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are pills the right choice? i cant think of anything to fix my depression and at this point im desperate. ive tried everything i can, from getting more sun and eating better to shitty fad diets that detroy your colon.

is it right?
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you could bash your head against the wall until you stop having depressing thoughs,and if it doesnt work you die,you win either way
go for it champ
have you tried roiding?
Depression is meme, you need to exercise and get out more
The pills will just fuck your brain chemistry up

If you take them you'll probably end up trying to transition

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That's it, I can't take it.
I'm 5'7.5 ft, 171.5 cm. I'm White.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to kill myself.
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The avg. height of women is 5'4"
whats so bad about being small? is attention from women really that fucking important to you?
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Failing at life on easy mode

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You're about to jump off a bridge, but you have earphones in your ears, listening to music.
What song do you listen to as you fall to your demise?
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Imagine falling off a bridge with everyone watching you while listening to this
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god i wish i lived in San Francisco


incest/grope stories thread
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I find panty sniffer stories the most entertaining. There's something about the level of desperation someone must be experiencing that they feel the only way to relieve it is to sniff their own relatives underwear that just fascinates me. I don't even hate them or think they're degenerate, just purely interesting.
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>find pair of underwear on the ground in older sisters room
>brown, crusty stain in the back
did you sniff them

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So I was jerking it to zombie porn and I saw this art that I like stylistically so I wanted to save it to find the artist later. I search up the text in the bottom right corner "little taboo" on google and I click on the first link thinking it was their tumblr, but right after I noticed the URL was too short and seeing what only looked like a website for CP I click right the fuck out of there, luckily I didn't see anything. Am I fucked? I didn't even mean to go there.

Pic related.
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>not in the darkweb

Pick one
None of the files on the page work
It's a honeypot baka. You're on the list now.

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you will never have a cute gf, look at this pic, an ugly male with a beautiful female, this is unnatural
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jason zimmerman is /ourguy/
>I see you haven't touched your food. Is it because you're disgusted by my baldness
>lol yeah
Pretty women statistically have happier LTRs with uglier men

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Who here /over their oneitis/? How did it happen? I'll start.

>be in love with girl
>really good friends, she actually understands my jokes and makes really good ones too
>self-aware and redpilled, but a naturally happy person who sees the beauty in everything
>she's fucking married
>finally quit talking to her because it hurts too much
>get back in touch a year later
>she's a fucking alcoholic

Absolutely DROPPED m80s. Having a year of no contact helped. She's a different person now. Way more hateful and cynical than she was.

Tl;dr: oneitis changed as a person and I feel nothing for her now. Feels amazing.
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>had e-gf for a couple years when I was 17-18
>we sent each other letters in the mail on special occasions like birthdays and holidays
>said we loved each other.m
>we never met and eventually drifted apart
>35 now
>every few years I have a dream where we finally meet, she hugs me deeply and says goodbye
>look her up
>still single, successful, and beautiful
>She wouldn't love me now
>I love and hate these dreams
Jesus... The nightmare
I'm always thinking that I'll be successful and happy without my oneitis eventually and she will wish she chose me ..
>be 14 yr old me
>really cute polite girl in my class
>different than all the roasties
>talk to her a lot
>start falling in love with her
>she laughs about my jokes
>shares lots of interests
>asks for my number
>spend hours texting
>she gives me all signs, that she likes me back
>too shy to ask her out
>she leaves for Chad

She is still in my class. But I don't have any feelings for her anymore, just ignored them till they went away.

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>browsing book store
>see this INFJ qt
wat do?
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Avoid her whilst looking for my book but whilst there she never leaves my mind.
>taking that "intellectual" picture in front of the graphic novels and gaming sets
o im laffin
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>wearing that much makeup
I'd ask if the circus was in town ffs

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tldr: I am lonely, need friends. Where can I find them (only internet tho, because I am an anxious wreck when it comes to stuff like that)?

I am desperately seeking friends since I realized how lonely I got and how my mental health suffered from that.
I admit that it is hard to really get with me at first, because it is difficult for me to begin friendships in the first place (like what do I say? How can I hold the conversation when we just got to know each other? Will they get the right impression of me?et cetera).
I thought about online communities, apps or something like that? Maybe a kik group? I guess it would be easier for me to communicate in groups.

I am located in western Europe.

Thank you in advance guys!
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You need a discord, son

If you've never used discord before, put "discord." in front and then plug it into your browser
Where in Western Europe?

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Femanons, does sperm play a significant role in your sexual fantasies? If so what is it, being cummed and being impregnated? Or something else?
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All of the above, it's great stuff.
Are you single or are a femstacy
My fantasy is to have to drink a huge pitcher of cum for breakfast lunch and dinner. If I could live solely on semen and survive that would be the ideal for me.

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>tfw bf got me flowers and ice cream today
he's so cute I love him so much~
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Lmao u gay as hell nigga
teach me how to catch a bf

If you eat the ice cream you will get fat and he'll leave you
>>tfw bf got me flowers and ice cream today
>he's so cute I love him so much~
Dumb sissy anime boi.

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>When are you going to give us grandkids?

I don't know, mum and dad. When are you going to give me genetics that aren't shit tier and completely undesirable in the eyes of everyone I meet?
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>When are you planning on getting a job?

I'm too autistic for the world of work.
>live with my mother
>mother spends 30 minutes every day whining about work shit when I'm jobless
>I get a job
>show any slight sign of distaste for working
>she immediately becomes argumentative and acts like there's something wrong with me
>during my teen years my dad would yell at me for being a "lazy piece of shit" yet whenever I tried to help around the house I got yelled at for doing it wrong
Other than this type of shit my parents are alright though.



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oh no OP

whats wrong
Actually i'm feeling the same OP
>trusting a girl that wears chokers
Tell us what happened anon.

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How did my fellow robots spend their sweet 16th?

I'll start and set the bar

>wake up
>parents casually say happy birthday before going to work and give some cheapo cards
>go to upper school and have to take a religious studies, English and geography mock test.
>one of my 5 friends remember's and casually drops it
>come home and get a cake and a tenner
>cry myself to sleep
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Fuck I think I know who you are. I'm so sorry man
Jesus Christ I don't remember that shit I'm 32 years old.

I guess I probably spent it being worried about the post 9/11 political climate. I mean just barely post 9/11 like the dust had barely settled on ground zero.
throw a name at me no way

shit man that's such an interesting time to be alive. it was a world changing time to endure. what we're you afraid of compred to what actually happened

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Why is raping traps illegal?
It's like raping a ghost. Who gives a fuck? By no means would I ever have consensual sex with one. Better believe I violate every hole given the chance.
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you have topped the most retarded post. congrats
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>dick that fucking small

no wonder he feels the need to dress up as a girl.
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this is the best pic iv ever seen

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