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>tfw I might have autism
>tfw it might explain everything that's wrong in my life
Where can I get it properly tested?
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go to a doctor
say 'i think i might have ASD'
wow that was hard
Yeah but what kind of doctor?
a general practitioner
the one you go to for like everything
they will probably give you a small test and might refer you to a specialist

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ugh, what do you want?

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I'm thinking about going to a fast food restaurant for the first time in about two years. I don't want sperg out when ordering. I find walking in and drive through equally as terrifying , just in different way

Has anyone any stories they could share to help a robot out?

>In before be yourself
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One time when i was working at a fast food joint this fat fuck came through the drive thru and ordered like 6 meals for himself. The other guys in the car ordered like one thing each but this fat ass goes on for thirty fucking seconds ordering his food. The green shirt he was wearing looked like it had potato chip fragments in it too.
He might have been a bro and went and go he food for his bros at home
I go through the drive throughs a lot, it's ez-pz

Just ride up to the squawk box and study the menu, it helps if you know what you want beforehand.
If you want a combo meal say "Can I get a (size) (combo number) with a (drink)?"
So for instance say you want a Big Boy meal which is listed under the combo number 9, and you want it medium with a mountain dew.
You would say "Can I get a medium number 9 with a mountain dew?"
If you're ordering the single item just say it by name and specify if you want multiple.
They will ask "is that all?" and you can say "yes" and then they will give you a total and you can pull up.
Now get your payment ready, pull out your debit card or cash. Have it out by the time you pull up and hand it off as fast as possible. The person at the window may judge the status of your car interior, pay him no mind and receive your change and/or receipt. Continue to the next window.
Now there is usually a qt Stacey working the food window so you gotta be careful and look really cool. Just casually stare out into the distance and observe your surroundings. Don't look into the food window. You NEVER look into the food window. Not until they're ready to give you the food. Then you can peer into the eyes of the devil, Stacey herself. Watch as she squirms handing you your food. Watch as she desperately tries to avoid touching your hand accidentally as the drink is received. You say your thanks and leave, your reward sitting in the passenger seat, hot and ready for your consumption.

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ITT: post your Youtubefu
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Hila is bae.
who is this ugly jewish skank
She's submissive AND redpilled. What more could you want?

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>Its 4am
>isolated in my room
>brother is with his gf in the living room
>I can hear them giggling
>i'm just sitting here in my desk chair like a hermit

why must it be this way
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The real question is why the fuck is your fagot of a brother giggling with his gf in the living room at 4am instead of pounding her raw in his room?
because at least he has the common courtesy to not fuck when im here, considering this house is a very small one story and my room is right infront of his in a narrow hallway so i'd hear everything.
Do you have headphones you can put on? Listen to something.

Otherwise just channel all of your anger into an aspergian meltdown and knock his door down and rape his gf right in front of him










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I love this one it makes me laugh
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lmoa so fynny

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>"anon do you watch game of thrones? HAHHAHAHA it's a GREAT TV show, it's full of violence and sex and Feminism HAHHAHAHA it's great did you see last night's episode?"
>"Hmm sorry no. I actually haven't watched a single episode in my life."
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>TFW all TV shows since Seinfeld have become sloppy messes of anticlimactic rehashed scenes from older episodes after the 4th season
I've seen a few episodes and it seems like really generic fantasy. The only good character was the midget.
It's actually incrediby good not even meming.

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>poop maybe 2-3 times a week
>poo is always super largehuge and tears my butthole into shreds, causing some minor bleeding

I'm not too worried because the blood is "clear" and the cause is pretty obvious (the wrist-thick stool that I labor 2 times a week). But still, goddamn it makes me feel icky. No pain, just a monster of a turd and a spoonful of blood for icing.

Anyone else here /poopblood/?
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You could, you know, eat more fiber.
I started drinking coffee in the mornings to force the issue.
I do, but i have a medical condition

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is a male psychologist better than a female one?
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By some standards, probably.
A better psychologist? That probably depends on the individual more than the gender.
i study psychology, most of the females who study it are stacy sluts, most of the guys are beta normie nice guys. also females are usually delusional and they believe the world is a fun little theme park and they will fix people so they can enjoy the theme park aswell. i hate almost everyone at my uni
Psychology is what women major in when they can't handle STEM but want to pretend they're in science. Most psychology majors are women. Any man in psychology is either a homosexual or is not smart enough for STEM and is a failure.

My gf did psychology so I would go to the symposiums where they showed off their "studies" where literally every single one was statistically inconclusive and they had like 65 women and 10 men take their surveys because it was only psych majors taking the surveys for extra credit. There was literally a room filled with 100 inconclusive studies on poster boards with women standing around them explaining how they were inconclusive.

why do camwhores ALWAYS have tattoos?
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Tattoos are indicator of being a whore

Usually they have daddy issues
Piercings too

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how do normies always know what to say? Whenever I enter conversation with a normie or multiple normies I feel as though I have prepared my responses appropriately only for somebody to shoot out a wild card. Any other normie can immediately fire out a response yet for some reason I am on the back foot trying to recover. Then social anxiety sweats ensue.

What am I doing wrong?
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They aren't using their brain power to plan for future or ponder stupid maybes so when someone brings up a wild card it sparks a flame in their brains which they can move on from.

You are already barbecuing so a spark won't stsrt a flame, it will just be suffocated by the already existing fire you have going.
It's only because you think you're losing. Normies rely on crowd perceptions.
A person is only on the back foot if they think they are
one thing people who are quickwitted do is not second-guess what they are going to say.
Just say whatever comes to mind and live with people knowing you're retarded

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>be me
>nofap day 6
>balls start to itch
>scratch balls
>erection shoots up and doesnt go away for minutes

How am I supposed to do this 90 days?
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you're not, just stop watching the kike weapon called porn
that's actually pretty good anon
I've been so depressed lately I can't jack it, it just turns into a painful spell of crying and trying not to slit my wrists
I feel like im addicted to it and want to break that

>11/10 looks
> every girl wants to have sex with him and dreams about it daily
>Perfect scores, highest GPA in school
>Other chads are jealous of his abs and calves
>Best player on football team
>Never had sex because he is too busy working on himself, practising football 3 times a week and learning for school
>Turns down any attempt of girls trying to have sex
>So nice that even virgins come to the realization that he is not your typical chad after talking to him
>Are still jealous because he is better than them in their own autistic hobby
>Even the teachers like him because he behaves perfectly in class
>There is not a single field he doesn't excel in
>Literally perfect human being
Did your school have one?
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Sorta but he wasn't good at football according to the other Chad but I think he was just jealous he wasn't quarterback.
no because this is the anime fantasy of what you wish you were like at school
I'm not kidding, I personally know one

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Why are you cringey losers so obsessed with women?
Don't you know they're all worthless cheating cunts?
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Not with every woman

Just the types of women who make you stop in your tracks once you lay your eyes on her
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Used to not really give too many fucks, shortly after I turned 20 though, tfw no gf gradually began to hit me harder and harder. I stopped watching porn and now I feel it intensely. There's just so many beautiful women out there every time I go outside, couple everywhere. It's summer and they're all wearing shorts and sundresses. Legs/thighs/ass are by far my favorite part of a woman (and face) so every time I go outside i'm bombarded by >tfw no gf. It sucks because back in highschool, I literally didn't have to do shit, girls just approached me. Nowadays girls seem completely apathetic to my existence at best, disgusted at worst. I could probably improve my appearance, and I guess i'm gonna have to if I ever want to get laid again. Tbh, I don't even really give a fuck about a relationship, I mean cuddling is nice I guess but I really just want a girl to touch my penis or let me stick it in her.
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The only women I`m obsessed with are 2D ones.

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>tfw men don't like you or take you seriously because you're short
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>tfw men don't like you because you have a bigger cock than them
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>at all
>tfw no short gf to smother with affection

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