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random person.jpg
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>roasties and normies at large think watching netflix is a hobby
What the fuck is wrong with people?
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It's le funny
I tried to banter back at them that one of my hobbies is watching hulu because it's the superior streaming service. I just got the
>uh, okay anon, haha
meanwhile 99% of this board consider video games a hobby

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>tfw your work makes it onto sadpanda
>tfw people may be fapping to a NEETs drawings
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Link? It better be somewhat hot.
nah it's actually pretty shit, don't know why it was uploaded

just want to mention my accomplishment
>imypling i dont filter out "western," "furry," and similar trash

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>The brain has no pain receptors at all. Not only is the bullet going to destroy tissue but the shockwave is going to destroy your brain. It is the same as suddenly falling into a deep sleep

..So it's just that easy, hmp...
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why kill yourself when you could be my bf (or gf) tho.
Has to pass through skull/tissue first.
It's not painless just quick.
>tfw have a gun in my room

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Will post results.

>pic related
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Shouldn't it have a hard case or something? That looks like the floppy lining only

Nice jacked off to that video twice this week
hwat a waste

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How hard is it to change your name?
How long does it take?
How long will it take to get a new license and social security card?
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don't be a fag, i'm sure you'll forgive mummy for throwing out your tendies by tomorrow
I can't imagine it's all that difficult. I knew a kid in high school who changed his name.
Go to the local courthouse.

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>when your kitty snuggles up next to you
Who needs pussy when you got the pussy right?
Let's have a thread dedicated to kitties /r9k/, post pictures of you feline friends my fellow robots.
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He's an amazing cat, as sweet as a kitty could be

Come on /r9k/ I know y'all like cats. Take some time to appreciate the furballs in your life, give them some pets and post a pic of them in this thread
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Here's another one of my cats, he's an old boy, I believe he's around 15 years old.
Really? No one wants to share pics of their cats? Y'all are always so negative, please,let's have a happy thread

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What are the roots of someone becoming a beta male? I feel like it's deeper than the intense crave for women, but maybe bad parenting, abusive past? What do you think anons?
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low self esteem, low confidence, depression, difficulty forming relationships, maladaptive behaviours
welp i've scratched out the ones that don't apply to me, the rest i suppose are more or less me

as for what causes someone becoming a beta ? a shitty life, bad parenting, bad expirience with other people, bad genetics, etc.
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here it is


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Anyone here /Nofap/?
why do you do it?
Does it help?
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literally only doing no fap just so I can feel the pleasure of shooting a huge hot thick sticky load
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5 weeks.
I'm honestly just curious.
Haven't fapped in two days, I already keep getting random erections.

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>almost 5 whole months into 2017
>still no bf to do gay stuff with and be cute together
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at this point time has spun loose in my life

only insanely grasping at the chaos will have any hope of producing results

wish me luck, or a solemn prayer

same, anon

orig in eel
I hate you faggots. You all constantly get in peoples face, you dont even pretend to be not doing it to annoy people, I wish assault was legal so I could punch you fucks.

ITT things you find arousing even though you know they aren't
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A bed and a soft pillow to rest my head.
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There is absolutely nothing arousing about a girl with a big fat stinky COCK
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sauce, mein freund

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Let's be honest, is the main reason you hate blacks because they are better at picking up girls than you are? and thus competition you have no hope of overcoming?
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No, I don't dislike blacks.
I dislike niggers, you know the hood blacks.
They're pathetic and act high and mighty when all they're doing is leeching off the government
and shooting each other. Plus the way they talk is very fucking irritating to listen to.
This guy gets it

Yes I am just an insecure tiny dicked white man that likes right-wing politics.

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Star Trek THS/Patrick Stewart appreciation edition
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Any of you top lads play this belter back in school?
i had my first five knuckle shuffle over that slag from east enders

might have a blast in the past
faggot thread title desu lads

what was most cruel punishment you experienced as a child?
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When i was five or so i was doing an autism to little brother mom decided enough is enough this is before i moved so i lived in beaner land literally over hundreds of degrees senpai then she told to take my shies off and stand out in the scorching heat for hours
>Inb4 50 replies of "Life"
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original life

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Chad is trying to be my friend. What's he planning, robots?

>be in college
>random tall athletic dude sits down and starts talking to me on the first day of class
>haven't had this happen ever in my life
>doesn't seem bothered by my autism
>finds out I don't have cooking supplies, drops off pots and pans at my dorm
>invites me to play soccer, I decline
>invites me to lunch on campus, I say yes. He is still not put off by my autism
>laughs at my awkward garbage
>invited me to go to drinking with him and a couple of his friends this coming weekend

I am so confused. Nobody has been this nice to me. He isn't a fag I don't think, I met his girlfriend. I have no money to rob. The only logical explanation is that he is planning on making me a laughing stock
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He probably also didn't have friends
Since it's the first day of class, saw an empty seat next to you and started talking to you Since Chad can talk to everyone, and you guys got along so you became friends
Its virtue signaling
He shows pity to vermin like us so he can sweep Stacy off her feet with his overwhelming kindness and mercy.
it might also be a frat challenge? im not in one so i wouldnt know, but these stories have become common on r9k

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Is this girl on rn?
I promised her I'd give her children if she married me in a thread yesterday before she went to to bed
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I'm right here anon.

Email me angelinaclarke1 (at) gmail (dot) com
Not actually her since she always posts a pic when replying
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are you the americano? i always planned on going full on hikikomori when i get out

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