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Top 5 toppings go on there, one of them has to be meat. And that vegan shit doesn't count. First trips gets to decide which of the final toppings gets extra. Quads gets to choose the crust, sauce, and the cheese.

strawpoll com/6kp2fkfx
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Half filet with bearnaise sauce, half kebab with kebab sauce, fries and cheese
9.55 % (19 votes)Crumbled Bacon
9.55 % (19 votes)Pepperoni
7.04 % (14 votes)Jalapenos
6.53 % (13 votes)Garlic
6.03 % (12 votes)Sausage

Not bad, boys. Not bad.
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I'm proud of y'all. This is a solid tasting pizza.

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Can chronic masturbation lead to a sudden loss of libido? I was a Quagmirian sex addict only a week ago. Now it just feels like my body has been drained of all sexual desires. Is this a normal reaction to beating your meat too much? Should my sex drive come back over time?
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yes that is normal. don't try to force yourself to fap. you'll return to normal in a couple weeks. your balls have probably run out of jizz and need to replenish

What's the most recent revelation in your life that only further proves your worthlessness?

For me:
>tfw subconsciously connected recent trauma to any and all sexual expression or pleasure, and now my dick doesn't work and my already low libido is a big fat zero

Guess it's better than pining over roasties for the rest of my life, but I can't even jerk off anymore.
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so my hairline looks like pic releated

am i fucked?
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Why do you think you're being clever just by copying other people, anon? This is like the 6th hairline thread we've had today. Perhaps you could try to be original, or maybe post this in /b/ where they don't see it all the time?
If you're anything like this faggot then you're fucked

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So i just discovered that an ex that left me is suicidal. We dated for 6 months, moved in together, she started having nervous breakdowns(off her meds+stress) and moved back with her mom out of state after spending a week in a psych ward. I supported her 100% but she clearly left ME. Even went so far as to say we should stop talking because still having me in her life made the healing process more difficult. This was a few months ago. Ive since changed my number and moved into a new apartment. She has had no way to contact me for months, and recently I found a disturbing comment she left on a video of a song I showed her. She fell in love with this song and would play it whenever we were in the car. She would even sing it to me throughout the day. Its a fairly obscure song, so one glance at the comment section and I saw her comment immediately. It was like she wanted to cry out to me for help and the only way was through a Youtube comment. What do I do? I still love her and care for her deeply. If she's in pain and needs me I want to be there. What do i do?
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Can you post what the comment said, or what the song is?
I would be doxing her if i did that. But if she's suicidal you get the idea
Not you blog faggot. Go to >>>/adv/

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You probably suspect it now but you will only realize it fully when you're in your late 20s. You will realize you are fundamentally broken and there is no hope for having family, love, normal life and peace. You will see your friends and world in general move forward while you're stuck, while deep down still being a kid whom nobody loved. You will probably also develop an uncurable personality disorder.

Basically you are fucked so hard you can't imagine. But you will and trust me, you will weep.
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Hey. This is just like me!
yep. Realized this when I turned 20. I always had issues but it wasn't until I had responsibilities that I realized that I could never commit to normal human interaction.
Thanks mom and dad.
just wait till you see your friends etc. get married, start families, get real careers and buy houses

while you are here

it will feel great, trust me

What are the best Contras? I already beat the first one no continue, but this one is hard as heck. Should I keep playing it or play an easier one then this one?
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contra 3 alien wars on snes. metal slug is good too but you are gonna die a lot
Contra Super C on NES is one of the best

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How do you feel about being cut anon?
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RIP my sensitivity
The cut/uncut shit has gotten so out of control I dont even know if I am anymore.
Cutfags usually keep their frenulum or not?
i wish i was mine looks like wizard sleeve sea slug. cant pull it back all the way probably gonna have to do it soon

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>tfw you will never stop questioning yourself
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No replies in the DB for this post!

This shit was literally only enforced for a day.
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I got banned for posting a picture of my cock, it's enforced
was it yesterday? I reported that thread
It's not. Just look at this shit >>>38308840

I need a friend, someone to listen and talk to me. I'm good a listening and do my best to give meaningful replies.

Leave your kik or discord if you want to be friends.
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If you'll do most of the talking

spin the wheel and get a prize

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>stickman animations
>habbo hotel
>google video
>MSN messenger
>AOL instant message

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oppan gangna style

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Trinidad and Tobongo

Anyone else think it's bullshit how women expect that non-Chads are not allowed to have sexual urges or find women attractive or make any kind of sexual jokes or even mention the subject while Chad's allowed to bend them over and mount them? No wonder things like rape, school shooters, kidnappings and pedophilia exist.
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>women like sexual advances from people they find sexually attractive
A lot of women don't actually mind, but they are also sluts.
I think the issue OP is addressing is that women turn it into actual harassment and criminalize it when it's done by a non-Chad

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>make a post that's blatantly wrong and only realize it once I read it again after the post goes up
>close the thread before anyone makes fun of me
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>insult someones intelligence
>make a blatant and stupid spelling mistake
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an eternal feel.png
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At least you have the self awareness to recognise your own mistakes anon. That's a lot more than some of our poor robot brethren have.

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