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>anon, I need your goy dick inside me RIGHT NOW to make lots of Jewish babies!!

Wat do?
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find a better-looking Jewish woman
Gas her with my penis
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Absolutely treif

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Why do people drink? It worsens everything.
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>bought 4 loko at convenience store down the road
>tastes like diluted carbonated nyquil
>there goes about $2.70 I'll never see again
Because they're stupid? Although some drink because they want to die faster. They're too cowardly to shoot themselves but they'll chug down bottle after bottle in the hopes their liver just vanishes.
Drinking makes being alive fun.

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What do you ask God?
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y no qt gf?
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Where exactly on this earth is the woman who will love me forever
How did you come to exist?

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Wagies last day of solitude edition
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First for losing motor control in my hands.
Sounds alright then lad
Guess you genuinely just aren't into that scene. What else would you have wanted to do otherwise?
trsif orf gnols otomr lortco ni ym sands

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Let's see your setup, robots. Post pics of your desktop background or your bedroom. Time for a comfy thread.
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>he uses malearebytes
viruses are kind of hard to get unless you're retarded
>piriform products
an actual waste and piece of garbage
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Give me one good reason CCleaner is bad
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Desktop 8.19.17.png
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Just my main monitor.

What is the coolest thing to say just before kicking someone's ass ?
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Nothing. Just casually beat ass.
"I came to fuck ass and beat off... and I'm all done beating off".
Even if someone here knew you'd never get to use it anyway

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>It's a "I'm kidnapped and turned into a girl against my will dream"
How can I stop these horrible nightmares?!
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>horrible nightmare???
Take controll of the dream and go get gangbanged by some futas.
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>Being spitroasted by chubby, hung futas
It is a nightmare! Do you want to be a cute girl or something?

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University General. How y'all holding up, anons?

I'm packing to move back into the dorm tomorrow. Held off on packing for way too long but I'll get it done.
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Just moved into my apartment today. I have two other roomates, and one is a real sperg who has stayed in his room with the door closed the whole time while I was moving in with my dad. I'm autistic as fuck but damn it's a bit strange
How was the other one?
All posts must include major and amount of debt

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How are you hoIdin up, /r9k/?
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no-one? o-ok
>started looking through my old messages to highschool buddies
>I was a completely different person back then
>actually said funny things, could make conversation
>all of those relationships have died and I'm alone now with my life in
>hits me like a sack of bricks how lonely and miserable I am compared to just a few years ago
>grab the whiskey bottle and start chugging

And now here I am drunk reading your thread OP. How are you robro?
Living my life one prescription refill at a time. Every 30 days I get a bottle of benzos and concerta and its a good couple of weeks, followed by pure misery until the next refill.

Cant really complain.

Have you guys been in a fight?
Share your experiences ITT

>Playing dodgeball at elementary school
>Kept throwing at this asian guy
>Suddenly he snaps and runs after me
>I tried avoiding him by running but he was onto me trying to hit me
>Out of nowhere I stop running and throw a blind punch right to his face
>He tries to grab me but I'm trained in muay thai and karate so I grab him like they do in muay thai and hit his stomach with my knee
>He hits the back of my head a couple times before giving up
>He cried afterwards
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>walking down street at night near hotel
>cabal of mexicans fighting
>coordinated shirts so probably gang related
>squeeze through and run across
>be me
>wearing white shirt
>mexican shoved into me
>wearing blue
>turns around
>punches me in jaw
>pummeling me
>guarding face and kneeing
>gets trucked by other color
>crowd helps tfo
>cops show up
>mfw fat guy swinging cinderblock on chain showed up before arrests

>elementary school
>trained in muay thai

shut the fuck up you retarded sack of shit
from 9 to 15yo I did karate and muay thai and really enjoyed it
I dont see the issue here

What's the dumbest reason you've been banned from 4chan?
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14 day ban for posting about dragon form in /dsg/.
Making one of those threads on /tv/ where you pretend to be disproportionally upset by a minor cliche
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should filename threads be allowed on /v/?

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>Mexicans are ugl-
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you should totally swallow dat thicc af nigga nut
>posting indegenas
>not posting REAL latinas (ie girls with Spanish blood)

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how many does the average robot meet?
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I got four. No bingo tho
File: fbi bingo.png (108KB, 1198x1268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fbi bingo.png
108KB, 1198x1268px
Damn, I was a pretty messed up kid.

but you didnt have some of the worse ones tho

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>it's another "acne outbreak all over my breasts" edition
>plus a big cyst on my right asscheek

How are you holding up fellow fembots?
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>big cyst on my right asscheek
Please be sure to pop it and clean it out properly. It'd be horrible if you got an infection from it.
Are you going to compare to the same 5 threads you robots post everyday? Serious if your robots left /r9k/ would improve so much.
What does a female loser constitute?

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dumb idiot anime.gif
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I'm starting college again

I'm probably gonna fuck it up like I did the first time

I'm retarded and that is why I fail

I can't go back to CC again if I fuck up this time
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How did you fuck it up the first time?
>How did you fuck it up the first time?
freedom went to my head, spent all my time masturbating to hentai

got poor grades
Wow that's a cute anime girl I like the one tooth

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