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>Be in school
>See this
>What are you going to do?
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Ask them to aim for my head, and thank them.
nothing, its just a drawing
ask for a spare gun, I want to join them

Can lesbians be cuckolds?
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>be lesbian
>have gf
>gf constantly cheats on you with men
>gf says sorry every time and that she was drunk and didn't know any better
>be browsing porn one day
>see qt3.14 but she's banging a dude so you almost scroll past it
>notice it's your gf
>notice that the release of the porn was last week
>confront gf
>she tells you she's leaving you for a chad and she's pregnant

>mfw I know someone who went through this

the answer is yes.
>letting your bitch go to the club alone
I don't know what anyone was expecting.
Why the fuck wouldn't they be able to.

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Conversation with my mother 5 minutes ago

>Anon, you're twenty and you have nothing to show for it. Y'know, your uncle and auntie have a job in Scotland for you. You put fish in boxes and they give you a place to live. You seem miserably lonely and dead willed all your life in England.
>But mum, won't they cancel my disability benefits if Scotland leaves the UK?
>Not to worry, anon. Mummy always has your back haha. (smirks as she laughs at me inside)
>Hmm I'm gonna have to think about it, you know how stressful it is for me to leave the house, don't you mum?
>Oh of course I do darling, don't be daft! But you have just a week to decide, anon! Oh, btw, I made you some pies in the oven, anon. They're going to get cold!
>Okay mum, okay, just please don't let the department of work and pensions cancel my disability

What now? Was she serious or just making fun of me?
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Honestly, if you're not bullshitting this offer doesn't seem too bad. You'll have a job and a new place to live, some robots would kill to escape their current hopeless setting with that kind of assurance.
yeah that does sound pretty good, you can build a neetcave

plus putting fish in boxes doesn't sound like a job where you'll be dealing with people all that much
Man, my stepbrother went to Europe and got a g/f. There's no way it would've happened here. Go overseas and suddenly your exotic and hot to people no matter how you look.

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Being a 5'4 manlet is worse than terminal cancer.

Prove me wrong robots.
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I imagine having terminal cancer could probably get you at least one pity fuck.
I agree

t. 5'1 manlet khhv
It's clearly not or you'd be dead.

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wojak roof.png
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>have to fill in a form which asks me about myself
>been agonising over filling it in
>currently on day 5
>wasted all over eastern agonising filling in a form because I don't know how to write about myself
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Just wing it and make up whatever you want.
...that's true actually, how the fuck are they going to know

where were you on day 1
>Writing final essay exam, about my experiences.
>I have none.

I got a c for trying.

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how does it feeI to have a gf?
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Exactly like salty milk and coins
I do not know how it feels.
Fuck off shareblue


not a circlejerk in any way shape or form as i am the sole poster and respondent to this thread
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this guy is too autistic for friends and 4chan
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>most autistic person on 4chan calling anyone autistic

you're so spastic that they had to put you into a mental ward
Why do people always post this guy's profile?

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>they keep jacking the rent every lease

What do you want, a fucking castle? Jesus. Go murder some Yuropoor nobleman and commandeer his belongings you fucking lazy nigger.
my place is literally a health hazard. we've had bedbug and flea infestations 3 separate times last year, and I think there's another one on the horizon.
3 of the 6 outlets in the entire place don't work, and the ones that do sparked me on several occasions.
on top of that, when I first moved in, nearly EVERYTHING was broken but it was hidden very well. blinds fell down, doorknobs came off, closet doors fell to the ground, air conditioner broke 3 times (which is awful because I literally live in the middle of a desert), and the worst part is that they refuse to fix anything ever. you'll call them, tell them what's wrong, they'll tell you they'll fix it, and then they wait nearly a year to actually get around to it.
not to mention the fact that the front office is only open twice a week, mondays and wednesdays, right in the middle of the day. so if you want to pay rent, you'll have to take an entire day off, which is not something I can afford to do.
and you can only do it via money order. there are no other forms of payment they'll accept.

there are 3 leaky spots in the ceiling and I'm 90% sure my neighbors are methheads. 3 of the 4 stoves don't work at all. I've been robbed twice, and what's worse is the fact that rent is $950/mo for this shit.
also, they control whether or not you get heat or air conditioning, and sometimes they won't turn on the air conditioning until May or June. So, until then, you have two choices: sit in the heat, or turn on the switch and sit in even hotter heat. again, I live in a desert, so we don't even need heating most of the time, anyway.
the staff will treat you like a Nazi camp guard treats a Jew.

fuck this place. mice everywhere. can't afford to move.

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LA/near LA robots:
Is it true that everyone is fake there? That they name drop a lot? The food is expensive and parking is shit? Confirm or deny stereotypes about it being the best place in the USA.

I'm from the east coast so IDK shit.
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LA is huge and includes everything from skid-row to cushy suburbs, so it's hard to say.
I wouldn't trust most people in LA, and I live in LA. Most of the decent people I've met are from outside LA.
They will namedrop you though, everyone in LA secretly craves recognition.
Not really. I mean its the same as living in other places. I've lived in greece. So I cant. Speak for the rest of america. The fake people are those in the modeling/acting/movie industry
I don't know cause I'm NEET, no car and I barely talk to people ever. Hard to tell people what LA is like since I've been stuck here my whole life, literally never been anywhere else.
I will tell you though that LA has surely ruined me socially since the only reason people talk to you is to beg for money and I'm suspicious of everyone and avoid eye contact with people because

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>there is no law for 24h
>for everything you do in that 24 h there would be no consequence
I would hide in woods cuz I got no weapons
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I'd probably rape some qt.
chimp out
im sort of afraid of dyin' so i dunno camp my apartment door with my mosin for 24 hours.

probably shop for food and whatever before hand

hiding in the woods is a good idea but i sort of want to protect my cat without involving not seeing him again

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Fembots, what would you do if you woke up in this situation?
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Prepare to cum over and over again, and still fantasize about it many years later when I'm with my husband.
Is she upside down? I'd worry that I'd get a migraine from all the blood rushing to my head.

That doesn't look like a nice situation to be in at all.
hopefully dump a messy load on me from the other side of that wall

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Too bad. Natural selection doesn't like you. I don't like you either. *punches you* You best watch yourself, we're wanted men. I have the death sentence on 12 star systems!
no you don't, if you did why are you shitposting
/tv/ pls
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Is this pasta? Seems like /tv/ pasta.

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How do you people keep watching anime? That shit looks all the same. Every fucking time I see some anime posting queer I get confused because I think I have seen that same prepubescent girl image repeated over and over again.

This is a genuine question, why do you watch that tasteless garbage?
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I immediately stopped watching anime at a very young age when I realized how retarded it was when my dad came in looking at it disturbed.

And that's how I became an adult.
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Bumping for answers

Stop watching moeshit retard.

Anime is mostly about moe these days but just start watching old anime before the 2010's and you will find more variety.

And no, I'm not going to rec you shit.

I have a question for you guys. Is the Steve Jobs worship real? I remember people saying "oh yeah that sucks" but I always assumed that most of it was just lack-luster or kind of tongue in cheek.

But now, looking back, and reading things about how people viewed him, I'm beginning to think that it's actually all real. As in, people actually genuinely thought this narcissistic turdbag was somehow a great humanist or technological genius.

And this utterly baffles me. I mean, at least with Bill Gates, he seems to have at least grown a conscious and devoted all his energy to charitable endeavors. But what did Jobs do, other than make some relatively-stable hyper-expensive shiny stuff? From what I understand, the total sum of his creative genius was making computers "cool" by branding them the same way people brand clothes. The Apple II was okay I guess, but that alone is hardly worth the amount of praise he gets.

Can someone with more normie friends spell this out for me?
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I remember people saying "oh yeah that sucks" when he died**
Yeah it's pretty real man, especially between normalfags.

I confirm it here because my cousin is crazy about apple and is the most normalfag normal I have seen along with her sister.
>The coworker who stencils Steve Jobs quotes on his wall and LITERALLY has OP picture hanging in his office

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How can you be robot and NOT hate women?

I don't get it. They make you their enemy. How can you not hate them?
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/pol made robots cucked. thinking they can have a gf and procreate by proxy from White Chads or something.
look a nigger whale hunter

I think it was more the influx of normies from reddit.

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