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Convince me to not go on Backpage and pick up a ~$150 prostitute.

Haven't had sex since last April
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you're not going to do it nyways why make a thread
Pick a $50 prostitute
I've done it like 6-7 times already. Completely safe if you do your research

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How many people do you think would show up to your funeral?
For me about 50, mostly being people I've never met just there to act like they cared
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My family of like 15 people and two people I used to be friends with, maybe. I don't how the fuck you could get 50 people.
besides family 2-3, maybe 4 at most
3 people I knew from high school that I considered friends. One of their families because I hung out there a lot. A few family acquaintances that I don't actually know like maybe 5-10. Then my parents. Probably around 15 people would show up.

So reddit allows JJ pics but it's bannable here? When did 'chan become so old and reddit become the cool new shit
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literally whomst is this thot
What are jj pics
id prefer JB pics desu

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What bank should I join?
American, make 5 dollars an hour on an mTurk-tier site.
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What do you do anon, been looking for a shit job to afford my normie hobbies.
>What bank should I join?
>American, make 5 dollars an hour on an mTurk-tier site.

Why do you do dumb shit like mturk? You could make more if you got a real job
>What bank should I join?
>American, make 5 dollars an hour on an mTurk-tier site.
Oh I forgot to answer your question
My recommendation would be Chase, but shop around

I currently have Wells Fargo, and I wouldn't recommend it. I don't like their online portal too much, it has a half baked 2FA and just looks like shit and is kinda hard to use, and I've had bad experience with their customer service.
They also charge me $5 a month if I don't use the card at least 10 times... I prefer just taking cash out and spending it when I need so that is kinda a problem for me (for context I am a college student)

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recently tried dxm. did 180 mg in the middle of the night then 200 mg at 10 am the following morning. i loved it so i'm gonna do 400mg with my buddy this weekend. is that a good idea?
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Youre in for a wild ride OP

I remember walking around felt like walking on jello. Your memory also gets shot to shit. How me and my best friend didnt get caught at the time like that in public was pure luck
200mg is nothing. 400mg too, really. 600-900mg is the real shit. you can go above that but it's unneccessary and potentially dangerous.
My standard for a while was a bottle of Robo and half a box of Benadryl. 400 should have you all kinds of fucked up, just make sure you have somewhere you can throw up.

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>bald/shaved head
>5.5 inch dick
>pretty fat
>socially awkward
Should I just give up on my hopes of ever being in a reasonably happy relationship or even just fucking a woman and blow my brains out?
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5.5 is fine just lose weight and you'll feel better
normie answer: there's somebody for everybody, don't give up

real answer: yeah you should kys

just lift weights until you're as big as Ryback

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>its another "ate so much you're in pain and your stomach feels like its going to burst" episode
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>tfw despite that you're still hungry

why is my body made this way
I don't really have anything to add. I had a bad day and I feel lonely and I can't help you and you can't help me but I just wanted to feel like I was talking to someone for a moment.

I'm sorry you have a good addiction. It's hard. I don't know how to make it better. It feels really good to eat, right? Like one of the few good things in your life. I feel that way, too.

Food and sleep are the best things about my life.
same anon.. same, but these days even food isn't doing much for me, I still shovel it down. I hope your day gets better

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*Converts to Astaru*

So you is sayin'

*Eats unseasoned chicken*

I mean what you sayin' is

*Listens to Hall & Oates*

What you SAYIN' is

*Faps to JAV*

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Neopagans are retards. If you're going to believe a bunch of dumb magic bullshit it should at least be the same magic bullshit your parents believed.
It's always weird when people make fun of nigs, obvious pictures of them being destitute and generally awful human beings are posted.

When white people are made fun of, it's usually pictures of them in suits or being moderately successful at life.

Like that one picture of the fat white family at starbucks showing off their Apple bullshit. Like holy fuck I would 1000x rather be in that situation than being Daquan going to jail for robbing a Dairy Queen.
maybe it's just because i grew up with a pretty redneck family but who the fuck wouldn't season chicken?

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Post the best math YouTube channels you've discovered, there's probably no one better than MyWhyU but i want to see anyways.

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what the fuck is a math youtube channel
A YouTube channel centered around math my mentally challenged friend.

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>two anons arguing
>pop in and pretend to be one of the anons
>make as terrible an argument as possible
>anon whose "side" I'm on looks like a retard
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>Be at McDonalds
>Ask for a water cup
>Go to drink fountain
>Report my illegal immigrant neighborhors to ICE
That's just too evil man.
>work experience at an elementary school
>type "help im 11 and my penis is 19cm is this normal" into google knowing search history is checked at the end of the day by the male teacher
>the next day the teacher is an insecure mess and treating the tallest boy in class like absolute shit

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Whites had all the power and fucking cucks lusted after black men's dicks cause Jews convinced everyone they all had 9 inch cocks and destroyed the fabric of our white society. It wasn't womens fault it was white male closeted gay cucks.
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when's the last time you left your room, be honest
I'm not in my room right now.
When was the last time you got laid, anon?

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Write a letter to someone who in all likelihood will not read it
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Dear deers

Arr arr arr arr
deer*, its uncountable

Fuck off, you fucking cunt. I can't wait to not see you for several months straight. I wonder if it eats at you that I'm closer to O than you, even though we're at the same university and she isn't. I hope it does, get fucked you piece of shit.


>tfw smoked weed 2 months ago
>have a drug test in 2 days
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>tfw everyone at your work including your boss is a stoner
is yall hirin?
2 months is plenty of time especially if you weren't chain smoking for months before quitting.

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>want a spinny spinner
>amazon boasts thousands of chink brands, all likely the same brand
>all 5 star reviews were made on the same date with google translate-esque wording
>all 1 star reviews are genuine users

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7/11 or Walgreens
Fuck me I don't live in America.



don't become like us, underage anon.

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woah. i suck at video games and my first play thru of bloodborne i fucked up all my stats and my character sucked so i gave up and started again
now i'm almost at the end and this game is so fucking good
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My gf has better tit than you, you fat roastie fuck.
chuck norris > bb >>>>>>>>>> everyone else. its the best game i've ever played if i'm willing to overlook nostalgia for titles like ocarina. what part are you up to?
you're a piece of trash

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