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>tfw today was my first wagecucking day
>spent the entire 8 hours checking my clock, waiting for the day to end
>just came home and feel exhausted
fuck this, if this is how the next 40 years of my life is going to be like, i'm fucking out of here
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What's your job? The first day is always the worst
Are you a cashier? If so I can sympathize.

That shit does not get easier no matter how many years you've been doing it.
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>mfw another mad wagie

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>girl posts dildo on snapchat story
>"reply for my second account to see me playing with this"
>"hahahaha anon no"

why am i alive
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>using that normie app in the first place
You got what you deserved. Now leave this place.
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She wanted chad to see it not you
>not using the app to follow whores who post their exposed tits and pussies everyday

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An ideal bf of mine lookslike this. Can robots even compete?
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The keyword there was "ideal."
My ideal gf is a supermodel. See what I mean?
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i don't date fags, OP
If nobody wants to look a specific way, technically no ones competing.

Fuckin fag man

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>tfw you actually have a handsome face and nice voice but your self hatred made you go 6 months without showering or brushing your teeth and now you have moderate acne that won't go away no matter what you try and your teeth are going to be yellow for life.

I've tried absolutely everything, I actually look pretty chad but if a girl wasn't disgusted by my pimples she would gag at my smile.

A fembot even said I'm really handsome but acne shouldn't be a problem at 21.... sigh
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Tell me what steps you've taken to help get rid of it. Put in some effort my dude.
Clean up your diet, double or triple your fruit and veg servings
Remove all dairy from diet
Scrub face daily in shower
Shower before bed
Wash bedsheets and pillowcases once a week
Girls are only interested in money and personality. They aren't disgusted by your pimples or teeth, but your self-hatred.
Yes they are you dip, relationships are about social status for them. They want a man that's more attractive than their friends have.

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Thread for discussing methods of pleasurebording and talk about how good it feels after.
share your experiences and enlighten new robots who haven't tried this method of stress relief yet.
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I doubt this works and it probably kills you so sage
>probably kills you
you pull of the cloth and breathe retard.
If you're so skeptical just try it once and see for yourself
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is this actually a thing?
i do this anyway
be careful not to pass out though, take breaks and make sure your bathroom isn't too steamy

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What are you listening to right now? Im listening to pic related its "Animals" by Pink Floyd
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Let me guess faggot. You also smoked some weed before to set the mood.
the only copy of the only recording of four different pieces written Czech-American composer, Vaclav Nelhybel
I actually don't smoke weed but a lot of people say I look like a stoner

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Is there really no chance if you're a manlet?
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My brother is 5'6 and he's making it. Also kicked my ass one time and I'm 6'2.

You can do it boys
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"You're probably not getting girls cause of your toxic personality, quit blaming your problems on your height and take some responsibility"

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Someone, anyone, if you have overcome oneitis please tell me how you did so.
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once I find the next girl I forget about the previous one.

am I just an unfeeling bastard?
I fell in love with her personality. After a copious amount of "scarlet capsules" I realised she was a basic stacy. She's tried starting convos with me on fb every now and then but I just deliberately lead them to a dead end.

I guess you have to convince yourself you deserve better or at least deserve better than to long for her and never be happy.
You have to stop being a pussy anon.

>granpa doesn't want you anymore because your "too old" for him
>no more lap sittings without underwear and no more cave explorer
>no more playing the snake game behind your back or tongue wrestling tournaments

I feel horrible and I want to cry.
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Damn I thought I was the only one

I missed my uncle as well and all the fun stuff similar to what you described

Except the police came and took him away because mommy found me and him playing the finger switch between mouth and butt game.

I want to cry.
What's up with all the Reddit tier posts?
F-fuck you g-guys

A-a-atleast I st-still got my neighbor uncle m-morty


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Any other robot have regular paranoid delusions? I sure do get tired of having to deal with intrusive thoughts that I recognise as irrational yet don't go away. Knowing that they'll never go away and will probably get worse as I get older sucks to think about too.
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me too, due o my insecurities, anxiety and depression i get all the time the feeling that people are ploting against me, i hate that, because i cant be sure if im right or just delusional
They're not delusions they're real. I know people are plotting against me. They want you to think you're "paranoid" so they can exploit you.
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Ok, perhaps in your case they may be real but for me, looking at events in hindsight tells me that my brain is fucked.

>be in high school
>classmate invites me to hang with his friend group
>"he saying it as a joke, or they are going to prank me in some way"
>say maybe (no)
>still highschool, a few years later
>made friends with same group of people

They were plotting alright, plotting to play vidya and get drunk with me.

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Can we get a self improvement thread going? What are some things you do to improve your self daily?

I've been,
>taking cold showers (since May 2015. Only took to hot showers in the middle of November 2015)
>getting /fit/
>sleeping less (5 to 6 hours a night)
>finishing what I start (this has been very helpful.)
>not going on r9k very often
>going on boards and websites that I have in interest in, rather than falling back to r9k
>listening to more self help content
>thinking of my goals and the person I most want to become
>only fapping to my waifu
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Whats cold showers suppose to do?
Cold showers are meme shit and sleeping less is bad unless you are sleeping 10+ hours a day in neetdom
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>He doesn't know

lol ur dumb

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people born in 2005 are 20 years old
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>people born in 2008 can join the military now
What year do you think it is lol?

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We have had a Brown Girls Thread in awhile. Let's fix that.

Middle Eastern, North African, Latina, Desi, anything goes.

Feel feel to share advice for securing a qt brown gf and any experiences you may have had.
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*We haven't had

This is off to a bad start.
she's like 1/4 brown at the absolute most
Fuck off faggot, take your normie shit to /s/

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1. Use a name in the namefield

2. Share your problemes, ask questions.

3. Be listened to, cared for.

4. Join in group therapy by interacting with the others.

5. Today, I won't necessarily answer everyone, due to technical difficulties and time constraints; other regular posters will however listen to you.
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If you want to send some love towards Ethan, do it to this post.
I have a really hard time with avoiding work.I know it will harm in the near future but i still do it
Ups forgot to ad the question,How do i slove this mindset of mine and start working edficently?

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this moon cricket fucked kids and got away with it... lol
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Cause he's a black celebrity shhh that's racist.
he was maybe a pedophile but there's zero proof he was a child molester... lol
He dindu nuffin. He was just a man robbed of his childhood and he wanted to try to gain it back. No evidence for molestation at all.

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