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Post sad birthdays
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I go to college in a different city than my folks, they were supposed to come visit and bring my new driver's license for my 21st. My dad was too sick from radiation treatment so they couldn't make it. I just sat in my apartment in the dark that night.

I never got a chance to have a beer with my dad before he died.
Sorry to hear that anon, thats rough.
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okay i have a few

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>25+ and still a robot
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>Women drivers amirite
I wish that was a twingo
too expensive for what it offers

Why do normalfags want to pretend to be robots?
And why don't they even try to hide that they're normalfags?
They don't even lie about being kv but just come here like
>I have friends and a gf but I'm a robot too
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The same reason white women try to pretend they're not white and try to act like they have it as bad as minorities in America. The same reason perfectly mentally healthy people make "crippling depression" memes, despite not knowing anything worse than momentary sadness. The same reason girls who are exactly like every other girl like to say "I'm not like the other girls". The same reason rich hipsters move into the poor side of town and slum it in the bad neighborhoods.

Because normalfagging all the time is boring. No one wants to be part of a boring group that's seen as perfectly normal in society. They don't want to blend in with the crowd. They want to feel different from everyone else.
good post

I approve very muhc
you act like having either of those will fix your problems. you can be a robot and still be in a relationship. you just want an echo chamber where you can feel like a special snowflake. guess what? you're not.

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R9k...Some hard, painful truths for you. I'm someone that foolishly believed the normie advice that you can become normal and get a gf with enough work. Well, after seven long years of self improvement after high school I can safely say this is untrue. There is something deep inside of us that will never change and it is what makes us robot in the first place. We are robots at our core no matter how you try and dress up the situation the truth will always come out. I realize this is sad and painful to hear but it's actual truth coming from a fellow robot not a failed normie. We aren't like them, and never will be. Best you can hope for is to get good at making a fake persona to interact with them well enough to fool them for work purposes. Other than that we will never have a girlfriend unless they are like us and girls like us are rare.
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>fake persona
Except a person is a real thing. Read Jung. Everyone has a real them and a persona they present when they want to be liked.
And if you've read jung you'll also realize that some personas or masks fit some people better than others. Hence, why quiet people find it harder to interact at loud parties than quiet get togethers. The masks you need to wear in this fucked up world do not suit the average robot.
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I loved Persona 5, too.

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>tfw she will never love you
How do I cope?
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dont worry, whatever it is won't be enough
You don't, haven't talked to my oneitis in like 8 months and I still think about her constantly, buckle up.
I don't want these feels. How long has she been your oneitis for?

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>have female friend since childhood
>never really been attracted to her, like a sister to me
>hang out at pool party this summer
>see her in a skimpy bikini that shows off her ass
>all of a sudden she's the hottest thing in the world to me. Can't stop thinking about fucking her

Am I okay?
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Yes anon these feelings are normal
you must be in highschool op
I am a senior

It kinda sucks for me because everyone is working or out on vacation, but I still somehow manage.

>wake up around noon
>breakfast and gym
>chores, laundry, cleen room
>go for a walk in the city in early evening
>internet and video games all night
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very similar to yours except i can sleep at night now
>stay up all night till around 9-10 in the morning
>sleep until like 5-6 in the afternoon
>shitpost, watch anime, play video games, masturbate, and sometimes smoke weed all night
overall not that much different from now. at least then I didn't have many responsibilities
what responsibilities do you have now? do you have a job?

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Neetbucks-goers, how does it feel to be a parasite?
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fill my osul desu. considering i hate normies and i get to live off their bucks. what can be better?
Its not a great feel, I'd rather work and have worked in the past, but being schizo precludes most employment for me.
And you hate normies, why? It's not their fault you couldn't fit in.

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What's this guy's deal?
Is his channel basically redpill stuff?
Could it be of any use to robots looking to improve their lives?
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He just tries to use logic and facts to inform people. I belive his end game was to convince people you dont NEED a deity to have morals and you dont NEED taxes to keep society going.
Hes an ancap is slowly wising up and becoming Pinochetan
I don't trust him. Something about his aura seems off.

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Catfished thread.

Hey /r9k/ some girl I was talking to tried cat fishing me and it ended up being some black guy that apparently baits guys into giving him money or maybe worse. He was eventually threatening me to give them money so here's her (his) kik if you want to mess with them: MS.cathe

Please do you worse.
Note: Not doxxing since it is a fake profile anyways.
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Tell me, is the black guy Nigerian?
nah just some black guy from the USA
although he might lol

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>Getting to know uggo/plain shy girl
>falling for her a bit, she clearly likes me, laughs at my stupid jokes, stares into my eyes a lot
>find out shes had sex outside of relationships before
>immediately demoted to fuck buddy and start hanging out with her less
Seriously girls, maybe you can find a feminist desperate beta to put up with your nonsense, but normal guys are unable to truly love a girl who's slutted around. You'll get kept around for a fuck but lets be honest you don't deserve more than that.
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I hate that I'm the same way unironically.
I don't want to be this way but as soon as I find out that a girl is a slut or has cheated my interest is instantly lost.
the op is a troll, probably. he's demonizing women for having sex outside of relationships while claiming he's using her as a fuckbuddy.
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>Able to get the romantic or sexual interest of a girl

Fucking normie

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same dude
but the amount of orbiters in any video game makes women want to come more
Shame my girlfriend loves them too much, 2000 hours on cs go and 1500 on Ark. Don't know how someone can play a game that much.
Why? You can just shoot them. It's funny, they rage incredibly hard because they're like big babies. They aren't very good.

Sorry girls, its a fact. You aren't.

What is the most robot city, and why is it Melbourne?
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Robots don't live in cities. Too many people. Too much noise. Too expensive to live off NEETbux.
Shut the fuck up you dumb cunt
how is melbourne the most robot city?

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My parents just split up for no apparent reason, I have no idea what this feeling is or how to cope with it, they have been together since I was born and brought me downstairs to tell me that it wasn't working anymore.

Please just reply with something helpful

>Pic. unrelated
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Lmao how old are you? Either you're b& for being underaged or you need to stop concerning yourself in other adults business, you're a big boy now.
thanks anon jk you fucking nigger
Your life will never be the same again

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how deep do i need to cut to give myself a cool scar?
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self harm scars are never cool
Deep and with a jagged knife. Too clean an it won't be impressive. But since you want to lie to people to seem cool, maybe just put that knife in your heart.
Why the fuck do you want a scar? it only shows that you fucked up somehow

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