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I'm super hungry but don't know how to make breakfast.
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open a box of cheetos, pour it in a coffee cup, then pour some orange juice on it

congrats you have cereal
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it's not rocket surgery, my guy.

silk soy milk and coco puffs is the best milk / cereal combination imo

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you know the tags guys, r9k, r9komegle, omegler9k, robot9001. Come on chat with fellow robots!
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come on guys, what are you waiting for?
everybody is about to get their ass beat
you're fucking pathetic. stop begging for people to join so you can screencap them and add them to your collection, you sick fuck

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>It's another episode of _I'm Sure You'll Find A Great Girl_
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>don't worry anon, you'll find someone some day
The single most grating phrase I've ever heard
Its the reason I never talk about being single.
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>female friend
>you could get a gf if you just tried
she probably said that because
1) you hurt her
2) she doesn't want you

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Would you fuck a girl with hairy legs?
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Yeah if she was cute
Already have and totally will again
Women care about this a lot more than men do.

Some razor company convinced women that hair was dirty and so they bought razors and shaved it off.

Lost Men don't care much if at all about it.
Seriously almost every step in women's beauty regimen is more about impressing other women and establish a hierarchy of bullshit.

Men like what they are used to, that's about it.
If your GF's legs get a bit stubbly it's a bit odd, but then you don't give a shit and fuck her anyway.
Once it's past stubble you don't notice anymore.

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I live in a relatively conservative country where I thought that pre-marital sex was discouraged and even frowned upon. But after interacting with teenagers and young adults and realizing how promiscuous that generation is, I'm now conflicted and confused. Am I in the wrong for thinking sex before marriage is taboo? Is losing your virginity during your high school years the norm now? Are my thoughts and values too old and tied within tradition? I just don't know anymore.
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Religious conservatism is pure unadulterated fucking autism.

Secondly, who gives a shit about what the norm is? There is nothing wrong with fucking before marriage of course, or losing your virginity in high school, but there is nothing wrong with waiting for marriage if you want or losing your virginity later in life for whatever reason either.
Who gives a shit.
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Marriage Chart.jpg
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Ignore >>37409160, he is an illogical man and should not be taken seriously.

Studies have shown and proven that sex before marriage and/or during teenage years only leads to problems down the road.

Take pic related. If a women has sex during her teenage years, it's automatically registered in her brain as normal, and she will continue fucking like a rabbit until the day comes, usually after her college years, when her past catches up with her and realizes that it's too late to come back.

In other words, you were raised right (no pun intended), and you should continue to live the way you currently are, it'll all get better eventually.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I'd be glad to answer them for you.
>it'll all get better eventually
yeah he'll get a roastie fresh from the cock raccousell

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>accidently turned myself gay
how do i undo it
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shock is the only answer for you my friend
>80 volts a day keeps the gay away
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Sure thing Anon.

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Why do guys have to make the first move?
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They don't. It helps to get out and experience the real world every now and then
traditionally in nature men making the first move was because they could pick who they want plus it makes girls feel sexy and wanted and if you like a girl you're okay with risking embarrassment to make them feel nice and maybe you get to spend more time with them
because women don't need to
and if you don't need to then you don't need to risk hurt feelings of being rejected

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What does /r9k/ think of my necklace?
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The gayest thing I've seen all day, and I fapped to trannies fucking traps today.
Well damn old boy, it really makes me think...
my almonds are officially activated

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>"Anon, it's summer! Take your shirt off and show us those abs!"
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Lool why would I be at the beach, let alone outside

Especially with 3 qt 3.14s?

You're hilarious OP
I have good abs and a tatoo on them. But I don't take my t-shirt on the beach... I remember a school trip to the beach when i was like 10 years old... i looked like a fucking ghost

Fucking Irish genes.
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>takes off shirt
>"omg he actually did it"

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When will you finally give in and buy a fleshlight or an onahole?
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I used to have one and it was great, absolutely worth the $35 I spent on it.

Unfortunately I left it without cleaning it once and my cummies grew into mold, after that I had to throw it out.

Now I'm living with my parents I don't feel comfortable having another one shipped here.

When I move out I'm getting another one for sure, I'll probably end up getting a whole bunch of sex toys honestly.
Just bought my second one, a Siren. First one was a Forbidden, since I wanted a nice simple texture to test the waters with.
>Unfortunately I left it without cleaning it once and my cummies grew into mold, after that I had to throw it out
Why did you let that happen? Cleaning only takes like five minutes.

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Are you a schizophrenic, robots?
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Incoming "yes I'm severely mentally ill though no one has diagnosed me :_;"
yes and I was it before I posted about ir in a thread last year and people started making schizophrenic threads after that. now people are having meme schizophrenia
Schizo is a meme. Less than 1% of people actually have it.

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>see a really hot gif for a porno
>get sauce
>it's incest porn
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is that a problem?

didn't think so
so what if its incest

do you hate incest just because its taboo

open your mind

unleash your inner fetishes

go fap freely my son

and also stop watching anime thats gay as fuck
fine let me make it more relatable
>it's cuck porn

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Why esactly shouldn't we simply kill child molesters?
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most child molesters are gainfully employed which is all that anyone really cares about
it would be better to round up all neets, vagrants, and other such parasites
you'd cleanse much more foulness from the earth in the latter grouping and society would shift to a higher gear immediately
t. pedophile

They usually say something along the lines of something something freedom of thought, something something something it was natural 500 years ago.
t. neet

always pointing fingers at some other problem

/r9k/, The amount of pathetic submissive males on here is gross.
Girls want to be dominated, pushed around, and called a whore.
Not be a femdom to some pathetic chad.
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at least I can draw better than you
Prove it.

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I don't think he's going to prove it

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If there is a God, will he understand why I'm such a shitty person? Will he understand the reason why I don't put much effort towards succeeding in life is that I was cursed with unfathomably low energy? Will he understand that I lie because I'm so insecure about the real me I would be crushed if anybody found out the truth (I dropped out of college to become an electrician but I tell everyone I'm studying computer science).

If I kill myself, will he understand how miserable I was on earth and how badly I wanted it to end?

Will he understand that my obsession with material objects is a product of my up bringing and genetics, not because I'm an awful guy?

Or am I doomed to hell?

If there's a God why would he put me on earth to suffer through an average physical frame, awful parents, and just average charisma?
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The answer is that there is no god that would do such a thing, or at least not the kind of god that the church preaches to the public
God gives you hardships to test your character and to better yourself and He never gives more than you can handle. So, no He wouldn't forgive you for killing yourself or doing nothing with your life. God gave you all the tools you need to succeed. You just have to use them
what about the kids who are born rich with great parents? What are their hardships

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