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What do you do for a living, or are planning to do after studies? Where do you stand in this circle of memes in pic related?

tfw former NEET, current wagie, and wannabe music producer

Hopefully that can put me right in the middle
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Probably something in construction when I finally nut up and get a GED. I'm fucking dumb so nothing too mentally taxing. Probably something to do with picking heavy stuff up and putting it down somewhere else. My dreams and aspirations died when my will to push myself did.
I don't do anything, I'm going to kill myself once my meal ticket is up.
>Probably something to do with picking heavy stuff up and putting it down somewhere else.

That doesn't sound too bad senpai, I think that would put you somewhere in like 2/3rds of those circles.

What's great about purely manual labor is that you just leave your work in the workplace. You don't have to be awake all night think and think about ways to picking things up and putting them down somewhere else. Leave the cluster headaches and scoliosis to people who do math or coding in their sleep.

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>Talking with co worker in office
>She's doing that thing where you dangle one shoe off her foot
>Rock solid the entire time
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Cum in her foot
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shes not a co-worker, you are probably a smelly autistic intern that no one likes.

What's the point in needless hostility?

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Hey guys /mu/ here I just wanted to ask for music that makes robots feel sad
No shit post pls
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Soco amaretto lime
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OP here forgot to tell you I want to fucking die
Makes me cry everytime

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>tfw your Mom comes right out and says she thinks you have autism
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>sitting in bedroom on computer like always
>mom pops past bedroom door and says "aspergers syndrome, look it up"
I don't even think it's the fact that she thinks I have autism that stings, it's the fact that she knows how much of a socially awkward loser I am to the point it's convinced her I'm autistic.
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>tfw can't even tell anymore if I have autism or the years of isolation have my brain into something that is functionally similar

I swear I wasn't always like this...

Women are hardwired to be submissive for sex, that's why they want to be penetrated by the physically stronger gender.

But how come that there are so many males that want to be submissive too? Are they mentally ill or have female brains?
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the answer is faggots
xenoestrogens in water supply etc

Testosterone levels have been dropping over the past 4-5 decades.

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Not too far from chat tier anond, not too far
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you're not bad looking, i'd say you're one of the 9/10 robots around here.
B for this boi
Maybe my standards are way to high in general

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Anyone here a literal wizard?
>30, 31 in october
>Chemistry degree
>Live in mid-tier city with my parents
>My last date was five years ago
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> date

Reeeeee, normie gtfo
you need to leave, norman
Get the FUCK off of this board you normie piece of fucking shit

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Post your dreams in this thread and let's all try to figure out what they mean!

>last night
>dream I am a female version of myself, giving my male self a blowjob

Do I want to be a girl (male) secretly? Or am I just self centered?
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Meet the perfect girl
Wake up
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Had that dream too, Anon
this dream has a great significance of independence
your brain is in the good place of being self-satisfied with good surviving on its own merit
especially with a regard to language because of the mouthsex
so i suspect you have pride in your communication and are doing well by it
you are on this right path then

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How does it feel to be raped?

I think I would like it.

I'm a guy, by the way.
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I raped my friend when I was drunk he was too posted b4 but he didnt move
Andry Griffith was such a good show. Nice post anon
Not good and scary. Feels gross after.

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Do you think we have a natural right as humans to have the choice to commit suicide? I think that since you didn't even have to option in the beginning to choose to be in a body (consciousness seems so random eh?) that you can choose to stop being in a body whenever you want by killing yourself. It shouldn't be illegal if you no longer want to participate.
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I think assisted suicide should be legal for any reason regardless of how trivial for anyone without dependents.
your own life is the one thing that you should have absolute right over

even if that means ending it
>You can find men who have gone so far as to profess wisdom and yet maintain that one should not offer violence to one's own life, and hold it accursed for a man to be the means of his own destruction; we should wait, say they, for the end decreed by nature. But one who says this does not see that he is shutting off the path to freedom. The best thing which eternal law ever ordained was that it allowed to us one entrance into life, but many exits
>The best thing which eternal law ever ordained was that it allowed to us one entrance into life, but many exits
>The best thing which eternal law ever ordained

Seneca the Younger, top dog philolosopher

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What happened to anime, /r9k/? What's with the lack of shading and detail nowadays?
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Whats the middle pic from
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They realised that they didn't have to put in too much effort because stupid weebs will eat it up anyway.
too much effort when otaku losers will buy it no matter how shit the animation is as long as it has some cute girls and a male mc haram self-insert

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What type are you? Who is your waifu? And what type would you wipe off the face of the earth?

The test:
What it means:
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what a shitty chart
What's wrong with that chart?


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Anyone else here fall for the college meme?

>"Oh anon you're so smart. Go to college and you'll make so much monies :))))"
>Literally indoctrinated by adults and teachers (who make money off the education scam), throughout my entire life that if I don't get at least a bachelors degree I will be a poorfag and live on the streets
>All the jew universities make us take two years of worthless fucking classes that will never be used in our career field because it "makes us well-rounded workers" and it "helps us think better"
>all while never learning the marketable skills that are taught at two-year colleges and tech schools.

Why the fuck didn't I just go to a 2-year school. I literally could have finished my degree in half the time and spent one-fourth of the money. I hope the higher education bubble pops and the Jewniversities get BTFO.
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>Fall for the college meme

No, sorry. I chose the smart option and became a NEET
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Anyone else here fall for the college meme?
i did as well anon. Though college was free for me because muh high GPA and SAT scores, the place is barely worth investing your time in. It is nothing like I was told it was going to be
>It'll be great
>you'll learn new things that "help" you as a person
The most amount of learning I get is when i need to look up stuff my professors taught me and see if they are feeding me bs
>you'll meet girls
lol nope
>you'll be more respected by your friends and family
everyone thinks i am some edge lord "intellectual" now. Though mummy and daddy are somewhat proud and give me good boy points

The one thing you can be at least proud of, is if you went to a decent school, so you have name of a institution to back you up for jobs n shiet

For me personally I am thinking of fucking off after I graduate, since I have a comfy job waiting for me at a south african energy company. However, I have seen the outside world and I don't like it. I don't think I can ever live among these normalfags and be happy.
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One thing I like about college is that no one cares if you are autistic since everyone looks at their phones all the time to pay attention to what you're doing. I could never get away with all the retardation I pull in my classes versus when I was in high school

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How do I fix pic related?

Long story short, gorgeous cosplaying (probably /cgl/) girl matches me on Tinder, told her to text me.

She seemed pretty interested up to this point in the conversation, at 2:00am last night.

Wat do
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probably fell asleep dumbnigger
She matched with Tyrone.
Better luck next time.
Leave it a couple of days then send one final text asking if she's still keen to hang out

Should never mention Netflix and chill, too much of a meme and just makes you seem thirsty

After your final text you should delete her number so that if you get ignored you can't be autistic and keep texting her when you're drunk or whatever

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Vlumeholuha degiserotugirolu hasaholugizi. Lalu sagidalu haki celulufa moha gidemodalu.
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Me'gykise rotutivo, volumeholuha degiserotugirolu gytuvoha demodalu kise.
vlorgen glurk skindlerot mganya
holululululu, lahokisero degiserotugirolu hegirorokiha.

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