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Press F to pay respects

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Bravo concept.
yik-yak is dead?
I wish I gave it a try in its prime

Oh why.. why cant you be real.. ;-;
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Looks exactly like the side chick from Resident Evil: Apocalypse.
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originalso my robotic filter nigger
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>tfw when you helped Marie win the final splatfest

I got banned off a discord server for lying and all my (((friends))) turned on me.
And now I have no friends.

If you're reading this i didn't mean to undermine your authority
I felt justified in sharing that Screencap because I felt betrayed but I am not upset about it anymore. I miss you very much.
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I was so too autistic to realize the consequences.
My therapist said to forget about it but I can't. Sorry 4 blog post pls like & subscribe
What did you lie about, Op? I just got discord but haven't gotten around to making any friends to talk to. I might talk to you.
Be a fucking man about it. Sincerely apologize if that is what is actually in your heart. If its not then don't, fuck them. Move on with your life and learn from your mistakes. Don't lower yourself for someone else, dont beg, dont grovel.

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Any of you robots ever try to jerk off with these?

How's it feel?
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I don't know what the fuck that thing is but I've used an onahole before.
You can literally see the sharp plastic seam running along the entire outside in the picture

It feels like that rubbing along your dick.
Didn't have any real lube, so it stuck. couldn't get enough pressure for pleasure, might as well just have used my bare hand.

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Chad Pitt shows emotional vulnerability. Women's pussies dry up.

>The Brad Pitt interview that might destroy your crush on Brad Pitt
>From the time he blew Geena Davis’s, um, mind, in Thelma & Louise, Brad Pitt has been Hollywood’s favourite pretty boy, cast as the gold standard of conventional white, male hotness on screen. Was he as deep as he was good-looking? Maybe? When it comes to fantasy, who doesn’t skip over such details from time to time.
>Mark the day: May 3, 2017 — the first time Pitt really opened up about his split from Angelina Jolie, and the first time the public at large got a peek into the somewhat Zoolanderian inner-workings of his mind.
>I’m all for men expressing vulnerability — but there’s vulnerability, and then there’s . . . well, whatever this is.

/pol/ is always right. Fucking women.
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And women wonder why men won't open up emotionally. What a fucking joke.
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Replacing women thread? Replacing women thread.

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I wrote this one a long time ago. I always can remember why I wrote it.
Passion is in the bones and flesh
And though all fall to it,
Some are cold as frostbite.

Energy is in the muscle and power,
And though all exhaust,
Some have no passion to.

Knowledge is in the brain and hands,
And though all lead discourse, may it be
Some will be tired.

Death is in the future and present,
And, be it so, some may die
Some will stay alive.

Let it cycle away,
They will die someday.
And just like their love, grief, and fright,
They will be as cold as frostbite.
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Short thing I wrote when I was in the academy. It's dumb and makes no sense but who cares
Corporals breathing down my neck
Not sure if I'll survive
"First one over the hill
Will be the last one to die"
Manny? Is that originally you?
I can count to five.
I can count to seven too.
Holy shit, haiku.

My shortest, my favorite.

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Marry the Beta males but screw the Alphas while you're in high school and college... Yeah, we heard this one before.
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Be a good guy, and support her career, while she's busy cheating on you with Chad.
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Remember. Nerdy guys are only valuable to get married with, before taking all of their money by divorcing them. (((Sandberg))) knows best!

Just forget them, anon. Nobody is forcing you to marry them.

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Hi r9k,

I've been working on a YouTube channel debunking some of the nonsense that Bill Nye has been pushing on YouTube. I've been taking advice and feedback from 4chan as I go.

From last time, I tried to work on the echo sound (I hope it's gone - I bought some foam to place my microphone in front of), speak faster, and make the presentation more interesting.

I'd love some more feedback and advice.

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Jfc, I swear I saw this thread on pol. What are you trying to gain from shilling so much?
I think the video is relevant to both r9k and pol. As for what I'm trying to gain, I want to figure out how to produce better content by talking to people and seeing what they like.

I spend a lot of time on both boards and want to get advice, as well as share what I've made. This is my third video, and I already feel like the quality has improved a lot, and I think a lot of that is due to the feedback I've been getting.
>I tried to work on the echo sound (I hope it's gone - I bought some foam to place my microphone in front of)

But Bill Nye's name is supposed to echo.

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they all made fun of me. He was egging me on to end it. im afraid to do it though. Shimo was making fun of me again today
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give me Shimo's discord, let me talk to this fellow

I'll make him change his tune real quick, nobody bullies MY friends and gets away with it
>you will never cum in Rem's tight boipussy while he crys in your shoulder.
Um its okay, you dont need to do anything
i just felt really bad. And wanted other robots to feelspost. sorry

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>You now have 10 million dollars
Wat do?
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I would stop browsing 4chan
never work again and move to a small cottage somewhere away from big cities
i spend it all getting femanons to show tits

they all have a price

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This is my exclusive waifu. say something nice about her
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She's shallow man.
Yoink. She's mine now.
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>not Aya Hirano

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Anon come and get your dinnies!! I made your favoritest food!!
MMM smells so yummy! those big loafs covered in yummy gravy! mommy spent all day brewing them in her special oven!
Be a good boy and lick the bowl clean before you tuck in to your dinner!
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moar op im really hard now
Thanks Mommy! You sure know how to cook.
same, is this amateur?

where's the sauce!?

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>got fit
>got contacts
>started dressing and grooming nicely
>learned to socialize with normies
>attractive girls finally start flirting with me
>start shaking and stuttering the instant it happens
All I want is to slam a qt. Am I stuck like this?
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Why did you stop the self-improvement? You're almost there. Keep going.
That only mean what ever you look or do your still a beta fuck. Im skinny and good looking. Tho i hate ppl so. You are who you are.
I'm in the process of becoming /fit/ and all the time I fear when I make it I'll be like this guy:


Does anyone else enjoy thermals. It's not even cold outside they just are so soft and comfy.
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Post that fucking boicock NOW
ha nice baby dick faggo
Gets really cold at work but they are very comfortable.

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I'm eating a three piece KFC meal with mash potatoes and cole sloth in the parking lot. Ask me anything, hopefully you young guys can learn something so you don't end up like me.
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How much do you make per annum?
About $12K I'm a poorfag


also i have done this before and it's not the eating in the parking lot part that's depressing, it's the fact that it's kfc that makes you want to kill yourself

just go to popeyes

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