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>2 deep pan dominos pizzas
>bolognese garlic baguette
>refreshing 1.25L vanilla coke

ahh robots life is good
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Can you hear it? It's the sound of imminent death incoming
you fat fuck.

unless you're one of those people that just doesn't get fat. in which case fuck off.
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Am I the only one that enjoys looking at pictures of food like this when I'm trying to lose weight ?

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Does anyone here still play the original Pokemon games? Why/why not?

Do you prefer the newer or older games?
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The oldest one I've played is crystal. I mostly stick with newer games as they are released, or nuzlocke y.
Haven't played much of Gen4 onwards.

It was fun trying to figure out what other pokemon would appear using the Mew glitch on other trainers.
Emerald was and still is my favorite. That gen had the best Pokemons too.

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>when SHE hugs you
so comfy
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She hugs you with her front or her behind? Basically: Tits or ass?
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>girl hugs me
>don't see it coming so sperg out
>"that was a very awkward hug anon, what's wrong"
front, but her tits are so small i can't feel them

r9k is getting worse every day
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Yeah, no sh1t
It's because those with money and privilege are the most degenerate and retarded.
How much do you think this board would improve if it were 21+?

Are all men dogs?
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Are all leafs cucks?
post the picture, shithead
where's the dick

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Is fucking a prostitute wrong? Im still young and want to fuck something but I feel like it's gross (considering her job is fucking x guys a day probably has some disease) and im taking the easy way out.
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Yes, the bible says fornication is a sin
You went through your mothers cunt and there were a lot of dicks. Why do you feel disgusted about sliding in another's but the very same one?
I mean disease wise mate but considering all women are technically whores you end up paying one way or another

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>You wanna eat this pussy for 50 bucks?
Your response?
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No thanks, I prefer feminine cock
Free or no deal
Is that a Bunnings?

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>similar to pic related except blond and blue eyed

I am 7.5/10 in a 2 year commited relationship with a 9/10 body butterface.

I have a deep relationship with 11/10 cousin

Now what?
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You leave this board and don't return
Become an arabian redneck and get both in an harem
wtf how is she so much taller than him

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This is a designated /r9k/ server. join and have fun.
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don't join, it's owned by a normie manlet
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server owner in pic
ehm not true ^

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>borrow uncles phone because mines broke
>open Internet and See fucking tranny porn
>now feel obligated to look through the phone to find out if he's a fucking faggot
>saw a happy bday E-Mail from a site called gay
>see him texting with a guy saxing he wants to Suck him off
>he calls me to tell me that if Theres pics of tits it's because friends Sent them and that he doesn't know how to usw that phone
should I confront him? I'm pretty sure he'd deny it and I don't want to tell anybody
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Gay people don't watch tranny porn.
When my divorced dad passed away, I was using his crappy laptop for school. Definitely found hairy mexican milf porn as well as a lot of femdom and JOI stuff on there.

I try not to think about it. Then again, the shit I watch is way worse so yeah
Confront him over what? Let him live his life.

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>It's an "everyone you know, including your family, are different people" dream
Well that's a new one.
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>Irish "peepole"
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>almost everyone you know has a PG-rated normie personality that makes you feel like you're living in one of those cheesy pureflix films
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>it's a "you are stuck in another dimension and everyone is trying to steal the portals you have been hording to get back" dream

Lost 80 pounds, what is the next step /r9k/ ?.
I am still incomplete but I think I have walked a long ass road.
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Slay some pusi?
I still am socially, that is why I said I am incomplete
Stop being such a lanklet.

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Does anyone here masturbate regularly but have no real desire to actually fuck a girl?

I've actually had a couple of relationships and thus the availability of regular sex, and both times VERY quickly lost interest in it, although I enjoyed seeing and touching them naked. I suspect (although I'm not sure) it has something to do with the inherent dominant/submissive dynamic of sex. Personally I receive no joy in exerting power over someone or "having my way" with them, and I think that could be significant?

>inb4 stop masturbating; actually did No Fap November and although I got really horny, the desire was not to fuck
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At least your hand won't ask you to pay its phone bill.
I browse escort sites all the time imagining what it would be like to fuck one. I never do it though because it's not worth having protected sex, or unprotected sex and getting a disease. Stuck in limbo
I have sex a lot but still masturbate a lot. Sex involves 10 to 30 minutes of foreplay before 10 minutes of penetration. Some times it's nice to just look at porn and jerk off for 5 minutes

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Why do sub men exist in large numbers but no dom women at all? What did nature mean by this?
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Not all men are meant to breed. Most women are.
It's much easier to be a sub than a dom.
Females of most species are the ones that give birth to young. During their gestation period they are vulnerable and easy prey to predators, so they seek a male that will be able to defend them. Evolution was a mistake anyways

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>TFW I'm straight but lonely as fuck and a KHV since fucking one easy girl in high school 7 years ago

>TFW I just traded blowjobs with a gay guy from Grindr

>TFW He came in my mouth and I liked the warmth

>TFW I spat but he swallowed and his gulp made me shiver

Wtf is happening robots?
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Maybe you're bisexual?

Surprise! Your a fag!
Embrace it and try and make some bank of blowing older dudes they mad hard for some under 30s boy who swallows, not like I would know or anything...
I'm thinking of doing this.

How old are you? What was it like?
Where did you meet? What did you talk about?
Tell me everything OP.

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