl on a regular basis and feel up her ass, tits, mouth, legs and pussy is game changing. How stupid are you to not understand we crave this? The cuddling is bonus and would make me feel normal.

If a decent looking girl made me her boyfriend.....I would leave this god forsakened bored and be a normie.
Someone loves me. Someone accepts me for who I am, with all my flaws and tells me it's okay. That I'm not weird or abnormal and everything will be okay. I'll have someone I can improve myself for. Someone to give me motivation when I try to delay something, someone who fulfills my sexual needs. Someone I can talk to, share funny vids with, connect with on a deep level.
Someone who wants to be near me, who is excited when hearing my voice, someone who will miss me when I'm at work.
Someone I can grow old with, not be alone. Someone to go on adventures through life with.

Among other things. It would literally fix 99.999% of my problems.
If she stays home I would feel the need to work harder to feed us both. Right now I have no drive and no responsibilities other than make ends meet.

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