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Hasalu hasaholugozi lagivo ziludeluhalu !!!!

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Hetumecemosero hegiro gykizivo...
hygisesemoluvo giholu hetumecemosero sekihogygidehegirovo
Is this that autistic language that guy posted the other day or is it just run of the mill shitposting?

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jgf 2017.png
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Why haven't you taken the yellowpill yet, robots?
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As an Asian guy, how do I get an Asian girlfriend?
be white lol

Have money.

That's literally all Asian women care about

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>mom faked my signature on a job application form
>now have to go to for an interview in 2 days

What is the best way to make sure I fail?
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>What is the best way to make sure I fail?
Just be yourself
Don't go and they can't hire you

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Hello fellow robots. To those of you with high school or college certificates/diplomas, do the certificates themselves mean anything to you?
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No. it's in my parents basement, still in the box.
I need to have them as proof, but apart from that no. Worth less than the paper they're printed on.
the fact that I graduated high school is obviously important but the actual physical diploma means nothing to me, same with my graduation cap. It's in my room but when I move out i won't be taking it with me. I'll hold on to my college diploma though, that's more important

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Is anyone interested in a socionics thread? I'm learnng about it atm and I think that it's more accurate, but I rarely see any anons here who write about it.

t. Intp
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I am an INFJ. Due to the amount of people claiming that they're this rarest type I've put a great deal of effort into making sure that I actually am an INFJ and not someone who wants to be a special snowflake. My question is, what now? What do I do with this information?
I'm an ENTP, ama.
Read about the other types and you in relation to those types. Read about cognitive functions and what order yours come in. I mean, it's not really useful information outside of self discovery. INFP here and I found this video made a good example between the difference between INFP and INFJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JR3_OtpJe8


Never heard of it, going to find a test now

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>Ugh, just stop, daddy. It's been an hour. You're very clearly not going to fit it through there.
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images (36).jpg
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Shut up. The couch is coming in whether it fits or not!
It's just like riding a bike, now take it you little slut!

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>dad asks me if i want a sandwich
>i do want a sandwich
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>be in restaurant with group
>waitress forgets to bring my order
>everyone else eating their food
>"oh i must not have written down your order, honey. What did you want?"
>"That's ok, I'm not really hungry."
>secretly starving
>go out for late night drive
>crash into wall at 60 mph
>legs severed off
>paramedics arrive
>"hey man, you need some help?"
>"nah I'm good"
>secretly not good
I don't know why but this made me chuckle. Good job.

>tfw can't stop tickling my balls
Try it, it's amazing.
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Can I tickle them with my mouth?
W-what?! What do you mean? I meant try tickling your own balls!
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I already know its nice, I wanted to help you out and make you feel even better!

Was this alcoholic jew right /r9k/??
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He's my favorite author, but I feel like every 20something pseudointellectual male feels that way.

Except for the contrarian fags.

And yes. Only boring people get bored.

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>not spending 25k on some autist's old used up shirt

even though the Chris's story hasn't ended it now feels like it has
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Are people actually buying his shit?
Some kid bought his sonichu totem for 12k and chris didn't even send it
I doubt anybody would pay 25k for his shirt

It's going to be like with the totem. People are either going to retract their bids at the last second or they're going to file a charge back before he ships it so Chris ends up spending more money he doesn't have on toys.

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>when normies rub their accomplishments in your face like it matters
>they are joining me in the dirt
>no reason to accomplish anything but enjoyment since afterlife or god
>while they buzz around like little worker drone to feed their ego
>some shitty outdated concept that you have to prove yourself even though nothing matters

>dude i had sex
>dude i have job
>dude did good in school
>dude spent my whole life proving self to others >dies >forgotten in 10 years
LOL fucking egoslaves, the best part is all the nihilist god isn't real media they all eat up but still think their pathetic life matters to me.
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>no afterlife or god*
Nietzsche would probably murder all the "look at me i'm edgy" nihilists anyway
it obviously matters if you care enough to whine on the internet to strangers, you fucking loser.

When you see this body, what words come to mind to describe it? Ripped perchance? Adonis V? Sexy? Rock hard? Tell me your thoughts.
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You look like a lanklet. >>>/fit/
Scrawny legs no upper chest. No arms to speak of.
You've lost weight but should probably go to work on gaining it constructively now.
This is not me. I stole this picture from /soc/.

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>be sophomore in college
>have no friends so forced to have random roommate
>roommate is a normie
>poorfag (yet goes to school in manhattan)
>planning on being a doctor for the money
>normie sjw girlfriend who looks like girl from Brave, even has the same hair
>one night roommate and girlfriend come in at 3am
>I just finished browsing frog picture forum so i pretend im asleep even though im awake
>roommate and girlfriend drunk (even though they are poor) start undresseing
>start having sex in bed 3ft away from mine
>try to sleep but it smells weird
>look over, girlfriend doing all the work, roommate not even moving
>they finish and sleep
>i have to tell my roommate the next day not to bang when im in the room
>ive only talked to my roommate less than 10 times in 3 months
Fuck normies
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roommate=/=dorm mate
You'd think someone in college would know this.

What school do you go to in manhattan
i didn't say dorm mate wat?

The most powerful race!
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I get that it seems ridicolous, but is the sentiment of the average american really that different?
It's not ridiculous! BOW DOWN BEFORE YOUR MASTERS!
is the mulatto ubermensch.

Why do guys always go for girls who'll reject/has already rejected them?
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Because you're hideous
Probably because they weigh less than 300lb, you fat unwashed sow
People only value the things they pay for with their own time and hard work.

Starship Troopers discusses this a lot.

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