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Is autism even a real disease or is it just a catchall term for ugly, socially awkward people?
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Crippling social anxiety isn't autism

Real autists don't feel embarrassment
Autism isn't real at all. Autist are just mentally weak people who make up the term to feel better about themselves

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>tfw I have a set age that I'll finally kill myself regardless of whether my situation is bad or good

Anyone know this feel?
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what method you gonna use?
Yep August 31[
>tfw i wanna be like you and just man up but still cant imagine that a shotgun or rifle would do the trick
>tfw maybe wrong angle, not instant or police and ambulance keeps you alive as a potato who breathes and shits

god i hate that i just cant picture it being that easy and slugs or buckshot idk

and i dont wanna leave a mess but if i do it outside i dont have a mirror to check my aim

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I miss real robot threads, poorfag here whats the best way to commit suicide without ordering shit off of amazon?
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By going to >>>/adv/ or googling you retard
Now leave
hang yourself using your door and a belt it's a really shitty way to go but it gets it done
im guessing tie against the door knob and sitting?

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is the term "normie" now considered normie now? i'm still in my highschool's cringy facebook group chat and these guys keep posting memes in it and i'm noticing a lot of them are using the term, wat do?
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Yes, the term normie is normie. It always has been. It was made for people who are uncomfortable saying normalfag.
See before your shitty generation of newfags came along we said normalfag. You guys are all fucking normalfags. This generation of posters is horrible. I wish pepe didn't exist and I wish the election never happened.
i blame hillary for bringing attention to it when she called pepe a white supremacist symbol

ITT: movies the make you feel, whether it be good feels or bad.
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Though apparently that's not good enough for the robot.
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Iron Giant.

That last scene gives me goosebumps every time.
Where's the robot, Mansley?!?

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drunk on my birthdya
fuck i want to kill myself
i do what everyb21 year old does this age does that make me ok

ki keep hearing people say black out drunk but im 3/4 through a botle of vodka and i'm not there yet

i want to forget the pressure of dAY
sing along with ,me
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U can't remember when u black out so maybe u already have
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Meta post, checked.
not orignal comment whopotreefouckingdoo

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How do periods affect girls's behaviors?
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didnt you bathe in your moms blood for 9 mo ths?
The general discomfort and cramps put me in a bad mood but the whole "time of the month" hormones make you into a cunt doesn't really exist.
you always see them squirming and in visible pain
quite hot

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Political Cumpass.png
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Political Compass/8 values
also post any other quizzes you think are somewhat accurate
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R8 these opinions
This was ment for /pol/, but I guess I'll get to see what robots are like
Hello please respond to my thread :)

anyone else noticed normies tend to have bad fine motor skills? not terrible, just bad and awkward, like when playing pool they'll tense all the muscles in their hand and their fingers will go all rigid instead of being relaxed, like the have no in-between it's all or nothing when tensing muscles is concerned
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Nope. Normies are smoother and natural.

It's autists who move like robots, do sex like a microwave manual
It's definitely always the exact opposite of that my dude
I'll bite. I'm leaning towards their uncaring/apathy to social pressure. Whether someone with anxiety would carefully monitor their movements and such to avoid judgements

Of course I've seen social spastic who is both uncoordinated and socially awkward - but that could be autism, as autism hamper some area of the brain, whether be social or physical or both

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Post your cumrags gentlemen
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it is being infused with vital essence
soon it will be an enchanted cloth
It's starting to stink a little bit. I put it in a trashbag when I'm not cumming on it
that should help the magic to steep

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are thots......thots?
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Pricks go into cunts its the natural order of things.
fuck you nigger, gtfo to reddit cunt summerfag
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Suicidal Thots.jpg
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Thots of suicide.

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Hey /r9k, I haven't been on this board in a a very long time, I don't recommend being here, but all of my 2 friends don't really respond to my messages a lot because they are out doing normie shit.

I was wondering what can I do outside alone to keep myself occupied, I don't want to be in my room for the summer.

I live in Seattle and I'm already planning to see a few Harsh Noise shows, so if any Seattlebots know of any upcoming music shows please share.
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i just listen to some pedals hooked together and change it when i get tirednof the sound of one wall
anybody can hook a delay up to a pitch shifter and harmonizer without going outside
Go to local shows and concerts. Huge crowd and nobody really cares if you went alone

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Some days, some nights
Some live, some die
In the way of the Samurai
Some fight, some bleed
Sun up to sun down
The sons of a battlecry

A battlecry
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now here's a thread I haven't seen in a while
This show fucking sucks. You have retarded taste.
Kys original nignog

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All of the people falling for the thicc meme are doing it wrong. You start off with a skinny girl and slowly make her into a well proportioned titcow through repeated breedings.

Kids these days have no patience. They want to skip that step and go straight to the titcow who will bloat out of proportion after her mid 20s while a girl who is naturally skinny in her 20s will grow into a healthy sized, well shaped titcow. Yes, you will have to raise some children. Nothing worth having in life is easy to obtain.
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Having kids isn't worth the bigger boobs even as a tit man
You have to meet her mother first with your method though. If you date a slim girl and she gets fat there's a good chance she will have an apple shaped goblin body
>how to get a thicc girl
>get a girl that's already thicc

did you vote for trump or something? u seem low IQ

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What are some ways/keywords to search for straight femdom porn that won't turn up a bunch of borderline faggotry like cuckoldry or pegging?

"Facesitting" works fairly well but there must be others?
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pegging is the best though
It's almost always just a couple minutes at most in a 45min long video though and people feel the need to tag it
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You're thinking of light femdom, famalam.

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